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  1. Did Luke lose his mind?

    Yeah I mean I get it, but I thought that he pointed at the sideline and told a coach to yank Finnegan. 
  2. Did Luke lose his mind?

    Sorry if this has been addressed in another post... but late in the game, when Luke jumped and broke up a long pass play along the sideline, it looked like either Coleman or Finnegan was out of position... and Luke then pointed at them, yelled for them to get out of the game, and then turned to the sideline and told one of the coaches to get them out of the game. Did that happen?  Or did I totally misread that???  Anyone know what I'm talking about?
  3. Seriously, how does it happen? (Visiting fans)

    Well yeah, but Stubhub doesn't own the tickets.  Someone has to put them on Stubhub... maybe it was more of a rhetorical question... but it's unacceptable, regardless.
  4. I don't post often, so, sorry if this is a re-post... But I just don't understand how there are seemingly always SO many opposing fans in BofA?  Yesterday (at least on TV) it sounded awfully loud when the Panthers were on offense, and the commentators kept talking about how many Packer fans were there. So... how does that happen?  Aren't all lower level tickets owned by PSL holders?  I can understand some people trying to take the opportunity to price gouge the heck out of tickets when the demand is as high as it is... but how in the heck did THAT many Packer fans get tickets???  Surely if you care enough about the Panthers to own PSL's and buy the season tickets year in and year out, you'd maybe want to go to such a gigantic game, rather than sell your tickets to visiting fans. I hated hearing Cam say "Green Bay travels well."  BS.  99% of those Packer fans were from Gaston County.  Anyway... that crap just irritates the crap out of me, and I honestly think in instances like this, there should be some sort of penalty for selling your tickets to visiting fans.
  5. Carolina Panthers Rookie Camp Pictures

    2nd attempt...   Any word on Robert Jones?  For those who were there?  He's one of the bigger bodies on the OL.
  6. Carolina Panthers Rookie Camp Pictures

    Any word on Robert Jones from ECU?  He'll be O-Line... he posted a pic on twitter of him at minicamp.  Just wondering if you noticed anything with him.. big dude.
  7. This article was utter crap.  We are going to shock some people this year. 
  8. Sorry, didn't see it, as it was invisible. I'll rep your next post!

  9. You didn't see the invisible sarcasm note I made. Sarcasm never works over the Internet. I was just tired of all the complaining and pessimism on this board.

  10. Willie Smith went to the Redskins yesterday. He's a really good O-Lineman... he's had some injury issues, which is probably why he went undrafted. He's healthy now and has gotten a little bigger and quicker. Right now he's around 6'6" 310... and faster than most linemen.

  11. What is the story with Willie Smith? I thought for sure he would be one of the most coveted free agents.

  12. Steve isn't hurting any receivers, and if he is, they're soft. Rookie qb or not, Smith makes this team better, and even if he is negative, his fire and ability benefits outweigh any negative impact he may have here. His barking at Cam or whoever the qb is, is only going to get him over the hump faster in my opinion. Bottom line, Smith brings more to this team that makes it better than what he may bring to this team that's detrimental.

  13. I didn't say you aren't a true fan, you may be. I'm mad Steve wants to leave too. But I guess where we differ is that I feel like Smith has earned the right to bitch about not being able to be productive, when it's his productivity that suffers because of our overall teams well being. You just act like he's a bitchy player who has no value or hasn't had any history here, and want him to suffer if he were to leave. He's no cancer to this team, and Beason/Davis being glad to 'plant' him if he were to come here to play against us has nothing to do with anything. You make it sound like they want to 'plant' him right now, which they wouldn't because they're class acts as team mates, and additionally, you really have no knowledge on the way they feel towards him.