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  1. Panthers Sign Michael Oher

    Several of the G-man FA picks were washed up until they joined the Panthers.  They had a good season and left for more money (Ginn, Mitchel) Oher is reunited with his old line coach which should help him improve his game.   He knows this is his last chance to stay in the league so he has to do his best.   He has to beat out players still on the team and any draft pick we make.  Let the best players compete and make the team.  Gman is setting us up for BPA in the draft.
  2. Better know a Prospect - Jake Fisher

    Before the combine, CBS sports had Fisher rated a 2nd round pick. If we could land him in the 2nd round that would be great. In the first round Gettleman will take BPA. I could see a double dip like we did with Star and Short. I know Gettleman will get us some Hog Mollies.
  3. Better know a Prospect - Jake Fisher

    I could see us bringing in a vet LT as Gettleman likes to fill needs first, then draft BPA.  He also drafts for positions to push starters in camp so I could see a double dip on the O-line to push Bell out and for depth elsewhere.
  4. Panthers Begin Head Coach Search?

    Rivera can no longer say theres always next week. The G-man knows the Big Cat needs to win now because he only has a few years left due to health reasons. We have a new Sherrif in town with G-man and he is all business. He did what he could for Beason in getting him a team where he could play MLB, but also helped the team by getting a draft pick where next year we would have lost Beason and got nothing in return. Rivera has to coach as if every game could be his last. You can be a players coach, but you have to win in the NFL or go home.