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  1. well if he gets say 70 receptions and 200 rush attempts, he'd still be under 20 touches a game. So dont think him getting 330 touches is bad or running him into the ground, that's just slightly over 20 touches a game.
  2. If you go off advanced metrics like ORPG and Wins which most teams use, Kemba was the 15th best player in the NBA. His Market is the reason most don't know about him or his play. He's easily a top 6 PG and a top 15 NBA player.
  3. carpanfan96

    Rebound season for our whipping boy??

    same here, Batum should bounce back just for the fact that Howard isnt here.
  4. Wasnt just him, all 21 members voted for Carolina. Most dont think our offense can keep up with Atlanta and NO.... what ever.
  5. carpanfan96

    NHL Draft 2018

    I'm not going to complain, at least they didnt fug up the pick by trading back or something stupid. I also think Svechnikov ends up being the best pro from the draft.
  6. carpanfan96

    NHL Draft 2018

    No it's not, based on his stats hes worth a 5 year 25m deal plus he'll be the youngest ufa in nhl history in 2 years. So a 5 year deal eating up his unrestricted years at 5m is a good deal for both parties. Team and his agent met today and it went badly from leaked reports. Hurricanes are way off on pay and not budging from their 4.2m a year stance with Lindholm. I'm hoping that TD proves me wrong but so far he's done everything as cheap as possible and with word about lindholm over 800k a year and Skinner, Faulk, and other reports that's hes going to do this as cheap as possible and barely hit the floor and not try to build a winning team to compete for championships but just playoffs. I have a feeling we'll start to see a lot of changeover among players.
  7. carpanfan96

    NHL Draft 2018

    Lindholm is likely gone because team being picky and cheap on cost not wanting to meet his 5m a season demands.
  8. carpanfan96

    Dwight Howard Traded!

    Not saying how I felt, saying how the team feels. He ran wrong plays or wouldnt run plays at all, didnt properly set screens for players. bogged down the offense when Batums main skill is passing and keeping the ball moving...ext..ext.
  9. carpanfan96

    Dwight Howard Traded!

    Don't believe a player recently traded can be traded again within 60 days. Also he doesn't become a Hornet till July, so dont think he can be traded till September.
  10. carpanfan96

    Dwight Howard Traded!

    Also the second point to make is that Howard disrupted team chemistry on court. He wasnt as solid of a screen and roll guy as Zeller. Both Kemba and Batum play well off screen and rolls that's another reason why.
  11. carpanfan96

    Dwight Howard Traded!

    No we traded him because of tax reasons, MJ dont want to pay Lux tax. Cant afford to do that in a small market especially when the team isn't a playoff team with a chance of reaching the ECF or the finals.
  12. Maybe not Batum, but probably be able to throw Williams, mkg in a deal and get good return.
  13. Osman, #8 and filler for Kemba plus a bad contract is a hell of a deal for the Hornets.
  14. No way they give up Love and the 8th plus take on Batum contract for basically Kemba.
  15. I dont think Kemba is a Hornet after draft night. I fully expect him to be moved for a top 10 pick.