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  1. Interesting the NFC east is the only division where every team has won it ..
  2. Vote with your wallet. If People keep on paying for it they will never stop . I say skip the concessions . You won’t die if you can’t have your high life with an over cooked hotdog with extra onions .only suckers buy concessions.
  3. He’s the face of a multi Billion dollar NFL franchise ...taunting fans isn’t exactly In the job description. Players have been fined for giving fans the finger and whatnot . How come coaches are exempt ?
  4. Can’t imagine the NFL is happy about this ..would love to see some sort of discipline...just to let him know it’s not ok
  5. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    I was referring to the jags ..2 deep shots in a row and then pound it in from the goal line. Thanks for the info on Pitt though. I wasn’t aware they ran a similar system .
  6. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    That’s air coryell. That’s what the panthers offense was supposed to be .
  7. #DoTheJulio Part 2

    Don’t act like you wouldn’t give up our entire draft for him .
  8. Lol so you are admitting to be an impartial homer ? Yes I agree the quality has dropped here . It seems to have started around the time you showed up
  9. REPORT: Panthers will hire Norv Turner as OC

    I’d rather take a shot down field on a 3rd and long and hope for Pi or holding than run it up the middle for a loss.
  10. How about you just stop posting? That would be better
  11. Yeah that’s my point .. Shula took a good system and destroyed it .
  12. Yeah I keep thinking ..the offense is a watered down version of Chuds ..and it was watered down because Shula didn’t grasp it . And chud used turners playbook ..so just get the guy who wrote the book to run the offense . Makes sense to me.
  13. Predict Mike Shula’s next job

    That’s exactly who I was thinking about
  14. I think having an oc who has been a head coach is huge . I don’t the players had any respect for Shula...an ex head coach in the league however...
  15. Predict Mike Shula’s next job

    I think he’ll be one of those guys that fades off the map and 5 years from now you say “ oh yeah I forgot about that guy ..he sucked “
  16. Charles Johnson is a healthy scratch

    D line played it’s best games while he was suspended. Seems like they know that.
  17. Rod Chudzinski

    Lol rod
  18. It was a classic panthers clunker .everyone knows they are good for 1-3 of those per year . Get it out of the way and get ready for the playoffs .
  19. JNo not happy could he come back?

    I really have to question his judgment if he thought the skins were ever going to compete for a championship. Surely he had offers from a better team ..maybe not for the same money but if a ring is that important to him and not the money like he says the skins should have been at the bottom of the list
  20. I actually like our chances here ..it’s a prove it game for not only the offense but the the defense after they were embarrassed last week . I think it will still be close. 17-14 panthers on top .
  21. I especially like the fact that you quote your own twitter . Fantastic writing . Well done !
  22. “Praising “ them? Lol like they reallly care what you think ...I know you think you’re like hot poo here because Igo throws you a bone every now and then and puts one of your “ articles “ on the main page ..but I can’t tell you how sick of your self righteous poo I am .I literally cringe when I look at the forums and see you have created another 10 million threads that nobody cares about .