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  1. magnus added a post in a topic Welcome back, Chris Harris   

    Legit excited about this. 
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  2. magnus added a post in a topic Panthers PFF Grades   

    hey OP - do you have targeted QB ratings for the receivers and back 7?
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  3. magnus added a post in a topic Panthers PFF Grades   

    Kalil might want to up that pass blocking game a hair
    CJ hit/hurried/sacked the QB 4.5 times per game with no bookend.  That's amazing.
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  4. magnus added a post in a topic A beer at lunch....acceptable?   

    a beer is fine.  Make it count, don't get piss water, get something real.   
    Since we're on the topic: 

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  5. magnus added a post in a topic The Panthers, & Cameron Artis-Payne: Explaining the Fit   

    it's fairly simple.  Unlike a lot of the other zone read teams, Malzahn's spread came from the Wing-T offense he'd run early in his (high school?) career.   So while almost everyone's spread zone read is basically the inside or outside zone runs with the QB option attached, a lot of Auburn's have pulling linemen - which is what Carolina does.  
    They'll pull a guard for a QB power, or a read option, or just a good ol' buck sweep.  They run to power. Most spread RBs don't know a lot about that, and CAP does.
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  6. magnus added a post in a topic spotlights Lee Ward   

    he does play a ton of special teams, and he would've been very helpful when they ended up having to keep Olsen in to block.  Tolbert is a tremendous run, pass blocker and a weapon on both offense and special teams.  
    I know it's easy to get hyped for Ward, and I root for everyone.  He's talented.  But let's let him stand out on a Panthers football field before we give him a roster spot. 
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