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  1. Very important game for both these teams , and especially for ATL playing for their playoff hopes and to stay in the divsion hunt.
  2. The entire NFC South won on our bye week. Fucccck
  3. dude looked shook on sideline as seahawks were throwing those short passes with time expiring.
  4. called it, Falcons narrowly escape witha win
  5. Theres no way Walsh makes this
  6. Why does he keep doing short throws to the middle? Should be endzone strikes, sideline throws, or throw aways
  7. LOL they are playing for a long field goal with Blaire Walsh. This will not end well Seachickens!
  8. Russell Wilson is licking his damn chops
  10. This 3rd down is the game for the Falcons
  11. Richard Sherman looks worried
  12. Is ATL about to blow another 2nd half lead? Find out on the next episo
  14. Theres an interview with Cam coming up on the post game
  15. Lowkey story of the game though, Blaire Walsh is nailing all his FGs right down the middle.
  16. The seahawks tackles are god aweful. Protection couldnt last even 2 seconds
  17. You just have to give props to wilson, that scrambling ability has to have been blessed by god
  18. Toylolo? who in the fug is that?
  19. what a terrible fake field goal. I bet they lose b/c of that
  20. People falling all over the place trying to get to Wilson scrambling ..
  21. wow. I dont know why Wilson doesn't run more with how elusive he is.
  22. God Tyler Lockett is the truth in kick returns. Hes setting the Seahawks up with great field position literally every single drive.
  23. you cant run east west against the falcons on the goal line. LOL
  24. half the time he just immidately starts scrambling , he knows the oline is trash
  25. Falcons are imploading quickly