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  1. We evaluate, we don't second guess.

    Live look at the coaching staff “evaluating”
  2. 10 bucks says OP coaches a pop Warner team thus all his “ knowledge” of route combinations
  3. Sounds like you are trying to convince yourself there big boy . Are you an insurance salesman or something?
  4. That’s a pretty bold statement ..I have a very hard time believing that .
  5. Yeah I don’t think anybody is buying that garbage and you shouldn’t be selling it . Throwing into double coverage is never the right read .
  6. Baldy on a Cam sack

    This is beyond rust...
  7. So is he seeing the open man and choosing to ignore it in favor of a potential big play or is he just not seeing the open man ? Not sure which is worse honestly.
  8. Steve Smith picks the 49ers

    The hate runs deep with this one ..beyond Gettleman. Fascinating
  9. To the Cord Cutting Panther Fans

    PlayStation Vue in the charlotte market ..cbs , fox , NFL network and I watch the NBC games on the NBC sports app on Roku for free. 35$ a month plus DVR.
  10. Still disappointed that it's not a Super Bowl rematch ..
  11. Fair points , now think of 3 reasons why the Panthers will win ....I'll get it started #1 The front 7 ..against Brian Hoyer..who isn't an unknown commodity.
  12. Sooo...only minor ones then ? Odd wording IMO
  13. LOL @ Jags fan fest

    and a fumble to top it all off...
  14. Would have been amusing if you didn't steal all your puns from twitter..you think nobody else on here follows Voth and Rodrigue?
  15. Love . not a strong enough word to describe how I feel about the Panthers. Those tickets will be mine . oh yes .
  16. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    they really think that Hardy will have any meaningful insight? The last time he was in a meeting room with the panthers defense was September of last year..this is a guy who didn't know champagne was alcohol.
  17. What Redskins Fans Are Saying

    Their skins vs. panthers discussion has degraded into how most of them live in north or south carolina but "only for work" lol
  18. What Colts Fans Are Saying

    They may be nice people but they don't seem too bright to be honest .
  19. Maybe they will move Lucas back to wr. He's a big dude like kb.
  20. Seahawks offer Wilson $21M/year but Wilson wants more

    Yeah and by all accounts Wilson wants about 65% of that cap space all for him lol
  21. The hawks never planned for this , they didn't think Wilson was going to be anything more than a game manager , if they were lucky. They didn't plan to have to pay him like a franchise QB. This whole situation is like inherenting a house you can't afford the tax payments on. Either sell off your assets to pay for it or sell the house .
  22. Douchebag of the Day Award

    That's the first thing people say when they get called out for being a moron. Plausible deniability . you can't prove he wasn't joking . although everyone knows he wasn't. Textbook D-bag behavior.
  23. so we are evaluating drafts after one season now?
  24. This is all assuming there is an offer on the table.