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  1. Curious to see what people think about our next game. I know we have a bye. I know they still have a pivotal late game contest on Sunday vs the Saints (that I will be watching hella closely). I haven't watched a lot of the Giants this year so thats part of the reason why I'm asking. I've seen highlights of Saquons runs. Anyone else more informed about how they are doing this year? It looks like they lost their first two contests and then beat the struggling Texans by 5 points. Wont speak at length because I haven't watched the games. I know some Giants fans were saying that there were serious problems with one of their OTs (Flowers?) and he got pulled for the last game and the Oline did much better in keeping Eli upright. I do recall seeing Kalein Clay muffing a kick for them earlier , lol. Poor dude, he got released too.
  2. that doesn't even sound right lol. How the fug did they win? Did Elliot have like 300 rush??
  3. Hoenheim

    My man Fitz ran into a real D

    I watched the whole game .. he didnt do too bad besides one of those INTs was just terrible choice with him having pressure right in his face and just chucking it to the other team on a desperation throw. One of their turnovers was Godwin fumbling the ball like an idiot while Tampa was driving down the fiefld and then pitsburgh recovered and scored 7 on that drive at a critical point in the game. Godwin also dropped like 2 potential touchdown passes in that game. And mind you they only lost by 3 points.
  4. I know CMC got a lot of carries last game but I was still surprised to see him only get targeted like 2 times after he caught 14 balls in the previous contest.
  5. if hes that bad why in the world would we sign him..
  6. Very relevant game for us. We play the Bucs twice this year and then we play the Steelers as well. I think the Steelers will win pretty emphatically, even though the Bucs are hot. If the Bucs lose believe it or not there will be a 3 way tie for first place in the NFC South (Bucs, Saints, Panthers all at 2 wins 1 loss )
  7. Steelers barely escape with a win Now the only undefeated teams after 3 weeks of football are Dolphins and Rams Wouldn't be surprised if both of them lose their next games. Dolphins have a desperate Patriots team at home and Rams have to play the Vikes on Thursday who just got punked by the Bills.
  8. Bucs have over 3 minutes left and 2 time outs to mount a game winning drive
  9. Bucs are mounting one hell of a comeback
  10. HOLY SHITTTBALZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ What a kick return TD from Desean Jackson.. but wiped out by a penalty of course.
  11. Bucs not going down without a fight apparently
  12. Godwin still has a lot of work to do to make up for basically gifting the steelers a TD and then erasing a TD for the bucs after that.
  13. My boy Switzer almost dropped that poo too. But good on him. UNC represent
  14. Godwin is personally responsible for a 11 point swing in this game. Had the fumble that led to a Steelers touchdown, then he dropped a tochdown reception on 3rd down in the red zone and the Bucs had to settle for a field goal instead .
  15. Well damn that was a great throw. The problem with Fitzpatrick is that he throws great passes and then he throws is straight to the other team at times.
  16. And now Fitzpatrick throws a pick six. He's shititng the bed badly
  17. Holy poo the bucs front 7 is shredding the steelers pass protection
  18. Looks like Fitzpatrick is going back to normal
  19. being a panther fan I've come to almost automatically expecting deep threat WRs to have terrible butterfinger hands We should've picked up Desean Jackson while we had the chance , actually had 2 chances after he left the Eagles and after he left the Redskins . Cam would've been unstoppable in 2015 with Jackson instead of Ginn
  20. even if it is a crapshoot we've drafted so badly at WR some of the blame absolutely has to go on the scouting department and general manager
  21. Steelers defense basically doing the same thing we did. We were having serious defensive problems yardage wise but they are totally swinging the game with multiple turnovers instead.
  22. Why would they give up Smith Shuster? If AB goes down, they dont have Martavis Bryant anymore. Add in not having Leveon Bell in there to catch balls either, Theyd suddenly be rather thin at WR if they traded away Juju
  23. I thought Connor was doing pretty decent for them. He runs hard and grinds out yards pretty consistently from what ive seen. We shouldve drafted Smith Shuster while we had the chance. Or Allen Robisnon or Jarvis Landry in 2014 instead of Kelvin fat ass Benjamin
  24. read my prediction in original post haha