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  1. ECUPantherFan added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Panther game viewing question...
    If this is the wrong forum, I apologize.  But this is an NFL Sunday Ticket question.
    My fiancé and I cut the cord and got rid of cable.  Her sister who lives in Ohio has NFL Sunday Ticket through DirecTV.  I live in Winston-Salem, and want to watch the Panthers Sunday.  NFL Sunday Ticket blacks out the local NFL game... my question is.. is it going to black out what would be the local game in Ohio, where the SUBSCRIPTION is?  Or is it going to base the blackout off of where my XBOX is?
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  2. ECUPantherFan added a post in a topic The Texans Are Already Wearing Their Rose Colored Glasses   

    You know, stuff like this doesn't bother me.
    I do, however, find it funny that we are disrespected and underestimated EVERY season.  Do people in other markets not pay attention?  Have they not seen us win back to back division championships, win a playoff game last year, and win games with DEFENSE?  Teams who win games with great D scare me a HELL of a lot more than teams with great O's.
    I'm not saying we're world beaters.  But I think it's a silly thing to say for ANY team in the NFL (with no exception) that it will be an easy W in Charlotte.  Hell, we might lose... but we are a tough fugging football team with a top 10 defense and a dynamic QB.  That should always be respected.
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  3. ECUPantherFan added a topic in Smack Central   

    Justin Hardy
    I know Funchess has a lot of potential and is another big body for Cam to throw to... but I really feel like we missed the boat big-time when we passed on Justin Hardy.  The guy is a flat-out player.  On a Falcons roster that has a deep, talented WR corps, he has managed to stand out through the preseason.
    Game 1 vs Titans  - 3 Catches / 41 Yards
    Game 2 vs Jets - 4 Catches /  53 Yards
    Game 3 vs Dolphins - 2 Catches  / 20 Yards
    Game 4 vs Ravens - 2 Catches / 16 Yards (70 Yard punt return that made ESPN)
    I hope Funchess pans out, and since he's a Panther, I'll support him to the end.  But man... I hate to see Hardy in ATLANTA of all freaking places.
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