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  1. Karma is real

    LMAO thank you for posting that video. Watching it, knowing what was about to happen to those epic douchebags in that bar made me smile the entire time.
  2. CBS Sports Mock Draft (this week 16 Jan)

    My lord if somehow Derwin James fell to us and we ended up snagging Fumagalli later, I'd write a personal check to Marty Hurney.
  3. CBS Sports Mock Draft (this week 16 Jan)

    If we take a TE in this draft, it needs to be:
  4. CBS Sports Mock Draft (this week 16 Jan)

    Maybe Derwin James will have a bad combine and fall to us. Best player overall in the draft, IMO.
  5. Is Josh Gordon the answer at WR?

    Can he: 1) Create space 2) Get open 3) Catch the football 4) Gain yards after the catch 5) Block on running plays ??? If so... sign him up.
  6. Hornets Trade Talk

    You can talk about the salary cap and whatever else you want... but the NBA is a superstar driven league. The very simple fact is, Kemba Walker is the one and only superstar the Hornets (or Bobcats) have EVER had since returning to Charlotte. You could make the case for Dwight Howard if this were a decade ago. And we DRAFTED him... which we NEVER do. He is the only draft pick we've ever made that has really panned out. Yep - lets trade him away to get a bunch of pieces that we can afford, and won't improve our roster one iota. This poo is frustrating.
  7. He wasn't wrong, and still isn't wrong. I don't see the problem.
  8. Fanspeak 7 Round Mock

    Not awful.. but I think Simmie Cobbs Jr. is too much in the Funchess/KB mold.
  9. Is Jimmy Graham a realistic target?

    Better option... and much, much cheaper.
  10. I would hate it. Leave it where it is. Parking IS an issue, so try and buy out some of the buildings and land around the stadium to develop. I don't want the Panthers to become a soft ass dome team.
  11. For Sale

  12. Hurney on WFNZ

    Maybe Norman will realize that he's made more money than most people would make in 10 lifetimes, and decide to come back to Carolina for a bit of a discount...
  13. Hurney on WFNZ

    Go get Courtland Sutton in the first round and Cam will be very happy.
  14. Walter Football 2018 Mock Draft (Panthers)

    I did a Fanspeak draft that I like a lot better... best WR in the draft, a great DE, bolstering the OL, and getting Cam a new backup that doesn't make us change our gameplan when Cam goes out. R1P24: Courtland Sutton - WR - SMU R2P24: Mason Cole - C - Michigan R3P21: Tony Brown - CB - Alabama R3P24: Duke Ejiofor - DE - Wake Forest R5P24: Casey Tucker - OT - Stanford R6P24: Quinton Flowers - QB - USF R7P17: Jaylen Samuels - RB/TE - NC State R7P24: Ike Boettger - OT - Iowa
  15. During Season, Early Mock Drafts Thread

    In this mock, I attempted to address the OL. With Ryan Kalil nearing the end of his career, we need a Center, and Mason Cole is one of the best around. Courtland Sutton is the best WR in the draft, by far. He would instantly help us. Duke Ejiofor from WFU is likely the most underrated DE in the draft. Guy is a terror off the edge. Lastly - I think it's time for Derek Anderson to be phased out... Quinton Flowers isn't a savior at QB, but he is more like a Joe Webb, and we wouldn't have to completely change our offensive plan if Cam goes down for any reason. Round 1 (24): Courtland Sutton - WR - SMU Round 2 (56): Mason Cole - C - Michigan Round 3 (85): Tony Brown - CB - Alabama Round 3 (88): Duke Ejiofor - DE/Edge - Wake Forest Round 5 (163): Casey Tucker - OT - Stanford Round 6 (202): Quinton Flowers - QB - USF Round 7 (236): Jaylen Samuels - RB/TE - NC State Round 7 (243): Ike Boettger - OT - Iowa