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  1. Ettore Messina is expected to interview for the Hornets head coach opening after the spurs granted permission.
  2. Ownership Info from Darin Gantt

    If they do that he will force thier hand and make the other owners who still support and like JR to vote him out and force the sell. Unprecedented and I'm not sure they can get the votes to make it happen.
  3. Ownership Info from Darin Gantt

    I told you once we got closer to the sell date that JR would try to buck the league and say he wasnt going to sell the team. So I'm not surprised by any of this. He's going to pick the least favorable option to stick it to the NFL now.
  4. What is our cap space?

    Looks at Kalil contract.... hmmmm....
  5. Wade Phillips Vs Shula is all you need to know, the super bowl should have gotten Shula fired. He had no answer for the green dog blitz.
  6. doubt you do it for a rookie but if he can handle it they could play him like they did Norman with coverage rolled away and him playing more man then the rest of the team. he would still need to be able to play zone really well though as it would still be a large portion of his snaps
  7. it's a balance, you need guys who are going to fit scheme wise but you also need production, size and intangibles.
  8. When should we give up on Monk?

    only way to dump it is giving up something valuable or taking even worse contract back. So only way to realistically get rid of Batum is either wait till he's an expiring or move Kemba with him.
  9. odd and even.... 3-4 or 4-3 in simplest terms, but he's DE in the 3-4 because of size. He also generally too tall for 4-3 DT. So he would've been moved to end and asked to slim in a 4-3. don't think you got what I said.
  10. Don't think Oliver makes it to the second round where the Panthers can draft him. Typically rated as 1st round prospect and 4th corner. I like Hill in the 3rd though as a tall, lanky prospect for the Panthers scheme. Reid in the first would be a solid pick if there.
  11. You obviously don't know how Dt works, KK is a player who wouldn't be ideal as a 1 tech. Doesn't make him a limited player, makes him a 3 tech DT which is what he was drafted to be. Just like RG and LG aren't interchangeable, same as LT and Rt. Slot Wr, X and Z Wr... Football is spilt up and is skill related. Then you have scheme fit and so forth not just limited to 3-4 vs 4-3 or west coast vs Coryell. There's so many variables that the casual fan or even hardcore fans just don't understand about football. Really only way to truly know is to have been around the sport directly either playing or coaching to have any sort of idea on what I'm really going on about.
  12. It's an injury he's had since he was 4 years old, just reinjured it recently. Panthers had to know about it, it was known back when he was in the draft process. If anyone is wondering why he is seemingly blaming the Panther organization for this, that's most likely the reason.
  13. Said something about two weeks to heal or something like that.
  14. Breeland was only counting 3.9m towards cap this season.
  15. Greg Olsen Retiring for Broadcasting Job?

    here A source close to Olsen expects the three-time Pro Bowler to be playing for the Panthers “this season and beyond.” Olsen informed Panthers officials in recent months he planned to audition for ESPN and FOX during the offseason for experience for “down the road,” according to a team source. Gruden made $6.5 million per year as ESPN’s highest-paid, on-air personality, according to reports.