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  1. Who smokes cigars? Post em

    never been much for flavored cigars but i'm smoking a java latte infusion from drew estates and it's creamy as hell
  2. fug Em

  3. Caption this McDermott

    dale earnhardt jr. tests the draft
  4. have they ever stopped moving the goalposts on this question? ten years from now cam will be a HOFer and luck will be backing somebody up in houston and they'll still say luck would be the best bet because he's got a year less of wear and tear than cam
  5. If Muhsin was on this team...

    if muhsin was on this team he'd be our WR3 fap fap fap fap
  6. this is the fort mcclellan site. nothing else i can find come close.
  7. the absolute closest thing i can find is ft. mclellan in alabama, just a bunch of long army quarters stacked together. but the distance is too far, the siding is wrong, and pretty much so is everything else other than that they're barracks. idk what building a set like that would run me. if i was shooting a still shot in front of one barracks it would be easy enough to fabricate that photo, but i need a long tracking shot passing in front of several of them, preferably with a deuce and a half trucking by during the scene, so crafting that would be by far the most expensive scene in the film. most of my set budget is allocated towards building a bamboo-and-pvc vietnamese village at a film location in northern florida and burning it down
  8. The Clinton Body Count

    did you copy/paste the house of cards wiki by mistake?
  9. Gorilla killed at zoo

    why didn't god protect your stupid kid by keeping him from falling into the enclosure in the first place? why did god protect your kid by keeping a gorilla from eating him but other kids die all over the world all the time? annoying
  10. i also need a place with a row of barracks that look something like this and an interior that can look like vietnam era barracks with single-level racks and some gear.
  11. Sexting

    sure there are, but the nature of the whole game has changed drastically since the advent of internet dating. "it could be a 50 year old serial killer on the other end" was a relevant caveat in say 1999 but now it's kind of a silly assumption
  12. Gorilla killed at zoo

    shooting him was really their only option. sucks for everyone involved, especially the gorilla.
  13. Sexting

    that's not really how it works anymore