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  1. A burn does not get much hotter than that. Buuuuurrrrn!
  2. De-lo was one of my favorite players when he was a Panther. I still like the guy even though it was time for him to move on. He played really well last year. The thing that made me really roll my eyes and not give anything he says any value is when on facebook he started talking about how NFL player really don't make a lot of money. He said after taxes, paying your agent, and buying your momma a house there really wasn't that much left.
  3. Hey, if the Panthers take him I pray I'm wrong. Gettleman knows infinitely more about football that I do. I am curious as to how you know this though. I know being a photographer on game days and this site give you a lot of insight to the team and palyers but I'm of the believe that outside of Gettlemen and the scouting staff no one really knows for sure who is rated where. Even most players in years past that have been interviewed have no idea what the front office is thinking.
  4. 1. You need a lot more than 3 drafts to find a pattern. There is definitely no defense one year and then offense the next year pattern. That gives me a headache from rolling my eyes so hard. 2. I talked to a guy last week who been a college coach over the last 20 years with a few years coaching on NFL teams. I asked him about Derrick Henry. He said that he'd didn't consider him a first round talent and that any running back from Alabama is suspect when transitioning to the NFL. Said he's taken so many hits already in his career he almost washed up by the time he gets to the NFL. Also, said in the NFL a RB has to have the ability to make someone miss in the hole and Henry can't do that. Now, I know that's only a minute off the cuff conversation with a guy I just meet but I agree with him in addition to other negatives people have of Henry. Runs to upright. Lack of quick acceleration to hit the hole. Etc. I'm not a scout but the more I read of Henry the more and more he reminds me of a slightly taller Eric Shelton. Personally, I think we'll end up with the best available from DE, S, or CB in that order.
  5. Kyle Love signed to 1 year deal

    Role players and backups really equal replaceable. With Gettlemans skill in finding talents in those areas I'm not worried at all. Of the starters I think the only no brainer on that list that is a core guy is Short. Kalil I'd love an extension on but he's one of those guys that due to age and history may be able to get more money somewhere else but like CJ I could see Kalil doing a small extension or resign. Norwell deserves a raise and I hope he stays but he's not a core guy. Same with Brown and Ginn. I can see us signing Brown and Ginn to modest extensions because Brown is a quality 3rd guy who won't command a lot of money and Ginn has been there and done that. He'll probably be a Panther for as long as Gettleman wants him. Norman I don't see getting the big contract (but that's another thread) but I would not be shocked to see him tagged a 2nd time next year. Coleman isn't core and Gettlemen seems to have the golden touch when it comes to finding cheap safetys that excel in our system. A more complicated puzzle building the team after next year just gives Gettleman more opportunity to weave his magic.
  6. Even though Henry had a fantastic season at Alabama he's hard for me to judge because the holes he was running through were giant. He's does have great speed after he hits the hole though and is huge but he runs so upright and has no wiggle at all. I'll trust G-man and think we got a stud if we take him but I really like Alex Collins. He reminds me a lot of D-Lo in the way he runs. I'd like Hunter Henry in the first and Alex Collins in the third.
  7. I think Gettleman knows how much Josh is worth to the Panthers and apparently it's no where near what Josh thinks he's worth. Now, that may be different than how much he's worth on the open market or how much the Raiders or Giants would pay him. I would bet that Gettlemen knows exactly how much each position on our team should make that best maximizes our system as a whole. The bottom line is out defense works from the inside out and that means we undervalue the backend of our defense to an extent. You can't pay everyone and we've got sure fire studs on their rookie deals that we will have to pay top dollar to keep. Short and Benji for sure...maybe Star. It's a constant balance of making the best team for this year but with an eye towards the long term future. Time and time again Gettleman has shown that his very best skill set is looking at NFL players and seeing what they're really worth.
  8. Possibly the best laugh of the offseason

