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  1. JNo not happy could he come back?

    I really have to question his judgment if he thought the skins were ever going to compete for a championship. Surely he had offers from a better team ..maybe not for the same money but if a ring is that important to him and not the money like he says the skins should have been at the bottom of the list
  2. I actually like our chances here ..it’s a prove it game for not only the offense but the the defense after they were embarrassed last week . I think it will still be close. 17-14 panthers on top .
  3. I especially like the fact that you quote your own twitter . Fantastic writing . Well done !
  4. “Praising “ them? Lol like they reallly care what you think ...I know you think you’re like hot poo here because Igo throws you a bone every now and then and puts one of your “ articles “ on the main page ..but I can’t tell you how sick of your self righteous poo I am .I literally cringe when I look at the forums and see you have created another 10 million threads that nobody cares about .
  5. Looks like it was a complete accident . Once again OP trying way too hard to make something out of nothing .
  6. Lol they are 4-6 and lost to the dolphins the bucs and probably the worst team in football ..the Giants .
  7. Serious question here ..do you do all your “ research” on twitter and catscratchreader?
  8. Obligatory help needed thread

    Going to be on WSOC tv Channel 9 . No need for espn ..assuming you live in Charlotte market .
  9. Shula, first call of the game

    QB draw . Get cam running early and often .
  10. I tend to enjoy the game more when I don’t drink so probably a seltzer night for me
  11. You really like to try to make something out of nothing don’t you?
  12. Gano this year- 17 for 18 long of 48 Butker 18 for 19 with a long of 53 cmon guys get it together ..you’re all acting like a bunch of jealous girls . Gano is not a problem .
  13. Regardless of compensation..I’m assuming they had a good reason to trade him ..maybe his knee is a ticking time bomb.. maybe they don’t want cam to force the ball to him anymore..who knows but there is a reason that none of us know .