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  1. carpanfan96

    What’s the identity of this team?

    Actually like the Bridges pick, He's super athletic, good rebounder, decent jumpshot with ability to improve on that. Plays hard and good defense, can get out and run. Just needs to work on dribble moves to maximize his outside shot and athletic ability by being able to effectively drive. Should fit the new Coaches system perfectly. What disappoints me is by all accounts they had a chance to move Kemba for a first round pick from multiple teams and asked for too much. Now likely he leaves for a max contract and team gets nothing for him. Doesnt make any sense at all.
  2. carpanfan96

    Miles Bridges

    No hes not but statistically speaking, going off ORPM, RPM and WINs he was a top 15 player last year.
  3. carpanfan96

    Miles Bridges

    Dunno what to tell you, how you expect a player to work with someone not running plays or the correct plays just to get points. You expect a player who relies on system, passing and ball movement to score and play well.
  4. carpanfan96

    Miles Bridges

    MJ doesn't want to trade Kemba, unless he gets a top 5 type of player back. Why trade never materialized, Cho tried to trade him last season and was blocked twice. Probably blocked a trade for the 8th pick from Cleveland. Just wants to stick with Kemba and build a team not capable of winning more then 48 games or the 8th seed in the playoffs with a first round exit.
  5. carpanfan96

    Dwight Howard Traded!

    Not saying how I felt, saying how the team feels. He ran wrong plays or wouldnt run plays at all, didnt properly set screens for players. bogged down the offense when Batums main skill is passing and keeping the ball moving...ext..ext.
  6. carpanfan96

    Kemba to San Antonio?

    Osi plus the 8th pick is a really good deal if the Cavs take William's or MKG in the trade.
  7. carpanfan96

    Dwight Howard Traded!

    Don't believe a player recently traded can be traded again within 60 days. Also he doesn't become a Hornet till July, so dont think he can be traded till September.
  8. carpanfan96

    Dwight Howard Traded!

    Also the second point to make is that Howard disrupted team chemistry on court. He wasnt as solid of a screen and roll guy as Zeller. Both Kemba and Batum play well off screen and rolls that's another reason why.
  9. carpanfan96

    Dwight Howard Traded!

    No we traded him because of tax reasons, MJ dont want to pay Lux tax. Cant afford to do that in a small market especially when the team isn't a playoff team with a chance of reaching the ECF or the finals.
  10. Maybe not Batum, but probably be able to throw Williams, mkg in a deal and get good return.
  11. Osman, #8 and filler for Kemba plus a bad contract is a hell of a deal for the Hornets.
  12. No way they give up Love and the 8th plus take on Batum contract for basically Kemba.
  13. I dont think Kemba is a Hornet after draft night. I fully expect him to be moved for a top 10 pick.
  14. Yea if this is true, makes the panthers one of the worst teams as far as elite talent is concerned. Most teams had 10 or so from what I remember seeing.
  15. if they get enough players, then this hurts the NFL and its advertisers more then it will players.