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  1. Free Agency Notes and Speculation

    Salary cap casualty from New York. Good depth at WR, hell of a return man, and will go over the middle with no fear. Also a great blocking WR.
  2. Free Agency Notes and Speculation

    Pro Bowl KR/PR and vastly underutilized WR just became available. https://nypost.com/2018/03/22/dwayne-harris-becomes-giants-salary-cap-casualty/
  3. Uniforms

  4. Zay Jones is the definition of a class act. A truly kind, humble, respectful, pious kid. I know this personally, because I have spoken with him on several occasions. He was known in college for taking such amazing care of himself physically and spiritually - never partied. He had fun with his teammates but he led on and off the field by example. I know he recently had surgery, so maybe there is some sort of drug interaction. Maybe CTE is involved - the guy plays unbelievably hard. I absolutely hate this for Zay and for his family. They are good people. In a league filled with lots of bad guys, Zay is one of the good guys. I truly hope he gets whatever help he needs, and if healthy, he's able to continue to play the game he loves.
  5. I am most definitely invested. Emotionally and financially. I have 2 degrees from ECU. Thank the LORD we finally got rid of our terrible AD. Once our terrible head coach doesn't live up to his GUARANTEE of 6 wins, we will be rid of him, too.
  6. Case Keenum can't catch a f'ing break.
  7. Does Norwell now effect our 1st pick?

    I'd hate to think we're wasting Moton by keeping him on the bench. The guy has a ton of potential.
  8. REPORT: Andrew Norwell to Giants a "done deal"

    I blame the Russians.
  9. Top 10?

    Curious to see what people think of this... Give me your best 2-deep at every position - coming from the Bobcats and new Hornets rosters. I'll do mine first: PG: Kemba Walker / Raymond Felton SG: Stephen Jackson / Gerald Henderson SF: Gerald Wallace / Michael Kidd-Gilchrist PF: Al Jefferson / Boris Diaw C: Dwight Howard / Tyson Chandler FWIW - I think this team would be in the hunt for a title.
  10. I always hear (and say myself) that the Hornets will struggle mostly because small-market teams don't really have a fair shake in the FA game. So... how in the holy hell did the Raptors become a contender? What are they doing that we aren't doing?
  11. Poor little snowflake. *sniff* Ol' Richie Incognito really hurt his feelings, guys. He said mean things and picked on him and stuff. The victim mentality displayed by Martin and many, many others in our country is a genuine mental illness. There was ALWAYS something "off" about Martin and that whole situation, and this just proves it.
  12. Cho OUT......NOW

    However... Let us never forget how the NBA screwed this franchise (quite possibly for a generation) when they gave Anthony Davis to New Orleans.