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  1. JNo not happy could he come back?

    I'll will personally give him a piggy back ride from DC to Charlotte and provide ink and quill for him to sign if he agrees to a reasonable contract.
  2. See you guys Sunday

    Please tell me it won't be Hochuli. I don't think we've had him this year, so far. That would just be awful. Or Sterotore. They're both insufferable.
  3. So do you want Kenny Britt?

    I have a hard time believing it has anything to do with Gordon's long-term value to the Browns. Gordon is getting lots of minutes because they want film on him so they can trade him as soon as the 2018 league year begins... if he hasn't been suspended again by then. But as long as you're asking... no, I wouldn't want him. Won't add any value and isn't any better than Bersin.
  4. If we lose we’re still 8-4. What a depressing lot you are.
  5. Plus, when Josh Norman inevitably returns, it'll just be awkward.
  6. We already replaced Kelvin.
  7. Panthers at Saints Deets

    Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are harmless.
  8. Panthers at Saints Deets

    Dude, I’m 40. You do know what jokes are, right?
  9. Announcing: Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. Head Referee: John Hussey. Most of the country watching. Let's do this. Panthers at Saints (Red) Giants at Raiders (Blue) Rams at Cardinals (Green) Really, Saint Louis? Time to quit those Rams. They can't hurt you, anymore!
  10. December Home Games

    I think it's twelve days, which gives them until next week.
  11. December Home Games

    I'm buying a plane ticket today to fly in and out on Dec 17 for the Packers game. CBS has the doubleheader and Patriots-Steelers is that day, so flex to 4:25pm isn't an option, but I'm slightly concerned about getting flexed to 8:30pm. Currently, it's Raiders-Cowboys. Highly unlikely they flex out Dallas, but with Rodgers coming back, Packers having two easy games the next two weeks to get them back into contention, and the possibility of us beating the Saints and being in first place all alone, I'm worried that they'll move our game and my plane ticket will be useless. Any thoughts?
  12. You’re being generous saying :15.
  13. Andy Benoit on Panthers/Jets

    Butler deserved the praise this week. He had some impact plays for a change.