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  1. Im going over if Ryan Kalil plays, under if he doesnt
  2. I saw today that the aints are 1-11 in september the last 3 seasons....WOW!
  3. Falcons - Packers Game Thread

    Ugh rodgers has thrown this game away
  4. Falcons - Packers Game Thread

    Looks like gb aint gonna help us tonight...bastards
  5. Victory Pie

    Wow everyone is so mad at shula and the offense that they dont care about pie...damn
  6. What Bills fans are saying ...

    nfl pickwatch says we win woot
  7. Didn't they have the fans caught eating ass at a tailgate? Maybe it was Detroit, I dont remember, I just know it was in a why your team sucks article a couple years ago
  8. On the next week of HARD KNOCKS, the Bucs hear the bad news.......
  9. Yep I was at the game and ill never forgive the fugjob by those refs
  10. Despite choking the game away, the scrubs did look good and dominated, still irritating though
  11. we have to have a record for losing the most games on the last play of the game
  12. Thought I'd Share...

    chills, you have been gone for too long lilsmitty
  13. i wasnt screaming at Matt last night so Im happy. I screamed too many times at LT's