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  1. hey what's up man!

  2. must defend zeh womenz

  3. Thank's bro! Row, row, row your boat, right into the endzone!

  4. Sup dude nice profile pic! Definitely weird posts at night haha

  5. Hey badAss, see some strange post's in the AM huh? lol Hope your all good mayne!

  6. must spread rep before giving it to spanky again

  7. hell yeah man gotta keep it in line here haha

  8. What's up badass, I know you kept the huddle straight while I was gone, I'll catch up with you soon man.

  9. Hey man I hope you're doing well to!

  10. Hey Badass, hope your doing good bro!

  11. lol i know man. hahaha.

  12. lol man your avatar/profile pic is funny. I imagine Fox saying "I never wanted you"

  13. No you dat deal! Oh Weeh Mayne!

  14. Badass, u dat deal main!