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  1. Were a Good Football team and thats okay.

    Most players just want to leave carolina knowing Cams smile wasnt glowing as it should be.
  2. Were a Good Football team and thats okay.

    were good not great... man i miss Gettleman. That being said.... WE HAVE NOTHING TO LOOSE... RIDE THIS DONKEY TILL IT DROPS
  3. Were aging a bit... and we need to get rid of some old fat as it shows out there on the field and expect it to show up when minessota comes over. They are young reckless and still playing under their 5 year rookie contracts. Enjoy the season... but Pray to Allah Buddha Jesus and all the above we dont sneak into the playoffs. Im looking at you Eagles Saints and the other team that may get over confident. When you watch most of these games were loosing... its due to stupid mistakes not being overcoached or the other team having better talent than we do. Peace and love from some shitty web cafe in nairobi kenya... loving those highlights. Keep em coming and stay safe. Cheers my Good people.
  4. Rams using unethical audibles pre snap - Simms

    People are mad that its actually working... or they found a quarterback that makes it work. Most people were hoping Rams would be poo... aaaannnnd theyre not.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving all the way from Nairobi kenya.. <3

    i ... i like you lol... Usakale turkey yote... na mungu abariki familia yako. <3
  6. Happy Thanksgiving all the way from Nairobi kenya.. <3

    Keep obama in america thank you very much... lol... actually hsi birthplace is about 5 hours away. nice drive through the rift valley.
  7. Top Panthers things to be thankful for?

    Fact that... we probably have the best team in the NFL.... thanks to gettleman and were probably going to go all the way to the super bowl. And were sitting here whinning ... meanwhile Mc dermott is now playing musical chairs with quarterbacks... ALa wakbar...
  8. Enjoy that turkey this year... its extra special... "Superbowl Special" courtesy of Gettleman.
  9. 21st & Prime

    Panthers are just warming up... the defense held up... we should be 8 - 1 by now. Tell me what team is as complete as we are currently. THank you.
  10. "No one can cover Christian McCaffrey 1 on 1"

    Patience with this kid. He needs all the pieces of this team to be used as IS. We are plainly over using him... Teams know it... so the continued hits on CMC dent his confidence. Let everyone start clicking and watch. Teams know how dangerous he is... and of course do EVERYTHING to contain him.
  11. This is gorgeous...

    Eagles came out knowing they had to be at their best against the panthers. Then again - i love this sort of game.. this early. Come back to earth be humble and own your competition
  12. Weve matured as a fanbase and Football team.

    of course i dont... in some shitty cyber cafe in africa with a shitty 3g android phone. Peace love and unity all the way from kenya. Keep obama there por favor.
  13. Weve matured as a fanbase and Football team.

    lol... lets pray for Cams renewal and fountain of youth. I just want to watch good football... till the playoffs. The superbowl not so match as we all knew we get screwed by refs... unfortunately. Everything till the Playoffs are just pure football... lets hope the journey continues this year.
  14. When you scan around every Post... you get the simple sense that everyone is taking this one step and day at a time. What happens happens...were just glad to be here with what we have. And deep down we know who has BUILT THIS TEAM BRICK BY BRICK... Everything clearly is a process... and being a top tier team means that you apprecite every single third and 1 play and savor it like theres no tommorow. Dont want to jinx it... but ill be confident and just say - should we stay kinda healthy ( Cam ) i beleive well ahem * go far. #gettlemagic.
  15. Carolina Panthers Top 3 Offseason Priorities

    Dave says Josh is worth $7 mill a year... Hes worth $7 mill a year.