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  1. Yea, I didn't get that from what Gettleman was saying at all. What I got was he was saying No duh he's a three down back, he's proved that with his play at Stanford. Beane added to it later talking about his value as a player, catching passes, running the ball and punt returns.
  2. They really like both RBs at 8, of course they like Fournette more but I wouldnt be surprised by McCaffrey at 8.
  3. He was the first to talk about Steve Smith being cut. He got attacked on here about it too. Lol Plenty of other instances as well. He does have a few contacts inside the team for sure. The thing with all this kind of stuff is everything is subject to change. With that said, Mcaffrey isn't making it to 40 and a trade back isn't likely because word is that another team in the top ten likes mcaffrey. So to get him, likely going to have to select him at 8.
  4. I can definitely see this happening. The team seems to be really interested in picking him up. I've seen him go has high as 14-16 in more recent mocks so i dont think you could trade down a bunch of spots for him or use the 2nds to trade up for him. I dont think he last pas pick 20. So if they really want him it will likely come down to a factor of offers available at 8 to move back and if one of the four top players are still available.
  5. Oher sucks at run blocking, something the Panthers need the RT to be able to do. I don't get anyone at all wanting Oher starting at RT. Makes 0 sense.
  6. Guaranteed salary in 11m by way of the guaranteed option bonus that will kick in next off season no mater what. 12 million signing bonus spread out 5 years. He'd cost 20m in dead cap if cut in year 2. 2.4m x 4 + 11m = 20.6m in dead salary if cut.
  7. Picks 98 through 192 will count 300k. Pick #8 is 2.8m itself and picks 40 and 64 add another 600k and 214k. The bottom 6-7 contracts are only worth 540k not the vet minimum.
  8. 3.125 - the bottom contract value of the current top 51. Repeat for each rookie contract. Right now that number is 540k, 7 contracts sit at the bottom 51 worth exactly 540k. So the #8 pick is really adding 2.858m to the top 51 cap. #40 is really adding 629k. #64 is really adding 214k. The picks from 98 through 192 add another 300k roughly. The reason you don't have to figure in signing bonuses and such is those bottom contracts are usually flat 1 year deals with no guaranteed money. So really this years draft picks are really just adding 4.1m to the cap.
  9. So the last few years are tied to the option bonus. If not exercised then the 2018 salalry jumps up 10m because of the non exercise. Kalil still gets that 10m either way. Good deal for the team for sure tho.
  10. CJ is 275, most 4-3 ends are lighter. You want a 4-3 end with burst ( first step, 10 yard split), large frame ( ie height), long arms and violent hands. On tape you want to see speed, bend, violent hands, containment while rushing (ie staying gap responsible) instincts, explosive athleticism and use of counter moves when stopped after using go to rush move.
  11. Double post
  12. I expect the team to target Wr, RB, De, S and RT in the draft. Probably can expect a double dip at one of those spots, one of the WR or RB would be in line for return dutt based on roster right now as well. So I'd not be surprised if they traded back up into the first if a nice target is present. I think they are going all in on a superbowl run right now.
  13. Beane handled 3 of those trades. He did the Funchess, Bene amd Williams trades. The franchise has a lot of faith in him and let him run a large portion of the draft. There's a reason he's the Assistant GM and most likely will eventually take over full GM spot.
  14. Closes trade i can think of is the Texans trade last draft. 6th round pick 195 to move from 52 to 50 in the second round.