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  1. Potential cap casualty. I think he could definitely help us. Should be in our price range. http://www.espn.com/blog/oakland-raiders/post/_/id/21098/could-marshawn-lynch-michael-crabtree-bruce-irvin-be-raiders-cap-casualties
  2. Andy Benoit Ranks Free Agents

    What's really befuddling to a guy like Andy Benoit is how many people recognized that Andrew Norwell is an All-Pro while he did not.
  3. Tell us what you really think about Norwell, Andy... GUARDS DIFFERENCE MAKERS Andrew Norwell (26), Panthers Not as good as his befuddling first-team All-Pro accolade suggests, but he plays with the balance, dexterity and physical strength to improve a team’s man-blocking running game. https://www.si.com/nfl-free-agents-rankings-by-position-2018
  4. Meanwhile, at the Observer...
  5. You all hear about that rocket today?

    A billion years in an Earth-Mars elliptical orbit, or the amount of time it will take for people to stop making fun of the Atlanta for 28-3.
  6. While I'll agree it's been a trend, three in a row is hardly "always." 2017 - NYG 2016 - NYG 2015 - NYG 2014 - 49ers 2013 - NYG 2012 - NYG 2011 - Jets 2010 - Redskins 2009 - Bucs 2008 - Browns
  7. Patriots were definitely in the visiting locker room.
  8. Pay no attention to King. It'll likely be the Cowboys.
  9. Would be hilarious - and total Belichick move - if he leaves New England, McDaniels takes the Patriots job, and BB takes the Colts job.
  10. I think both things are probably true. She doesn't want to speak and they don't want her to speak. And since she's not long for the position, should we really want her to speak? All she can really do is muddy up the waters.
  11. If Tina Becker matured in an organization run by Jerry Richardson, respected him, and was promoted by him to run the team in his absence, it makes sense to me that she would also not speak to the media very often.
  12. I guess that joke wasn't clear enough. (or funny enough?)
  13. We won zero Super Bowls with Norwell and Star and we'll do it again whether they're on the team or not.
  14. I watched it this morning... I thought it was fun. Good addition.