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  1. carpanfan96

    Kemba to San Antonio?

    Osi plus the 8th pick is a really good deal if the Cavs take William's or MKG in the trade.
  2. carpanfan96

    Dwight Howard Traded!

    Don't believe a player recently traded can be traded again within 60 days. Also he doesn't become a Hornet till July, so dont think he can be traded till September.
  3. carpanfan96

    Dwight Howard Traded!

    Also the second point to make is that Howard disrupted team chemistry on court. He wasnt as solid of a screen and roll guy as Zeller. Both Kemba and Batum play well off screen and rolls that's another reason why.
  4. carpanfan96

    Dwight Howard Traded!

    No we traded him because of tax reasons, MJ dont want to pay Lux tax. Cant afford to do that in a small market especially when the team isn't a playoff team with a chance of reaching the ECF or the finals.
  5. Maybe not Batum, but probably be able to throw Williams, mkg in a deal and get good return.
  6. Osman, #8 and filler for Kemba plus a bad contract is a hell of a deal for the Hornets.
  7. No way they give up Love and the 8th plus take on Batum contract for basically Kemba.
  8. I dont think Kemba is a Hornet after draft night. I fully expect him to be moved for a top 10 pick.
  9. Yea if this is true, makes the panthers one of the worst teams as far as elite talent is concerned. Most teams had 10 or so from what I remember seeing.
  10. if they get enough players, then this hurts the NFL and its advertisers more then it will players.
  11. “In hindsight, the next day, it’s probably a good thing,” Ainge said during an appearance on Boston radio station 98.5, The Sports Hub. “We were probably going to spend too much to do what we needed to do That was a few days after the draft, He meaning Ainge did in fact offer a massive trade to the Hornets that was turned down. While I dont think it had the nets picks in the deal, I do think it had the four first round picks in it.
  12. carpanfan96

    Charlotte Hornets 11th Pick 2018 Draft

    I'm not sure the Suns would do that deal, Kemba and 11 isnt worth the first pick even if the Hornets take back Knights contract in the trade. Best your gonna get for Kemba is around 14-16 in the draft without taking anything back. Reason you trade him is #1. Not sure he's going to resign in Charlotte. #2. You don't think he's worth a max contract. #3. Signing him to a max contract limits the growth of the team long term. #4. He's worth more now in a trade then he ever will be.
  13. carpanfan96

    Charlotte Hornets 11th Pick 2018 Draft

    I'd stick at 11 and see if the team can grab a pick in the 12-14 range. Take SGA at 11 and Kevin Knox with the other pick.
  14. carpanfan96

    Charlotte Hornets 11th Pick 2018 Draft

    Should trade Kemba for biggest possible package and draft SGA. Start SGA and Monk, use the pick from Kemba trade to draft a forward.
  15. carpanfan96

    La Canfora tweets that Hurney is safe

    Look at the Steelers in the 40's, 50's, and 60's before Knoll was hired. They hired mediocre coaches all the time but kept them around because of loyalty. They've done it recently as well. Very similar to the Panthers just more success.