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  1. Shaq Thompson!!!   BTW, what happened with him after that?  I seemed to see mostly Klein after that. 
  2. Well, no, not really. I've always enjoyed your posts though. They made sense. lol Noticed you have a blog ... I'll check it out from time to time now. :o)

  3. oh - I just bounce back and forth. Do I know you?

  4. Where the hell have you been?

  5. so that was worth 10000 points to you? Nice work with being petty. Just like your boy. I haven't done a thing to either of you.

  6. that was pay back I owed a friend, must take it up with him.

  7. so. I have -10000 rep because you repped me for saying Gross isn't good. What kind of crap is that?