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  1. Bears Extend Fox for Five Years

    Anyone in Charlotte, Denver, or Chicago who doesn’t immediately think, “WTF,” when seeing this headline is unreasonable.
  2. We didn't play bad

    I think if this game was on Sunday and Cam had a reasonable amount of rest for someone recovering from shoulder surgery, we win. I’m not upset about this. Saints loss was far more frustrating.
  3. You'd think this would be more of a rivalry with these high profile games, but we just haven't both been good at the same time, if I recall correctly.
  4. Weve matured as a fanbase and Football team.

    You'll know the board has matured if I get no likes on this post.
  5. Hello from NBC Charlotte

    @Jeremy Igo right now to anyone not taking this seriously
  6. CMC

    One of Aaron Rodgers’ strengths is identifying those subs and catching them off guard.
  7. CMC

    I think there's a big difference between Jim Kelly's and Peyton's no huddles than Chip Kelly, besides the obvious success/failure: Bills/Colts no huddles were basically huddles at the line, take stock of the defense, audible, run play. They still used up a lot of play clock. Kelly/Eagles no huddle was hurry up to the line and snap it, don't read anything, just get the play off. No reason we can't be running a no huddle like the Bills and Colts. And when those teams try to sub, we make them pay for it.
  8. If you break huddle with :14 left, you should have plenty of time to still be able to get a snap off.
  9. I'm actually a little surprised this wasn't done for the Saints game.
  10. CMC

    Maybe second half of the season we’ll see it more, as Cam gets healthier and more comfortable with the tweaks to the offense. I really think no huddle is when Cam is at his best.
  11. CMC

    We really should be running no huddle much more often when he’s on the field, as he can line up in so many different positions. Take advantage of teams when they try to substitute and we don’t need to.
  12. List is incomplete without Sir Purr.