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  1. You are exactly right!~ I was getting to that but I swear he is so fuging high and mighty. i was hoping to let him walk into it.

  2. Yeah apparently we use the same search engine, :D

  3. Geez, it was a joke and you go calling me a ***. Well, I guess I'll have to return the favor of the neg rep....You know what they say about guys who can't joke about that stuff...:D

  4. I am teh tittay master... baiter... :D

  5. Thanks. Hot damn I'll have to visit your profile more. That's alotta tits

  6. Like the new avatar...

  7. HAHAHA...Yeah she is no relation to me. I had went with my best friend to his family reunion. Most people get a good laugh when they hear that. :)

  8. :lol: I guess I misinterpreted the wink at the end. I'll give it back on the assumption she is at least your 2nd cousin
  9. Neg rep "for em-breeding" You need to look at what I said again.

  10. stoopid interwebs!

  11. LMN comment=Complete sarcasm.

  12. an extremely hot one might would... I think it was the LMN comment...

  13. Yes. Would a woman have a girl with big tits in her sig?