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  1. Game 7

    Howard is linked here already as a landing spot because it makes so much sense. Clifford in Orlando Lin from Houston Howard respects Clifford and is friends with Lin. It would also put Howard back in a defensive system that he knows well from his Orlando days. However, Lin is also expected to opt out of his contract and look for more money. You have Batum who will be a max player and Howard would definitely be a max it would be very expensive.
  2. I've always been big on Sparq and athletic measures when combined with other variables, so his raiting system is very interesting to me. The original reason I liked Bradberry was overall tape was pretty good plus his size and measurables
  3. What you see in highlights isn't tape, when you look at tape... you're looking for certain things. For cb's you're looking for Athleticism, ball skills, hip turn, footwork, and instinct (ie. Angles they take, understanding what the offense is trying to do..ext) If the player is smart you can teach technique and they will get it if they have the above skills and understand football. Intelligence is where the visits come into play.
  4. Game 7

    I'm not just talking offense, both sides of the ball. We didnt nor have we ever had the inside player needed for cliffs system. Till this year the team didn't even have the 3pt shooters. The team has no legit option at center and needs a stretch 4. What you hope happens is Kemba Batum Mkg Frank FA accusation And MKG stays healthy, but at this point I think hoping he stays healthy is aksing for a lot.
  5. Offensive Line

    Been telling everyone since day 1, that if Gettleman follows the NY ways then OT will be low on the list of priorities it was mainly about the guards and centers but even those were taken with lower picks. You win with hogmollies, but first two rounds is for skill position, pass rushers and defense. You can get decent Hogmollies for Guard and center deeper in the draft. KB, Star, Butler, Shaq. Funchess, Bradberry, KK, Ealy First two rounds since Gettleman has been here.
  6. Game 7

    I love MKG but he breaks the system unless he's the four offensively and gets a 35% 3pt shot. Clifford's system he's trying to run needs four parts. A shifty, quick defensive pg that can drive the basket and pull the defense. A d and 3 SG, A Sf who is versatile and plays good D, solid rebounder and passer. A stretch 4 who can hit three's down in the corner. A center that can operate on the block, high rate rebounder and is a defensive presence in the middle. Kemba, lee, Batum... check, check and check Zeller was supposed to be that stretch 4, same with Frank. Williams can do it but is up there in age. No one at all at center Where does MKG fit that system???
  7. Game 7

    My main problem with Clifford is he's trying to run the orlando system with jefferson and zeller at center and till this year with no legit 3pt threats or a legit stretch 4 that get to the 3pt line. This system on offense should be a 4x 0 x 1, four players behind the three and a big in the paint moving across the baseline as the ball swings. It creates issues in the painy and spreads the floor. It works with the right players, just look at orlando with Howard. However, Jefferson doesn't fit that system because he doesn't have the defensive ability which brings the need for MKG who doesn't fit the system one iota. ( he's my favorite player and everyone knows it) Which brings into question wtf is the point of keeping clifford and his system with Jefferson at center and MKG as your best player. I'm just saying
  8. Game 7

    Major heart issue, I'm give Kemba a pass because I think he used all he had left in game 6. Then Batum for being out and trying help with the bum ankle, outside of that..... Goodbye hopefully.
  9. Game 7

    Only way Batum stays is with a max deal, only way to legitly fill the center hole to allow Clifford's scheme to fully take off is to go after a center that can command the middle. That means either Howard or Whiteside, considering Clifford is gokd friends with him...this is a legit possibility and it's going to take a max to get him here as well. I'd perfer Whiteside x1000000000000000 However I'm not blind enough to ignore the chance Howard comes here is high.
  10. Major reason players bust is fit/scheme. However if you use these analytics on past drafts, blue chip players are around 64% more successful then non blue chip players. Just to give you an idea of accuracy with no other inputs factored in. Remove the outliers because of scheme and other factors and it's probably closer to 80% difference in success rates.
  11. Game 7

    I mean if you're going to run the system that Orlando least get it right and have a guy in the middle that can do the things a young howard could do.
  12. Game 7

    Welp it was fun, but this team needs to be scrapped. They collectively have no heart outside of maybe Kemba and Batum. Sign whiteside or howard to a max, get rid of jefferson, resign Batum. Bring Lee back and get some 3pt shooters to surround whiteside.
  13. My early depth chart of the Panthers atm

    Look for Bradberry to take that outside starting spot. They will carry 5-6 corners also depending on if one of the rookies takes a starting spot.
  14. Sparq is what colleges use in recruiting, it solely grades a player on athleticism. They even do the hs>college combine type events. Nike sparq combine. This combines tfreak, SLA, and Sparq. Which grades a player on SPARQ [speed, power, agility, reaction, quickness] tFreak is a formula for him that measures size. SLA is strength, length and athleticism. So his grading system is based solely on the players size (for position) length, and athleticism. So players like Bradberry at 6-1 211 will grade out high on size and length. The fact he runs a 4.5 and is very athletic makes him grade out high in the athleticism areas. Combined they make him a blue chip player and a very unique one as well.
  15. Game 7

    Lee with some big plays the last few minutes. 7 points on 3 shots in the last 4-5 minutes.