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  1. Denver is cool. Top of my list of road games I'd like to attend next year. Hope the timing is right.
  2. Oh USAToday...

    I didn't change anything. He must have edited at some point. Based on what he originally wrote, it sounds personal. 
  3. Interesting... Richardson is one of two owners (at least as far as this article is concerned) to publicly back an LA stadium site. In this case, Richardson has backed the Chargers/Raiders plan to build in Carson. Jerry Jones is backing the Rams site in Inglewood.  The relevant excerpt:  So who has the edge? Depends on whom you ask. We know that Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson is squarely behind Carson (he's said so), and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is an Inglewood man (he was even born there). In between the Jerrys, it's shades of gray. The L.A. committee, the six-owner group of which Richardson is a member, will probably endorse the Carson plan. But nobody knows how influential that committee's recommendation will be with the rest of the owners, or with Goodell. http://www.latimes.com/sports/nfl/la-sp-nfl-la-stadiums-20151120-story.html
  4. Oh, crap.

    We're doomed.
  5. Carolina Panthers Color Rush Video

    We might just be able to pull this off. It's going to help tremendously that Dallas isn't also wearing all blue.
  6. Oh USAToday...

    Suspended twitter account for spreading lies and inciting riots.
  7. Oh USAToday...

    This Has Been A Terrible NFL Season 4. The Carolina Panthers are 9-0. I’m less mad about the Bengals being 8-1 than I am about the Panthers being 9-0 because the Bengals actually have a quarterback who can throw the ball on a dime. (Until there’s a modicum of pressure. Then he’s Blaine Gabbert.) The Panthers, to be honest, do not. Cam Newton has a worse completion percentage than Nick Foles, Jameis Winston and Colin Kaepernick. He’s not a good passer at all. He brings so many things to the table and improves his football team, but it’s not because of his arm. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images) Look, Carolina is a fine football team. They might be a good football team. There’s the slightest chance they may a very good football team. But this is not a 9-0 team. Since 1990, 19 teams have started 9-0 and if you’re telling me the Panthers are one of the best 20 teams of the past quarter-century I’m laughing in your face, heartily, while still appreciating Cam Newton’s dance moves because I think we all wish we could move like that, yes, even you, lady who complained about it. You know you do.
  8. Rhonda Barber and Chris Myers

    Been a while since we've had them. Won't be coming up anytime soon, either.
  9. 2 games in 5 days...

    Catered Thanksgiving dinner for twenty so we don't have to spend all morning cooking for an early lunch. Dinner cannot interfere with the game. 
  10. Not sure what's keeping them from doing it. At a quick glance, I think the only other teams that ever wear white on black are the Ravens and Saints. But we're hardly the only team that wears white on white, so what would that matter?  
  11. Would like to know why we haven't seen this combo on the field yet? Enough with the white on white. We have black pants. Use them!  
  12. Nikon 70-200 2.8 .... Saying goodbye

    Something I loved died once.  Goodbye, PS3
  13. $500 Banner for Nashville

    Seriously? I made this on PS as a joke. Lighten up.
  14. $500 Banner for Nashville

    Think Mariota would rip this down if we hung it up Sunday?