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  1. Sound FX from the Seattle game

    You've said multiple times that they never came within 7.. The final score of the game was 31-24..I think i might understand what you mean by saying they never came withIN 7..but most people would say that if you were down by 7 points, you came within 7. With the type of luck Wilson and that team have had in the past, I have a hard time believing that you werent at least a little bit nervous when they were getting ready to attempt that onside kick. I hope all the haters around here remember this thread the next time you get upset when someone else finds a ridiculous reason to criticize our players.
  2. Hobbled Allen vs. "Fresh" Delaire?

    Maybe i've overlooked him, but besides the Tampa Bay game, I don't think Delaire has shown that he can do that.  If Allen can be anywhere close to normal, and the coaches feel like he has a pretty good chance of finishing the game, then we should play him.  Thats a big "if" though.
  3. Sound FX from the Seattle game

    Sorry, but I'm not sure how to be more clear.  I didn't change my rationale, and I dont know what you are referring to when you say that I "brought Wilson's bonafides into the mix."  I agree entirely with Servant of Cthululelei, when he says, "  I find it a bit embarassing when fellow Panther fans try to unreasonably discredit good players from other teams.  Because the same thing has been done to us for years."  That really sums up my entire point.  I didnt mean to make it into more than that.
  4. Sound FX from the Seattle game

    That has nothing to do with what anything i have said.  I just think you sound dumb criticizing Russell's leadership after he made a valiant effort in bringing his team back in the second half and gave his team a chance to win, even if it was a small chance.  If you want to have a party by picking on Wilson (which is stupid anyways, since winning should be enough of a party), then be better at it, and dont say stuff that makes yourself and other Panther fans sound like ignorant homers.  Do your part and represent your fan base well.
  5. Sound FX from the Seattle game

    I just think that a smarter fan would look at the results of the second half, and that would be enough to keep him from making comments like yours and Jawny Blaze's.  I think its a bad look, but you're entitled to your own opinion.
  6. Sound FX from the Seattle game

    Unfortunately, it's not just you two.  I guess we are no different from other fan bases.  It seems like we have plenty of fans like you and Jawny Blaze, who are huge haters, and dont give people the credit when its due.  I know it happens everywhere, but its still embarrassing when its one of your own.
  7. Arizona or Greenbay?

    You can pick and choose numbers to make them say whatever you want.. Trust me, if i wanted to, i could go find a bunch of stats that say you're wrong and that Palmer is a much better than average QB. Remember earlier this year, when people were comparing Cam's numbers to Kaepernick's so that people could argue that Cam was just average??  You are doing the exact same thing when you try to argue that Palmer is an average QB.  The guy is playing great, and you dont win as many games as he has the past few seasons and get into the MVP conversation by accident.  I'm telling you, its not a good look when you say that stuff.  Just give credit when its due, so that you dont sound like an ignorant homer.
  8. Arizona or Greenbay?

    You can absolutely can have your own opinions and you dont have to run them by me.. but i can also have the opinion that your opinion is stupid.
  9. Arizona or Greenbay?

    Average QB?? wow.. These are exactly the types of comments that can make a fan base sound stupid.
  10. Voth vs Fowler

    Its kinda like when Peyton had to beat New England in the playoffs to finally get over the hump and get himself a ring.
  11. Voth vs Fowler

    Ever since we beat Seattle earlier this season, I have said that it feels like its destiny for us to play them again in the playoffs.  They are the hurdle that has kept us back in the past, and it just makes sense for us to have to beat them in the playoffs to finally get over the hump and get to where we wanna be.  The story just writes itself..
  12. Its a toss up between Funchess and Shaq.  I'm hoping that both of them will have similar impacts on the team and both make a lot of plays. I dont agree with your comparison of CAP and Stewart though.  Stewart is so gifted in so many areas and I dont think CAP is nearly as talented/gifted, but he's looked pretty good, and i hope he can come up big for us in the future.  
  13. Did Anyone Else Notice?

    I can't recall a single "big play" that was made all game.  We definitely missed a lot of opportunities..We had several big drops on third down..Philly had one, and Greg had one.. but we made it so much harder on ourselves from our lack of big plays..No ints, no 40+ yard completions, etc.  Its hard to score points when you are having to move down the field 10 yards at a time..A lot of people missed plays, but at the end of the day, I put this on the offense because 13 points aint good enough to win games in this league. I heard something interesting on NFL Network a few days ago.  An old coach (Can't remember who, but they were from a long time ago) said "Five big plays will usually win the game for you. Five is the goal."  Very interesting to think about..Its one of those things that probably hasnt changed over the years.
  14. The Importance of Speedy Receivers

    Ugh.. dont put so much stock into these pre draft online ratings.. I'm not sure where you read that Mayo was a 7th rounder, but your comment makes it sound like you really think that GMs should base their picks or rankings off of what some website says.  Obviously, people get overvalued and undervalued every year throughout the draft.  It seems to me like you suffer from what most fans suffer from...unreasonable expectations and no patience. To be fair, injuries kept everyone from fairly evaluating Kugbila.  No draft is perfect anyways.
  15. The Importance of Speedy Receivers

    Just curious..why don't you think so?