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  1. It's Time to Shine! :-P

  2. thats awesome...good for you!!! I've been ok...sick as hell the last couple of days...but I'm sure it will pass!!!

  3. I know ... I have been slammed here lately!! I just recently got all of Firefighter 1 & 2 certifications and have been in EMT class since March! Working on my backup plan for racing if it gets any worse!!! How have ya been!?

  4. hey, no probs. It's just friendly banter anyway. no matter what we argue about there's always one thing we have in common that makes us so passionate about our conversation here.

  5. Hey --- Not bashing Cassell -- I was having fun with the topic! I don't know about him though, still unproven to me I guess, but you have to admit he will go out on higher money/picks than your normal backup QB! That is what I was trying to say. Anyways before I forget props on the Hitman reply in the Heart thread :lol:

  6. You to man. By the way who is your favorite racer?

  7. Now why would I care about the HMS logo? :)

  8. If referring to that chick w/ panther panties I have a copy saved on my PC. Just some random pic I found on a google search If the HMS thing --

  9. where did you find your profile pic?

  10. give em hell mike!