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  1. Good luck seeing another D like Denvers next year or Carolina's 2013 squad.. that is pure luck. :) Gettleman knows he has to keep spining to get lucky not do what Seattle did... keep the 3 wise men together... These are atheletes : they Grow Old
  2. Breaking - Charles Johnson Released

    Draft Jesus... What if Marriages were like this.. lol. Managed by Gettleman..
  3. have josh norman behind an Average Defensive line and Boom... he crushes. Gettleman knows this - Josh knows this and ron knows this. Getts doing his job. Love it
  4. We have the 20th easiest schedule for next year

    This is the NFl.... as far as were concerned... "WE COULD GO 1 - 15" Theres no sneaking up on Anyone next year.
  5. How well does the team bounce back after the SB loss?

    Quarterback's of Cam style dont grow trees So do guys like Kelvin and the sort of defensive ends that we have right now.
  6. Von Miller Admits to Illegally Batting Ball

    that ball is so offsides .. deep down they know it and it sucks. There are here defending the truth.. hahah
  7. Just ESPN, nothing to see here...

  8. Just ESPN, nothing to see here...

    people lost money on Superbowl 50.... betting on CAM... but from the game you can tell - it was BRUTALLY FIXED. The best team we played all year was seahawks ( They are that good : Wilson is a godamn super hero) not broncos. Before the end of summer expect Superbowl 50 Rigged to be the headline. This wont go away like deflate gate and the rest. When you watch Sound FX ... from the GET GO im talking even denvers head coach says... "Off sides" thats when you know its over. Our defense played FANTASTIC... #keeppounding
  9. Peyton Manning's Sexual Assault Case

    Watch as during summer... articles on how the Carolina Game Was Rigged gained Fire... Just watch... You cant bullshit 103 million people with that the sheriff has left the building crap - it was just too damn obvious. People loose bets, they get emotional and ... the cookie starts crumbling. HAHAHA...
  10. Sound FX: Superbowl 50

    The rigging was on from the GET GO... Just dont watch it... youll feel like crying.
  11. Let's talk about Ted Ginn Jr.

    Ginn has OVERPERFORMED. You need physicallity of Benjamin in there going against Talib...
  12. How dare Cam take over 'our' QB position!

    Being kenyan i can tell you this... when my boys are out there Running 30,000 KM and winning EVERY TIME PEOPLE DONT GIVE A fug WHEN THEY ARE BEING INSPIRED TO WIN You think i care about JJ watt being white... hes an Athlete plain and simple. I want to see winners.
  13. Tin foil hat time (Im starting to Believe it though)

    Only this time IT WAS TOO BLATANT>>>
  14. thats what you get when youre dealing with indonesian and Indian designers... I didnt even bother complain : time constraints