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  1. Did Luke lose his mind?

    Yeah I mean I get it, but I thought that he pointed at the sideline and told a coach to yank Finnegan.
  2. Did Luke lose his mind?

    Sorry if this has been addressed in another post... but late in the game, when Luke jumped and broke up a long pass play along the sideline, it looked like either Coleman or Finnegan was out of position... and Luke then pointed at them, yelled for them to get out of the game, and then turned to the sideline and told one of the coaches to get them out of the game. Did that happen? Or did I totally misread that??? Anyone know what I'm talking about?
  3. I'm 31... and my dad liked the Jets. I didn't really watch NFL football. But he's converted to a Panther, and I've been a fan since '95.
  4. Dante Fowler, he be hurt.

    Clowney didn't impress vs ECU in his 2 or 3 tries... just sayin. Fowler just won the matchup vs our tackle damn near every time.
  5. Dante Fowler, he be hurt.

    Kid destroyed ECU in the bowl game. He's a special talent. Hope he recovers!
  6. 2015 NFL Draft Simulator Game

    I didn't like my first attempt... here was my 2nd attempt. Round 1 - Andrus Peat (OT, Stanford) Round 2 - Ameer Abdullah (RB, Nebraska) Round 3 - Justin Hardy (WR, ECU) Round 4 - James Sample (SS, Louisville) Round 5 - Austin Hill (WR, Arizona) Round 5 - Corey Robinson (OT, South Carolina) Round 5 - Xzavier Dickson (OLB, Alabama) Round 6 - Joey Mbu (DT, Houston) Round 7 - Damian Swann (CB, Georgia)
  7. 2015 NFL Draft Simulator Game

    Round 1 - Cedric Ogbuehi (OT, TAMU) Round 2 - Justin Hardy (WR, ECU) Round 3 - Devin Smith (WR, OSU) Round 4 - James Sample (SS, Louisville) Round 5 - Karlos Williams (RB, FSU) Round 5 - Martin Ifedi (DE/OLB, Memphis) Round 5 - Jeff Luc (ILB, Cincinnati) Round 6 - Eric Lefeld (OT, Cincinnati) Round 7 - Damian Swann (CB, Georgia)
  8. 4 Round Mock

  9. I am on Bre shad Perriman's bandwagon

    Justin Hardy ran a 4.4 at his pro day today... just sayin. MUCH better hands than Perriman.
  10. NFL Free Agency Update Thread

    Well, we whiffed on that one.
  11. Dwayne Harris. Yes, please!!!
  12. Carolina Panthers Rookie Camp Pictures

    2nd attempt... Any word on Robert Jones? For those who were there? He's one of the bigger bodies on the OL.
  13. Carolina Panthers Rookie Camp Pictures

    Any word on Robert Jones from ECU? He'll be O-Line... he posted a pic on twitter of him at minicamp. Just wondering if you noticed anything with him.. big dude.
  14. This article was utter crap. We are going to shock some people this year.
  15. Sorry, didn't see it, as it was invisible. I'll rep your next post!