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  1. Tragic news for Ted Ginn

    wow. did not expect to see someone going for a joke on page one.
  2. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    Hard for me to see Hill making the team over Garrett. I'm not sold on Cash, either. Doesn't look like an NFL player to me. But I've been wrong before. Can't remember when, but I'm sure it happened.
  3. CPAT!!!!

    about as close as you're going to get right here:
  4. CPAT!!!!

    So confused. Was he released? Why is this a story?
  5. Panthers Question on Jeopardy

    It was Turd Ferguson.
  6. Hint: Chris Weinke is not the correct answer.
  7. Your headlines make me want to stop coming to the huddle.
  8. Damn...you beat me to this. What a crock these guys are. here's the link, anyway. http://www.footballoutsiders.com/dvoa-ratings/2015/2015-dvoa-projections
  9. Maybe we can convert one of those TEs to tackle, because converting players to tackle has worked out well in the past.
  10. Peanut talks Panthers...glowingly

    Knowing what I know of Tillman, I bet it would be he who would have no problem wearing a different number.
  11. Peanut talks Panthers...glowingly

    Sanchez wearing 31...if that matters at all.
  12. Game that changed the season

    Allen was doing the same thing as Delaire most of the season, going over the top and leaving huge gaps. That was his move for us and it never worked. Delaire has some potential, though. (Although, so did Stanley McClover.)
  13. Greg Olsen in Inside Amy Schumer skit

    Vernon Davis is a surprisingly good actor.