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  1. Mike Wallace expected to be cut

    Whelp can't beat two 6'5'' threats on the outside with 6'4'' funchess in the mix too and throw in Ginn to burn em with Olsen crossing down the middle. I strongly doubt they'll get a copy of KB in this draft considering we just got funchess last year , but I would love this pick if it somehow happened.  
  2.   It was great to see our Rooke WR do some good solid work this year, getting better with his drops as the year went on and making some great catches, TDs. Him and Benjamin next year.. and they're both only 22 and 25 years old to start next season. Do you think he'll be an integral part of our WR core for years to come? Well anyway it will be an awesome group With KB, Funchess, Ginn, and Olsen can't wait!   Here's a KB rookie highlight video too    
  3. Sound FX: Superbowl 50

    can't even bear to watch anything related to the super bowl now.. just end up getting upset again. have fun with that..
  4. Let's talk about Ted Ginn Jr.

    Id just want receivers who can fuging catch consistently in big games.
  5. I notice he started growing this goatee thing at some point this season. Wonder if he'll keep it trimmed just like that, grow more beard, or just shave it off before next season. What do you think?
  6. Cam shows off his trophies

    this emoji and hastag filled language a bunch of people are using now is something I'll never get over. At least in this case cam is using it more as a supplement than as a replacement for words
  7. So what about Antonio Gates

    too old , and Olsen isn't exactly a spring chicken anymore either
  8. I watched a lot of Cowherd today b/c I was staying with my uncle for SB weekend and my cousin was sick in my room today all day so I have to stay in the living room b/c nowhere else to go in little apartment. I've had to listen to him all day and he's been trying to rip cam the entire time , he keeps saying he wants the QB to behave differently than any other player and it "time to grow up" is his main title for the cam conversation. My uncle is religious about watching his sports shows every day so couldn't persuade him to leave it off and somehow the herd is his favorite show.
  9. So where does Carolina finish next year?

    Probably make the playoffs but after this meltdown in the super bowl, I have no idea what may happen in the playoffs next year. But we should def be good enough to at least make it to the playoffs.
  10. I hope DG learned something tonight

    Our defense did a hell of a job this game. I don't disagree with a defensive minded draft overall but I really would like a couple of o linemen and make an aggressive move for a real #1 or #2 caliber WR somehow . who actually catches footballs .
  11. We got some serious problems to solve on offense and handling super bowl pressure I suppose. But still great season, fun as hell to watch almost every game. KB back next year, hopefully we find some answers on the o line and send every single one of our receivers to special pass catching school over the summer lol. Panther fan forever.
  12. We'll be back in the Super Bowl next year folks

    You can't say something like that. You have no clue what's going to happen next year no guarantees! If this game didn't teach you that then nothing will.  
  13. Terrible performance by the team in the Super Bowl (well defense was good at least).  But no way in fuging hell will I let this keep me down personally. Will always be a Panther fan . I'll be still wearing my panther stuff twice a week like I always do because I'll always be a fan no matter how bad the team is. That being said I'm most certainly laying off ESPN and social media for the next week or two. There's going to be lots of bronco and payton dick riding for quite a while . 
  14. At what point do I give up on sleep?

    I don't think I slept before the NFC Championship game , I'm not that optimistic about tonight. Oddly enough though I feel a lot calmer for this  game as opposed to the previous 2 playoff games.
  15. Has Any NFL Team Ever Had a Better 24 Hours?

    dont forget cam could win the super bowl mvp too