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  1. Saints week Part Deaux

    Lets walk in there like its the Super Bowl and Tom Brady is on the other side... You know ALERT... We have to FEAST on each one of these quarterbacks..  We have to user a New WORLD ORDER... The begging of Panther Dominance in the NFL...  All hail Cameron Newton.. 
  2. Hardy didnt play his best on us... Heck he got an asthma attack lol....    Man we truly loved that guy... LOVED HIM> 
  3. Revenge Tour isnt Finished

    Guess what defensive Co Ordinator... started the fall of Delhomme by destroying him in the first game of the season... ????   Hint : Hes your defensive co ordinator now. 
  4. Along the Sidelines - The book

    IPAD app and IPAD pro app.. with some of those Moving pics would be DOPE
  5. The Patriots are the worst undefeated team in the league

    Ryan is loved by his players because of one thing... : he is a defensive mastermind. 
  6. Dear Panther Faithful.... the world still doesnt want to accept the truth that we dont want to accept.  We have the BEST TEAM IN THE NFL : BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but as usual... let the pain continue : Its Important we COMPLETELY DOMINATE the Cowboys... COMPLETELY DOMINATE  i remember after that kick off return by the redskins : Mr Do You Like That was celebrating in the sidelines ... like YEAH JUST THE WAY WE DREW IT... and then reality sets in ... as the panthers POUND AND POUND AND POUND AND POUND AND LITERALLY POUND until you just feel sorry... sigh.  You dont go 10 - 0 in a League where everyone has $150 million dollars a year and rediculous monopoly over the brain power in that particular state or city. This is the NFL and to do what the panthers are accomplishing requires Talent, Discipline, Coaching and just plain Mental TOUGHNESS>  Oh well Dear Cowboys - Names Carolina.. We gon bring it !!      
  7. un-Official What are Cowgirls fans saying

    Im scared of this team... and im a Carolina fan.    Theres nothing like watching the reality dawn on a team when they start playing carolina that Panthers are for real and we are down 2 scores and we are barely into the third Quarter.  Panthers just keep piling it on and keep playing nonstop for 61 minutes.  DELICIOUS 
  8. Cam MUST be protected from Hardy....

    We have this magical thing called an Offensive Line that is NASTY... NASTY.  Dear Greg... we never wanted to let you go... but we have something special for you.  we truly miss ya <3 Nasty panthers offensive line. 
  9. The Fi

    Romo will get DESTROYED by half time... its going to be Unreal <3 
  10. Cam giving away the Balls... At some point..

    Man they just kept giving the ball away Over and OVER AND OVER... lol. 
  11. At some point - i went "Jesus do they have enough balls to last this game at the rate Cam is giving away the Ball.. ??"
  12. Ealy,Addison,Delaire, and comes C.J

    Jesus ... its not Even fair : Our domination needs to be ABSOLUTE 
  13. That time of year again, cleaning this joint up.

    Propaganda knows no manners ... just positivity - My services have been less and less needed this year.    TEAM IS DOMINATING   19 - 0 here we come. 
  14. Caption this Official....

    All hail the Black man. <3 
  15. Timing is everything (re: Gettlemagic again)

    Cam has a fantastic team around him that understands the economics of the game.  Don't worry too much about squeezing your team for a couple of mill when you can give them Pennies and earn Dimes out there in the marketing game... you know MR 19 - 0 <3