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  1. So it's not true trash talking but funny nonetheless.
  2. Good stuff.... Makes me love this team even more.
  3. So I live about an hour outside of Knoxville, TN and have been here for 6years. Needless to say, when I first moved here there were so many Colts fans. Now my facebook feed is filled with love for the Broncos, I see Denver hats & Manning Jerseys everywhereand the Broncos have the top selling jerseys in the state... This Meme pretty much sums it up!
  4. Panther Gear at CLT Airport?

    I flew into Charlotte Tuesday and items are marked up. $35 for a majestic NFC Champs shirt which sells for $28 outside the airport.
  5. I've already got my tickets but does the $35 for the tailgate include food and beer/liquor?  Also, how do I pay you?  I've got 6 people who want to go.  Looking forward to the Music City Takeover!  

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    2. RoaringRiot


      I thought I emailed you all the details - did you not get them? If you're able to swing by our hotel today from 1-4 we can give you them then. Or yes you can grab them at the tailgate tomorrow. 

    3. mbmasu32


      Can't find an email but I will grab them tomorrow at the tailgate.  I'm not headed to Nashville until this evening.  Looking forward to it!

    4. mbmasu32


      my email is [email protected] if there is anything you need to send over before tomorrow

  6. Are you planning a tailgate for the Titans game?  I know you put together one for the home games but I would love to be part of the tailgate if you are planning one for the titans game.

    1. RoaringRiot


      Yes. Everyone is welcome to come and BYOB. Or for $35/person we can provide everything. The $35 must be paid in advance because we're not bringing in extra food/drinks. We'll be in lot P.

      Go Panthers 

  7. What Texans Fans Are Saying

    Be on the lookout for the HBO After Dark Series......
  8. Ted Ginn update

    Looks like it's official. From TG's Instagram page.