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  1. Sutherland Springs

    It's my opinion, but I strongly believe if this dude didn't have that particular gun, he wouldn't have done what he did. It's very possible, even though evil, he would have never killed anyone. I believe him having that gun, that particular gun, was the deciding factor on his murderous rampage.
  2. Sutherland Springs

    That depends on what you see as aggression. The science backs it up from what I've read, but it doesn't mean people will go out and kill because they feel powerful with a gun in their hands. For this guy, the feeling was enough to put him over the edge.
  3. Sutherland Springs

    Yall see this? Does everyone see the sense of power this man feel when looking at his gun? This goes directly back to my earlier post that you put these kinds of guns in people's hands, they feel a sense of power. It also causes them to be more aggressive because when you fire a gun, particularly ones like this, you get a hard on. There's no question this guy is complete scum, but there's a chance if he did not have this weapon, he would have never actually done what he did today. Before anyone accuse me of saying get rid of all guns, I'm saying get rid of these types of rifles. If you want to fire high powered rifles, go to the gun range. This is where these guns belong. When it comes to private ownership of guns, only pistols and hunting rifles should be allowed. Anything else is insane in my opinion. I can't stop emphasizing the rush of firing these weapons. This is scientifically proven. These guns can change a person who is just a bad man/woman, into a cold blooded killers.
  4. Saints4lifeagain said it best, Winston couldn't get anything going, so he resorted to pranking the opposition.
  5. Worley

    Whether we give up on second year players or not, we need to bring in Trumaine Johnson if he becomes a free agent next year.
  6. Sutherland Springs

    Another shooting. This is such a shame. There's something we have to admit when it comes to guns. It increases our aggression and gives us a sense of power. When you get your hands on a semi-automatic weapon and pull the trigger, it gives you a rush, it makes you hard. It's possible for a person to become hard hearted with these types of guns in their hand. I make this comment because already I hear people throwing around the "mental illness" excuse for this gunman. People with mental illnesses don't go around killing everyone willy nilly. This gunman of this church shooting is a monster, terrorist scum, who got hot with a gun in his hand.
  7. When it comes to the next meeting, the players need to go real hard at the owners in getting them to lobby politicians, influencing them to make policy changes concerning police brutality. Also if they can, get the owners to lobby lawmakers to spend more money in black communities, fix the water pipes in majority black areas so they are not drinking lead. The leverage is with the players in my estimation.
  8. Man, yall act like cats such as Joe Person is the worst and first of his reporter kind. That all reporters were diligent, hard working, and honest folk right up until Joe Person walked through the doors. Come on people, wake up! Cam has to learn to deal with these things. That is what you want to see from your players, especially the leaders. Yet here we are in year 7 I believe, and Cam has still not learn how to deal with these everyday situations. I don't know what to say but simply, if we were winning, you could do what you want. If you are going to be mad when you lose, be mad when you win.
  9. Owe me? How about what he owes to his teammates? Is he not supposed to be a leader? Again, if you're winning, you can do what you want. Heck, he didn't do this when we were winning. Don't do it now, bringing all this crap attention on everyone.
  10. If the team was winning and Cam was tearing things up, I wouldn't have a problem with this. Yet with the team sucking and on the verge of collapse, I don't want to see any attitude from him. Shoot with all these injuries and Cam's adolescent behavior, I'm about ready to blow this roster up, and the coaches along with it.
  11. Does white privilege exist?

    When it comes to actual policy making, black people have never been in control of their destiny. It doesn't matter if its democrats or republicans, neither have black people in mind and the actual policy makers are almost all white. This country has a problem when it comes to helping it's citizens, and almost all of it stems from how this country has treated black people. When I say learn your history, I'm talking about all the policies that were enacted to help build the middle class, and how black people were shut out as a community from benefitting. You mentioned the suburbs. Go back and watch that video I posted about the history of the suburbs. The government made it where living around black folk would bring down your property value, in effect making white people who weren't racist in ideology, racist in action. Look up the land grants started by Abraham Lincoln, how millions of acres of land were given to white immigrants and white people, yet they couldn't give black people their 40 acres. Some black people were able to miraculously acquire land, but the value wasn't as good as white land. Some were able to build wealthy towns with their land, but a lot of them were burnt to the ground by white mobs. Did the government ever help rebuild the great black towns of old? Nope. So you get to today where the median net worth of white families (meaning half the white population has a higher net worth, and half has a lower worth) is over $100,000, and the median for black families is $16,000. That is the result of policy government enacted, which black people couldn't take advantage of. It's wealth what creates success, and black people were unable to build any for almost all of our existence in this country. That is the history I'm talking about. It's clear cut plain as day. Why do you choose to ignore it?
  12. Does white privilege exist?

    So government policy is not the solution for black people because it would make other communities jealous, but that is exactly what the government did for white communities all these years. People didn't care about the jealousy of black people when all the resources were going into the white community, but as soon I mention doing the same for black people, "That's not fair!". Some of you really need to think about these things and learn your history. Look at the wealth numbers today and tell me if the black community is not deserving of policy their way. Do you not want a productive black community to contribute to this nation's advances? How does the nation benefit from a completely lackluster community with no wealth? You got black people descendants of slaves here in the States, living developing nation lives. The richest nation on earth, and we can't afford to help it's most disadvantaged community, that was purposefully made disadvantaged. That is unforgivable should the US let black America fall by the wayside.
  13. Does white privilege exist?

    It seems you have no heart. My thing is this, I would think Americans would like to see a long subjugated group finally thrive. To break free from the chains of the past and to finally heal. Wouldn't the country be a better place if millions of people were truly able to contribute to advances in technology, quality of life, and so on? As it is right now, black people can't do anything as a group because our inheritance is poverty, and it's growing. You will always have individual black people who are, quote unquote, successful. Yet those successes are mostly in the form of lottery professions, athletes and entertainers. Not every black person can be Denzel Washington. Not every black person can be Lebron James. Shoot, not everyone can be the fool Barack Obama, who didn't do a blasted thing for black America. Yet because of the racist policies of the past that locked black people out, most see those professions as a viable chance at happiness, but they are the less than .01%. As the video showed, white America was helped tremendously by government policies to increase their wealth over time. At the very least, I'm asking for that same thing for black Americans to happen today. I believe that is the only way for black people to finally heal. (Of course this won't take money away from white families.)
  14. Does white privilege exist?

    For those of you who don't know the history and why the policies of the past must be addressed directly for black folk, take a look at this video....