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  1. He averaged 2.12 yac last season, that went up quite a bit in the second half of 2017. I'm sure its higher now as well.
  2. The Falcons longest rush of the game came when the Panthers were up 10-3. 2nd quarter with 7:13 left. Try again on how I'm wrong. lmao
  3. The Panthers were 4th on that list and didnt have a 1000 yard rusher and the teams rush game sucked for the majority of the season.
  4. Panthers had the TOP advantage, our defense got gashed because Atlanta attacked our defenses weakness and ran the ball well for most of the day. its was 10-3 and the Panthers defense was giving up 30 yard rushes to the edge. Not anywhere close to the offenses fault. Also currently Carolina is 5th in RYPG
  5. what's the most catches and rec yards for a rb through first 18 games. I just looked and hes 5th among running backs in YPG this season
  6. if you go back and watch games where the defense gets gashed, Kuechly is trying to do too much because he feels like he has too and over shoots or gets swallowed up in blocks he normally goes around or goes through. doesnt happen very much but even the best have off days.
  7. I didnt see a push, could he wrong.
  8. that didnt look good, knee gave out like it was nothing.
  9. hes made some plays in benefit of the Panthers offense. lol
  10. carpanfan96

    Early game discussion

    dunno if bucks improved or saints defense really sucks
  11. I formation, off tackle run for 23 yards by cmc
  12. carpanfan96

    Destiny 2

    so its worth playing again? I got bored before the second expansion came out. just couldnt stand the drag anymore.
  13. carpanfan96

    What Cowboys fans are saying

    Yea, except for the guys I work with in Irving are all gung ho and saying how the game isnt going to be close and Dallas is going to embarrass Carolina. I just laugh at them and go back to work.
  14. nfl.com has the bucks being bad and then the Saints, Falcons and Panthers all around 7-9 to 9-7 range.
  15. well if he gets say 70 receptions and 200 rush attempts, he'd still be under 20 touches a game. So dont think him getting 330 touches is bad or running him into the ground, that's just slightly over 20 touches a game.