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  1. JNo not happy could he come back?

    I really have to question his judgment if he thought the skins were ever going to compete for a championship. Surely he had offers from a better team ..maybe not for the same money but if a ring is that important to him and not the money like he says the skins should have been at the bottom of the list
  2. I actually like our chances here ..it’s a prove it game for not only the offense but the the defense after they were embarrassed last week . I think it will still be close. 17-14 panthers on top .
  3. I especially like the fact that you quote your own twitter . Fantastic writing . Well done !
  4. “Praising “ them? Lol like they reallly care what you think ...I know you think you’re like hot poo here because Igo throws you a bone every now and then and puts one of your “ articles “ on the main page ..but I can’t tell you how sick of your self righteous poo I am .I literally cringe when I look at the forums and see you have created another 10 million threads that nobody cares about .
  5. Looks like it was a complete accident . Once again OP trying way too hard to make something out of nothing .
  6. Lol they are 4-6 and lost to the dolphins the bucs and probably the worst team in football ..the Giants .
  7. Serious question here ..do you do all your “ research” on twitter and catscratchreader?
  8. Obligatory help needed thread

    Going to be on WSOC tv Channel 9 . No need for espn ..assuming you live in Charlotte market .
  9. Shula, first call of the game

    QB draw . Get cam running early and often .
  10. I tend to enjoy the game more when I don’t drink so probably a seltzer night for me
  11. You really like to try to make something out of nothing don’t you?
  12. Gano this year- 17 for 18 long of 48 Butker 18 for 19 with a long of 53 cmon guys get it together ..you’re all acting like a bunch of jealous girls . Gano is not a problem .
  13. Regardless of compensation..I’m assuming they had a good reason to trade him ..maybe his knee is a ticking time bomb.. maybe they don’t want cam to force the ball to him anymore..who knows but there is a reason that none of us know .
  14. I’m not really shocked . Funch is basically a younger kB without the bum knee . Get something for him while you can .
  15. Now guys he’s doing the best he can. We don’t want to upset his grown children by pointing out he is not good at his high paying “job”
  16. First play tomorrow?

    Sack fumble
  17. Get Em, Kelly

    lol good point
  18. Get Em, Kelly

    How long til Ron puts a gag order on this type of thing ? She’s 100% correct and speaking the truth..this won’t go over well...I like it .
  19. forest for the trees. so deep in their own poo they can't perceive a problem. everything is A-ok in their minds. like most problems in life, if you take a step back and look from the outside in it all becomes clear.
  20. Ron Is Happy With What The Offense Is Doing

    Doesn’t matter what he says . It is obvious for anyone to see . A year from now he will be back in his comfort zone as a DC and Shula will be waiting tables at his daddy’s steak house .. things always work themselves out in the end .
  21. Rivera presser at 12:40 today.

    We did some really good things I mean we really did. Heck if the young man catches that ball who knows what could have happened...
  22. Is Cam the poster child 'Millennial'

    The thought has crossed my mind that he may be Bi-Polar actually. I love the dude ..he’s the best QB we have ever had and unstoppable when he is rolling ..but he just seems a little off balance sometimes..his highs are too high and his lows are too low.