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  1. purchasing a video camera and A/V equipment

    i feel like a total moron trying to figure this poo out, which is why i'm asking dex
  2. Michelob Ultra

    get the 21 archive
  3. Michelob Ultra

    i fuging love green man porter
  4. purchasing a video camera and A/V equipment

    dolly systems are so fuging expensive. i'm looking to build my own actually, i did a bunch of pricing today at home depot to see what i'd need to put together. i have a bunch of tracking shots i'll absolutely need one for. can you usually just screw lenses onto the end of a camera? i actually don't think mine's interchangeable, which is a big problem if i can't get the right depth of field. do you use a matte box? what lighting system do you use? i was just going to start with reflectors.
  5. purchasing a video camera and A/V equipment

    My setup is complete. I got a Sony FDR-AX100. Built an audio package with Rode's newest model, the NTG4+, which is slightly inferior to the 3 but way better than the 2 and also has a built-in 150-hour battery, which is awesome. Got a tripod, deadcat, built a boom pole, etc. @Dex, what kind of lenses do you use when you shoot? I'm trying to build a package that'll give me cinema-quality looks, which is hard to achieve digitally. What do you do to get shallow depth of field? Do you use an anamorphic lens to get 2.35 aspect ratio or just add black bars in post? halp
  6. WTH's going on on Bald Head Island?

    autopsy report faked then?
  7. How the Left wins it for the Right

    they were the liberals
  8. How the Left wins it for the Right

    won the heart of our society? most of our society haaaaated his ass. he was a race-baiter and race-divider in the rhetoric of the day
  9. I feel like we just discussed this topic relatively recently but maybe not. Either way here's a thoughtful article about it. There's a pretty broad gap between the facts surrounding the decision to drop and popular opinion about its necessity that says something substantial about the American psyche. I say it's because of Vietnam.
  10. i always liked berman, i'll be sad to see him go
  11. Might be Jobless

    very nice, congrats

    how so?
  13. Good lord....

    seattle has fallen back to earth. packers maybe, but teams figured out that isolation route poo they like to run and they're not putting up the kind of numbers they used to.

    superior to hillary? sure. superior to trump? hell yes. but his superiority to hillary is less than hillary's superiority to trump and given that trump is an asshair from winning the whole thing in a general a throwaway vote is a luxury i can't take.