    Jerry probably thinks he's a top five owner too.
  9. I think Williams may not be an upgrade over Remmers in pass blocking but what I really want to see if the improvement in our run blocking because I think Williams can be dominant there. I think our ability to run the ball is a little misleading because of Cam. We don't have two really good run blocks guards but very weak run block tackles. I really want to see us excel in those run plays where the tackle blows his guy up. I think if you improve our traditional run blocking that is the best defense against speed rushers. I don't want to block Von Miller, I want Daryl Williams and Turner to run block his ass into the dirt, have Tolbert blast his fat butt behind them to the second lever walling over the lineback and have Cammy Cam doing downhill against a safety or CB. I also want to point out that it wasn't just Remmers getting blown up against Von Miller. What made it much, much worse is that Tolbert, Olsen and whomever else we had trying to help against the speed rushers pretty much sucked too. That is one thing I really like about us drafting Hunter Henry...dude is a great blocker.
  10. Carolina Panthers Mock Draft Rounds 1 - 3

    Am I missing something with Lawson cause ya'll are talking crazy? I'm a tiger fan and watched every second he's played in college. He's going to be a top 15 pick, maybe top 10. That medical check was requested from one team. All other teams cleared him. His shoulder is fine. In a way I hope it was the Panthers that flagged it to play some head games. Anything can happen and I am by no means an expert but I would be shocked to see Shaq not drafted in the first round. It's just not going to happen. I don't even see any way he'd fall all the way to us in the 1st round. I would love to have him. I've been telling a buddy all along that he plays and reminds me a ton of Charles Johnson but Shaq might have more quickness.
  11. Proper way to respond to "Keep Pounding"

    Either this or a fist bump.
  12. Found Our next Safety Jayron Kearse

    I'm a big Clemson fan. Watch every game.. and I do not want this guy. Stiff, bad angles and lost in coverage. I cursed his name more often than not during games.
  13. I think Jeremy is hearing from everything that Josh will be tagged because that is exactly what Gettleman wants out there. There are two ways I can see his thinking going on this. 1 - Ideally, he's love to have Josh under a 3 or 4 year deal and will use the leverage of Josh's age and the franchise tag to get the best long term deal possible. If Josh wants to break the bank then there's no choice but to franchise him. 2 - Gettleman really does only want to franchise Josh for one year because he doesn't believe in paying conners big money long term. His approach to football is to put the bulk of your money in the d-line, into the Hog mollies. So, expect to see Short get a huge deal. I don't think he'll break the bank on a FA d-lineman but he wants to have that money available for when we need to sign Short, Star, Ealy and whomever other dlinemen he finds in the draft. As to RB, I'm not sold that the answer isn't already on the Roster. CAP and Wegher have shown great flashes and are only rookies. They were behind a probowl RB, a great short yardage and valued guy in Tolbert along with Fozzy who excelled at blocking. The fact that they never even tried to put Wegher on the practice squad tells me they see real future potential in him.
  14. It's doesn't have to be one or the other. Based on the way Cam has played for 5 years I don't question his hard or effort as a football player. He has laid it all out on the line over and over and over. I've seen him as a running not run out of bounds and look for contact. It took him 3 years, at least, to be convinced to slide instead of going headfirst. It's wasn't about being scared to go after the fumble, it was being in position to dive at the ball. Or Cam believing he could get to the ball. Again based on the way he's played for 5 years I have no doubt had he been in better position he would have dived for the ball. His 5 years history tells us he sells out his body to make plays. So, on 1 single play when it seems like he doesn't I don't start to question his manhood or his willingness to "sell out his body". I look for the "reason" he didn't. Jeremy provided a very logical reason that makes sense. It certainly makes a whole hell of a lot more sense than Cam decides after 5 years of selling out and putting his body on the line that during the biggest Cam of his life he says, "Nah, not worth it".
  15. I check him out from time to time but after his last site redesign, that's few and far between. I think it's horrible. As to Cam, I get really annoyed when people compare Luke or TD or Olsen's reaction to that of Cam. For better or worse there is a far greater amount of pressure and attention on the Quarterback than any other position. After the Broncos game where Von Miller tore it up and won MVP what Bronco was being talked about and swarmed the most. Wasn't Von. It was the Payton Manning, the quarterback who incidentally had a worse outing then Trent Dilfer did in the Superbowl. You can't compare how Quarterbacks act to any other position in football. It's simply not the same.