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  1. usmcpanthers


  2. usmcpanthers

    Hey! Remember when The Huddle...

    I memba pink flaps alice troll bucs apple roof guy
  3. usmcpanthers

    So Ridley to Atlanta

    No explanation , we won't stop them. I'm so pissed atl got Ridley
  4. usmcpanthers


    Flights are cheap, I never agreed to buy your game ticket. You have more take home money than I. We will figure something out.
  5. usmcpanthers


    I work 2nd shift, just saw Doc's thread. It has a slow arduous process converting him to the good side. Wear whatever you want man, but if it doesn't say Panthers, Im going to give you poo over it haha. Also ill smack you in the back of the head if you cheer when Dallas does something well. Screw driving, im flying up for the opener. Here's to 1-0, you will be happy either way bud.
  6. usmcpanthers

    Doc's Draft

    I haven't done any mocks this year. Yours looks aight
  7. Well Shula would never make in that league! lol
  8. usmcpanthers

    Good morning ya bastids!

    Wasnt for the bullshit grounding call, we would have took that playoff game, karma got you the next game.
  9. usmcpanthers

    Interesting TE options left on the market

    Julius Thomas was awesome in Denver, then chased money to Jax and sucked. Anyone think he could return to Denver form?
  10. So correct me if I'm wrong but the only CB's we have on the roster is Bradberry and Sanchez? Corn and Capt are nickels. Am I forgetting someone?
  11. usmcpanthers

    FA Signings

    Indeed, the last booster gave me a heart attack in 2002
  12. usmcpanthers

    Panthers come to GB next year

    Just wait to see the contract Rodgers will demand after Cousins sets the market lol
  13. usmcpanthers

    Future Cleveland Browns Draft Pick

    Well you see why he is a DB now lol
  14. usmcpanthers

    Coleman to saints 3yrs

    I'm getting really fed up with our cast off a ending up on the aints
  15. 2015 nfc champ, best game i ever watched in person