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  1. I actually wouldnt be against that. CJ Anderson is averaging over 6 yards per carry too. Dude must be pissed hes not getting more carries lol To CMCs credit, hes averaging 4.8 ypc this season which is pretty good. And hes bouncing off tackles .That was my main concern with him last season not being able to break tackles
  2. CMC doesn't get enough rushing attempts to stack up huge totals of rushing yards. He might be eternally doomed to have carries stolen from him by Cam and other RBs
  3. Damn CMC already has 100 career receptions and not even half way through his 2nd season . He'll end up blowing the doors off any reception stats for Panthers history anyway if he stays healthy.
  4. Lookin like a rebirth of the 85 bears here. Holy fug .
  5. Seattle isn't even a shell of their former selves. I almost feel sorry for Wilson but then I remember them beating us so many times in Cam's early career before 2015, then I just laugh, and sit back and enjoy their destruction.
  6. Hoenheim

    Josh Gordon!

    yeup. I was getting flamed for saying stuff against them in the offseason but look again , they are both out of the lineup. There's been a lack of information on whatever's going on with Samuel too. We're just going to have to wait for the injury report i guess and hope its different.
  7. Hoenheim

    Josh Gordon!

    Watch him suddenly have 0 problems off the field and become unstoppable on the Pats
  8. Hoenheim

    Run defense concern

    He also was barely touched or pressured in the entire game. It was a terrible game by the Dline on all fronts.
  9. Hoenheim

    Run defense concern

    Our team doesn't give a rats ass about safteys in general despite historical failings like the Julio 300+ game and getting whipped like a dog by the Saints/Falcons WRs every year.
  10. well that and he can't literally make every single play. He isn't the only one playing defense out there. The dline was getting blown up all game long by the falcons oline. LBs job is extremely hard if he's constantly getting his Dline pushed back into his chops .
  11. nonexistent while leading the team in tackles? right...
  12. this all day. Tired of Riveras conservative until im on the hot seat BS
  13. Hoenheim

    NFL Rookie Rushing Leaders

    I hate it when Norv take CJ out of the game when he was gashing the Falcons defense. Like, why? Averaging 10 yards per carry CJ must have been fuming that he wasn't getting work. But then he kinda fuged up by dropping 2 passes and one leading to INT. They immediately yanked his butt for the rest of the game. Was kinda stupid to have him in late game obvious passing downs. That interception shouldve never happened.
  14. i agree , professional coaches that get paid millions of dollars will still do dumb poo that 99 percent of regular people would not do . Or even worse just never try to adjust after their plan isn't working.