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  1. magnus added a post in a topic This defensive line please.   

    hate to pick on this specifically but that's a difference between this defense and theirs.  They have a Leo who doesn't have to play the run.  When you have a Jared Allen you let him play the tackle, having him in space isn't how you play him.  He doesn't need to be in space because of athleticism and a lack of ability against the run - he'll play the run.  You let Thomas Davis roam free instead, because that's the choice you make on who you're trying to protect from a blocker.
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  2. magnus added a post in a topic I really wish Shula would steal GB playbook.   

    WCO can mean different things in different places, fair enough.  But - they run a direct version of this offense in New York with the Giants and an established QB. 20th last year, 28th this year so far.   
    Not everything works everywhere. 
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  3. magnus added a post in a topic breaking: It'll be Ryan Mallett, per sources   

    just sprinkle some meth on Norman's back and have him run to the Texans endzone every play.  Mallet will score us 60 safeties.
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  4. magnus added a post in a topic Open Receiver   

    agreed and agreed.  It's impossible to sum up in two sentences what should happen to an offense in 70 plays.   You can't do just "this" or "this and that".   Brown, for instance, is a better intermediate route runner right now than deep guy, no matter his speed. 
    I do believe that there need to be a few more shorter calls and I'd more liberally sub in Cotchery to get those five yard type routes handled, but in the end, it's also on Cam to honor his statements of finding that dumpoff when needed. 
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  5. magnus added a post in a topic Open Receiver   

    Or they both had option routes and one made a bad read. 
    As for the "slow receiver running deep", we run a fair amount of 4 Verticals.  Plenty of teams do, and most don't have 3 or 4 fast guys.  Heck, subbing in two more, if you had them, would be an obvious tell.   I guess this is, in part, about Cotchery, but he was still open. 
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  6. magnus added a post in a topic My General Thoughts, and An In-depth Analysis: Panthers v. Jags by B/R's Bryan Knowles   

    I did a quick writeup, if anyone wants a look: 

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  7. magnus added a post in a topic Gettleman has long term plans for Wegher   

    this reads a lot more to the point in another thread - that if there's a tie, the tie goes to the cheaper player signed longer - than any longterm promise of greatness. Of course if he felt Wegher was a starting level player in the making, he's kept.  The longer contract is what broke the tie.
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  8. magnus added a post in a topic Contract Status and Cut Players   

    may be worth noting that Trusnik, and maybe Todman, did have the vet exemption thing going on - that type deal that allows a team to sign a one year deal, give a minimum bonus and the vet min, but counts less.   With $12.5+ mil under the cap, I don't know that the team made a choice to save $50-75k for backup RB (if assuming Fozzy v/s JT), but who knows.
    The term of contract is definitely a heavy weight on this situation, good catch.
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  9. magnus added a post in a topic TE position and the next evolution   

    Lucas is a valid slot tight end, on a team that already uses one.   Olsen is split close to 50% of the time already.
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  10. magnus added a post in a topic Todman 49-yard TD   

    I'm willing to bet Dan Henning came in his pants once he heard a Carolina RB scores on a 3rd and ten draw play.
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  11. magnus added a post in a topic Despite recent trade, Panthers still in need of receiver help   

    It's entirely possible that they will again, after preseason's done.  He's on at least the PR unit, so he's gonna stand a good chance at the active roster as a WR.
    yeah.  I'm not against the team being interested in the right waiver pickup or cheap vet.   But there's not some requirement to flood this team with upgrades that aren't coming.  Norwood not being satisfying enough for the screamers doesn't change a lot.  Three or four receivers will play a meaningful role this season.  If they really feel like one can be better than their 3 or 4, they might make a move.  
    And that's a good point about the long term.   This isn't a series of one year deals like last few years' rosters.  There will be guys next year.  There are guys now. 
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  12. magnus added a post in a topic For all of you that wish we were like the Colts...   

    "But I want it all!!!"
     - sports fans on the internet and women in their 30s
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  13. magnus added a post in a topic Despite recent trade, Panthers still in need of receiver help   

    all this hyperbole.  "no one's looking for a #1 here!"   "there are v8s out here and this team is just too stubborn to care!!1" Who are we complaining about that's just sitting there that's starting quality* or even high-level situational depth, that we haven't looked at? 
    *the only relevant term - we can stop using code words for what you're saying you want
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  14. magnus added a post in a topic Despite recent trade, Panthers still in need of receiver help   

    I don't know.  I think too many people buy into a "one player away" thing, are too willing to give up continual success for right now.   You field the best football team you can every year.  
    And the people dying for a big trade for this or that would be the first in line to criticize how bad it was if/when it didn't work.
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  15. magnus added a post in a topic Despite recent trade, Panthers still in need of receiver help   

    But that's not how things work, of course.  They didn't trade for Norwood because they "missed" on Wayne.  They saw an opportunity.  This franchise isn't in business of doing the fans' bidding for name recognition at a position.  
    I see a lot of discussion about drawing doubles, too, and sure, that'd be great.  A player who demands attention, and then can overcome that extra attention, would be fantastic.  But that's not at all realistic right now.  You want players who fill roles, can win one on one matchups.  
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