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  1. 2014 Benjamin vs. 2015 Ginn

    It's a flawed stat because some of the "catchable" passes are not truly catchable. It's not reasonable to expect a player to contort and adjust their body running full speed one direction and catch a ball thrown behind them, yet I've seen Cian use examples of these as "catachable" passes in the past. His work is usually very solid, but this stuff falls way short. He's thrown out the actual true grinding he normally does to validate a perception he already had. He's usually excellent with providing numbers and context together, but on this he's pulled all the context out to prove a point. Like this... Let's ignore that KB was a rookie here and Ginn is a 10 year vet, struggling with consistency catching the football still. When we get past that though, we still have the idea that KB is just a "slower, taller Ted Ginn". These two players are nothing alike. Ginn is a vertical explosive threat who beats defenders with speed. KB is more of a physical possession player who can also play vertically due to his physicality in the air and ability to win at the catch point due to his length. He's also capable of being (and perhaps already is) one of the true mismatches as the field shortens, something Ginn will never be. To compare these two VERY different players because you find one play where they drop a ball in a similar fashion, is asinine.
  2. Summer 2016 Transfer Window

    Renato Sanches also heading to Munich. Best club when it comes to "smart" big money transfers. Holy poo.
  3. Metal Music favorites

    It's unfortunate too because they were actually getting better with each album they released imo.
  4. Electronic Music

    I mostly listen to Dubstep drop mixes, but here are a few more popular songs that are on some of my playlists. Also like Tiesto's work a good bit.
  5. He would almost certainly be the BPA by a wide margin, so yes.
  6. Josh Norman to Redskins or 49ers by Friday

    It's sad that Chris Gamble will be remembered by most for his fumble in MN. Was an exceptional Corner while here.
  7. Ramsey and it wouldn't be close. Whether you put him at Corner or Free Safety, he's the best player in the Draft.
  8. Jon Moss was a fuging train wreck in the second half. Reid launched himself in the box as much as Vardy did. One gets sent off, one gets rewarded. Then Huth gets taken down with far more contact than Reid received and nothing, finally following it up with a penalty on the smallest amount of contact of the match.Way to follow the precedent you set there, moron.
  9. /thread seasons 1-3 are on Prime btw and if you can get FX Now you can watch 4 the day after each episode airs.
  10. How old is your primary TV?

    2013 55" Aquos LED 2013 42" Vizio LED 2010 42" Aquos LCD Love them all, but the Aquos LED trumps the others.
  11. 2015/16 UEFA Champions League

    Danilo - Pepe - Ramos - Marcelo Plus a penalty.
  12. SI.com's 2 round mock draft

    Clark is really meh. This would kinda be underwhelming even as good as I think Dodd will be.
  13. I'veread the entire thing numerous times.Unfortunately it wasn't relevant to you being defiant about Hardy reaching a settlement, which is the post I was replying to.
  14. Sure, she abused drugs and had a troubled past. If you think the trial wouldn't have proceeded had there not been a settlement, you're fooling or lying to yourself. Take your pick.