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  1. Hoenheim

    Jimmy Clausen is still trash

    wasnt he on some other teams too before he was out of the league?
  2. Hoenheim

    Playoff Thread

    Its an objective fact that the dudes form Golden State are god tier shooting the ball and almost everytime i watch clevland they throw up many a brick
  3. Hoenheim

    Playoff Thread

    This series is basically Lebron vs the NBA All Star team . I dearly hope we don't ever have a situation like this in football where you already know the outcome of the finals before the season even starts..
  4. Hoenheim

    Kicking with Cam

    Donte Jackson looks a lot smaller than JNO and Norman is 6 feet even...
  5. couldve saved quite a few million just by cutting him alone. But then again we did nothing to upgrade our oline in the offseason and you saw what happened to the line last season when Ryan went was out..yikes.
  6. welp, yea i forgot to factor in taxes.
  7. Said he limits himself to $8,000 a month which translates to about if you made $100,000 per year Spotrack says he made $836,900 in base salary last year with a $568,797 signing bonus , which totals $1,404,597 Thats really good if its true he only spent $96,000 at max last year , which is under 7% of what he made during the year.
  8. Hoenheim

    Don't ever change, Smitty

    take JR off the statue and put Smitty there doing some kind of celebration in uniform (between the 2 panthers)
  9. The problem is , I'm not impressed with James Bradberry
  10. Hoenheim

    Josh Dobbs for a 7th

    that dudes got a big ass head!
  11. he weighted in at 202 lbs at the combine. He was listed as 205 on his official NFL profile by the time the season started. Kamara was incredible last year and he only weight 10 lbs heavier the MCaffrey did (at 215). its less of a weight issue and more of a playing style issue.
  12. Hoenheim

    A bounce back year for him?????

    you cant afford to have mediocre safteys if you also have bad CBs, which is what weve been experiencing the past 2 years
  13. Not even sure how this is a question: Offense last year was inconsistent but good enough to keep up or beat the best of teams . Even in 2016 6-10 season we were doing extremely well against Broncos, Chiefs, Raiders . This year we get to vastly improve it with much better WRs, we finally wont have Stewart and KB being force fed the ball anymore, CMC coming in heavier and getting more reps, we have a young bruiser in CJ anderson, a MUCH better OC. Healthy Cam, healthy Greg, Samuel and Byrd coming back. The only real question is the OLine's health and ability, which admittedly is extremely important. I'd be massively disappointed if the offense stuttered in 2018. Defensive secondary is what murdered us last year. At pretty much any given moment, our secondary could be torn to shreds , whiff on tackles, weren't taking the ball away, our dline is old, and we're missing TD for the first few games this season. Even though we finished pretty high in total sacks our dline pressure was extremely inconsistent. Theres alot of pressure on Bradberry to finally make a huge leap in improvement, and for somehow the other scattered cobbled together pieces we have in the defensive backfield to finally work well after 2 strait seasons of terrible performance.
  14. Hes essentially the same height and weight as Lesean McCoy is now. In the latest pictures he looks like he's very similar in size to Artis Payne.