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  1. I see you're still hiding out... haven't seen you post in forever... saw a post of yours in a old thread that was bumped and thought I'd speak... don't be a stranger. :D

  2. I'm doing OK I guess... just trying to stay afloat. Good to hear from you, hope you get back to posting...

  3. Hey there. Just tired of all the stoner talk. Not really my thing. How's it going with you?

  4. Where u been? Haven't seen u post in a while?

  5. Hawt!!!!!

  6. I love your profile pic, too. Gorgeous eyes!

  7. wait? did someone steal one of my private home movies and leak it to the net again? dangit! lol j/k... but yeah, I defy people's perceptions! :)

  8. Hey there, Sam. You look so different from your movies. :)

  9. oh hai, pretty lady...

  10. hawt profile pic!!

  11. Bow chicka bow bow. ;)

  12. Can I only vote once? :)

  13. Dammit! What do I do now???

  14. OK, vote for me again in the finals! Thanks!