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  1. If only there was a way for you or anyone else to see what I actually wrote.
  2. Talk about thick, numbskull. Read my original post. We're talking about four years from now. You guys are so hot to tell everyone how wrong they are that you don't even read posts.
  3. Considering how often you get blasted on here for your hot takes, you definitely are the authority on making yourself look foolish. Maybe you'll cherry pick some stats and videos from your own twitter page to show us all why you're right.
  4. Hey, you know what smart guy, if Sam Bradford had his completion percentage and Cam's mobility, maybe he would be highly paid. But when he just has one and not the other, he's just... wait for it... Sam Bradford. Now close your little eyes for a moment and imagine Cam Newton without his mobility and Cam Newton's completion percentage... who do you see? Someone you want to give another contract to? If so, that's probably why you're who you are, a message board analyst, and not a guy who gives out contracts to NFL players.
  5. Oh, you debunked it?! Case closed, everyone!
  6. Give me a break. You like to look at the numbers constantly. You can't cherry pick. Show me how great of a quarterback he is when there's no threat of him using his legs. His completion percentage is subpar. Even now, when he has his legs, if teams take away his ability to be mobile, he doesn't come anywhere close to making them pay. Did you see the Super Bowl? Get real and be honest. This has nothing to do with people not appreciating him and "why Cam needs to hurry to another team." What a joke. Be a realist for a minute and cut the bullshit.
  7. Cam will be 31 when he becomes an UFA. He could be franchised for a year, if he has anything left, for a reasonable amount of money, then the team lets him walk at 32. Based on his style of play, it would probably be the best time for the team to part ways. He hasn't shown to be the type of quarterback who will be a league leader worthy of a huge contract if can't play with physicality. When he's 32 years old, I doubt he'll have that. We should enjoy him until then.
  8. dldove77

    Hayden Hurst Visiting Panthers

    Couple of the guys on the huddle after getting this news:
  9. dldove77

    Mel Kiper's Mock Draft 4.0

    Can we please just all agree that this is a better thread than 22 pages about Top Cats water breaks?
  10. dldove77

    Dry Season

    Predict the schedule with @nflskedrumors
  11. dldove77

    Mel Kiper Jr mock draft

    If you know Rivera puts so little value on the position, why on earth would you expect them to use a first round pick on it? Edit: And Gettleman, Hurney, Capers, Seifert, Allan Bristow, etc...