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    Let's get pie intake starting now, going to be alot more pie next week!
  2. Notes and Memos - Redskins

    Kirk   Do you like that! -Cam and the panthers D
  3. David Newton asks: Is Cam making himself a target?

    Cam survived the aints bounty bullseye and the bengals trying to twist his ankles off.....................i have no reason to worry about Cam getting hurt.
  4. havent seen a "google that poo" reference in a while but still amazing!
  5. Patriots-Giants Thread

    I know everyone wants to complete the revenge tour, but I really hope someone bumps them off in the playoffs. If the panthers make the superbowl the pats are the last team I want to play. I still think we would win but I couldnt stand another loss to them.
  6. Titans Report message board

    how about this one lmao
  7. Titans Report message board

    Good to see you around still, been a good poster. Im writing just to say your avatar pic should be the titans logo.
  8. This is why only a moron would pay for espn insider
  9. New York bans Fanduel and Draftkings

    Well in the short term, people that want to play will, just use a proxy. Next step fanduel and Draft Kings will just go offshore. The govt should embrace and find a way to get their cut, now they will lose out.
  10. What is your wrestling walk out song?
  11. Nailed it.

    I knew we would still be good , but I didnt think 7-0 good.
  12. professional lurker seldom poster

  13. I dont care how many superbowls your team has, I dont live in the past.