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  1. Marty Hurney Has Been Reinstated

    Wouldn't it be entertaining if at the last minute he decided not to sell just to stick it to the NFL. lmao Also our savior has finally come and will bring unto the Panthers 1 back to back winning seasons, 2 super bowls, 3 NFCC games, and 4 first round studs followed by tears.
  2. New name in Ownership bid (Ben Navarro)

    not saying they do, but if had billions of dollars you'd think he'd at least be on Forbes yearly list but what ever. new owner is new owner. lol
  3. New name in Ownership bid (Ben Navarro)

    Don't get how, he doesn't show up on any of the US lists. He's not listed on the Billionares list and the most I can find about his net worth is around 20m. His company however did 2b in revenue last year.
  4. seeing his net worth around 20m, so no where close to majority owner wealth
  5. Power Ranking 2018...(Way to early)

    here Patriots Falcon Packers Cowboys Steelers Raiders Seahawks Giants Chiefs Broncos
  6. There's a reason Peyton Manning lead the league in endorsements for like 10 years straight. 2015 the top of the league was Manning, Brees, E. Manning, Rodgers, J.J Watt, Wilson, Brady. Even now, Cam, Rodgers, Brees, Watt, E. Manning, Wilson are at the top of endorsement revenue per season. Give you another example, a lot of players who protested lost endorsement deals and sponsors. Sad as it is, the NFL still markets it self to rural America and middle age white men more then any other demographic.
  7. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    OMG, hahahahahahahahaha wait, this is actually real... hahahaha, holy hell that's freaking hilarious.
  8. Imagine if the NFL takes a bit longer, the Panthers will announce that another candidate has a second interview this week.
  9. Yes they do but they can't force him, just interview candidates, then wait for the NFL to clear him. Give him the job.
  10. JR is still pushing behind the scenes for Hurney to get the job. Reason the NFL investigation has been fast tracked. Hurney gets the job if the NFL can clear him.
  11. Marty Hurney will meet with league on Friday

    They flew down to Charlotte, met with the team and I'd guess based off this being fast tracked that they attempted to meet with her or her attorney
  12. Now you're starting to catch on, but what if.. I'm just saying what if here. What if the new Owner is already a minority owner of the team with an agreement to buy the team and keep not only Hurney in place but also Allen and Becker. Makes you go hmmmm, before you run to the toilet to vomit...doesn't it. lol
  13. first half of the season it was dead last and negative actually in most games. OL kicked ass the last half though.
  14. read this Given Friel’s trip to Charlotte less than a week after the NFL learned of the allegations against Hurney, the league appears to have expedited its investigation of Hurney. Friel also apparently met with Panthers officials this week, according to a source. Richardson wants to let the process with Hurney play out before making any decisions about his future, according to a team source. Hurney, named the interim GM in July after Dave Gettleman’s firing, interviewed for the full-time position last week with the team’s four-person search committee. JR said nope, speed this up so I can make my decision and the NFL has speed up the investigation.
  15. Because they were I believe. They had to pick one of them to give a second interview too while Hurney was on paid leave, otherwise it's too obvious that they are holding up the search till he's cleared. Smart move. maybe, I'm wrong but I fear I'm not.