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  1. You know whats cooler than that... getting one of my super shirts from my excellent designs lol Glad youre catching up to dilly dilly now. We Been Here Which reminds me.. check out my store Here. https://teespring.com/stores/dilly-dilly-4
  2. Dilly - Dilly A true Carolina Friend. Love from Nairobi

    Update : https://teespring.com/stores/dilly-dilly-4 => Check out some of the designs here. Buy one get into a bar and open your chest and go Dilly.... and trust me everyone will say DILLY DILLY back. Decided to start a Design Career. Muchas Gracias
  3. Drunk and Bored Here Ya Go

    DILLY DILLY You are a true friend to the Crown.
  4. Dilly - Dilly A true Carolina Friend. Love from Nairobi

    oh trust me.. im helping you protect yourself when inbev ... Bombards you with TONS of dilly dilly commercials this superbowl
  5. Dilly - Dilly A true Carolina Friend. Love from Nairobi

    What ails thee friend
  6. Dilly - Dilly A true Carolina Friend. Love from Nairobi

    Silly dilly dilly my good man dilly dilly
  7. Dilly - Dilly A true Carolina Friend. Love from Nairobi

    african mosquitos will do wonders to you bro... like seriously. I've had this designer who i literally was telling what layer to use while handling my proposals... so i decided what the hoot... let me see what i can do with this and here we are. hehehe.
  8. Dilly - Dilly A true Carolina Friend. Love from Nairobi

    Brother... jesus... how do i even get Boob vectors. Btw thats a SUPER idea lol. Unicorn with boobs
  9. Dilly - Dilly A true Carolina Friend. Love from Nairobi

    You mean a 1 hour loop video.. I thought youd never ask
  10. Im currently stuck in africa ( Nairobi kenya ) for maybe the whole of this year...soooo.. this is the closest thing that i have to hanging out with my buddies downstairs at the tribute in raleigh. Anyway - after getting frustrated like crazy by a local designer and costing me a huge project with an NGO ( they actually exist unfortunately and its a big business ) I decided to let myself get inspired by the dilly dilly commercial and learn illustrator and photoshop at the same time. Enjoy the artwork. So when Inbev.. wants you to see some b.s dungeon..i want my panther fans to See hotties and Knights. Sorry jeremy... slight commercial break from the seemlingly shitshow that is the panthers currently... weird enough i think we go all the way to the NFC championship. If you need help with your design.. Pretty much heck let me know... or feed a hungry child On venmo.. lol
  11. DELIIIIICIIIIIOOOOUUUUUSSSS... loving those highlights all the way from nairobi kenya. Dont worry about all the Richardson Noise... hes a brother from another time and has given carolina and the charlotte community Absolute value. Keep up that PHYSICALITY LOVE IT.
  12. Were a Good Football team and thats okay.

    Most players just want to leave carolina knowing Cams smile wasnt glowing as it should be.
  13. Were a Good Football team and thats okay.

    were good not great... man i miss Gettleman. That being said.... WE HAVE NOTHING TO LOOSE... RIDE THIS DONKEY TILL IT DROPS
  14. Were aging a bit... and we need to get rid of some old fat as it shows out there on the field and expect it to show up when minessota comes over. They are young reckless and still playing under their 5 year rookie contracts. Enjoy the season... but Pray to Allah Buddha Jesus and all the above we dont sneak into the playoffs. Im looking at you Eagles Saints and the other team that may get over confident. When you watch most of these games were loosing... its due to stupid mistakes not being overcoached or the other team having better talent than we do. Peace and love from some shitty web cafe in nairobi kenya... loving those highlights. Keep em coming and stay safe. Cheers my Good people.