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  1. Oher sucks at run blocking, something the Panthers need the RT to be able to do. I don't get anyone at all wanting Oher starting at RT. Makes 0 sense.
  2. Guaranteed salary in 11m by way of the guaranteed option bonus that will kick in next off season no mater what. 12 million signing bonus spread out 5 years. He'd cost 20m in dead cap if cut in year 2. 2.4m x 4 + 11m = 20.6m in dead salary if cut.
  3. Picks 98 through 192 will count 300k. Pick #8 is 2.8m itself and picks 40 and 64 add another 600k and 214k. The bottom 6-7 contracts are only worth 540k not the vet minimum.
  4. 3.125 - the bottom contract value of the current top 51. Repeat for each rookie contract. Right now that number is 540k, 7 contracts sit at the bottom 51 worth exactly 540k. So the #8 pick is really adding 2.858m to the top 51 cap. #40 is really adding 629k. #64 is really adding 214k. The picks from 98 through 192 add another 300k roughly. The reason you don't have to figure in signing bonuses and such is those bottom contracts are usually flat 1 year deals with no guaranteed money. So really this years draft picks are really just adding 4.1m to the cap.
  5. So the last few years are tied to the option bonus. If not exercised then the 2018 salalry jumps up 10m because of the non exercise. Kalil still gets that 10m either way. Good deal for the team for sure tho.
  6. He's expected to go #2 overall. Allen likely gets taken 3rd unless Chicago really likes hooker.
  7. Alright, I'll bite.
  8. 10 bucks you say. How about something more stingy. Lets say a Cowboys avatar for the full season for you if they go offense in the first. Not just WR, my point was the offense needs more help and will get it in this draft.
  9. They are now. Lol They got rid of Ealy because they didn't think he was tough enough and he hasn't shown any consistency. Avant and Cotchery both had 500+ seasons before plus the team used a first round pick on KB. Those three players were signed to the exact positions the Panthers were expected to pick in the draft. Two are former pro bowlers. Plus you forgot the Munnerlyn and Kalil deals. Try again please.
  10. You don't go into a season with only 1 WR ever having produced a 500+ yard season with out giving it a serious influx of talent. All the defensive needs have been filled, the team still has major holes at Wr, RB and RT. Granted maybe Williams can. Take over the RT spot because Oher certainly isn't a fit there at all. Sure they picked up two young WR with upside but one has a 1 year deal and would be a camp body for most other teams and the other is a Gunner and ST ace primarily. The teams most consistent WR just left for the Saints and he sucks. Maybe KB can improve his routes, hands and learn the playbook better, maybe the switch turns on for Funchess and he can develope into a solid #4 WR (he's not close as a #2) but neither of those is close to being certain. Absolutely positively have to give the offense a serious infusion of talent if they don't want to repeat last season. Based on FA moves, they want to win now and they need Offense, offense and some more damn offense to accomplish that.
  11. CJ is 275, most 4-3 ends are lighter. You want a 4-3 end with burst ( first step, 10 yard split), large frame ( ie height), long arms and violent hands. On tape you want to see speed, bend, violent hands, containment while rushing (ie staying gap responsible) instincts, explosive athleticism and use of counter moves when stopped after using go to rush move.
  12. Yes, he's starting to get mocked in the top ten as the first wr off the board. So much so, there's a chance he won't be there at 8.
  13. Why? A safety isn't starting over Coleman or Adams this season. Plus Adams isn't likely to be there at 8. One DE spot left since The Panthers use a 4 man DE rotation and that counts cutting Wes Horton and would still likely be depth in the first season. None of the DE's really make since at 8 either. Allen wont be there and he's not a DE in a 4-3. At least he's not in the modern NFL. No DT spot really with KK, Star and Butler filling up the rotation. Anything on Defense would be depth, not what you use the 8th pick in the draft for. The offense needs help and speed at both WR and RB. If they plan to run more power football they need a better TE #2. All spots where the player has a chance to get a ton of snaps and help the weaker side of the team after all the FA moves. This free agency has been all about winning now, the draft at least early will be the same thing, all about winning now and the most snaps and biggest immediate impact.
  14. I don't expect them to go defense unless Adams is there. Realistically speaking of course. The first pick will be WR, RB or TE. Defensive line is set starter wise with Peppers, Star, KK and Addison. Nice rotation with Butler, Horton Johnson. Lb is set as well. Luke, TD and Shaq. Db is set with Worley, Captain, Bradberry, Adams, and Coleman. Sure they will go for a DE and a Safety and most likely early but the first round has all but been set up in FA to be an offensive player. Ross, OJ, Fournette. One of those three will be the pick, even if it takes a move to get one of them.
  15. Double post