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  1. So, who is at fault

    If we had more unions, we could negotiate the wages. Honestly we could turn this whole system on it's head if black people were given the resources to do so. Yet things continue as they are, along with illegal immigrants working for pennies, because all our problems stem from the original sin of slavery. As for your second point, black people have helped others. We've done that for the longest, and the end result is them climbing over our heads and they not giving us a hand up. America's pastime has never been baseball. America's favorite pastime has been and is today, racism. Immigrants, including illegal immigrants, see that. So they come here and treat black people like crap, to get next to those who are in power. So if they do get citizenship, most likely they will then proceed to do things like vote for guys like Trump. When it comes to immigration, legal or illegal, nobody wants to associate with a losing group. Black people have been and continue to be a losing group, and immigrants do what those in power do. As they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. That's exactly what immigrants as a group do (no matter where they come from, that includes black immigrants today). They crap on black people, while at the same time benefitting from things that were intended to help us. Even the 14th Amendment is used to make babies born here into citizens. That amendment was made because of black folk, but everyone use and benefit from it. All I'm saying is, when will black people reap anything good? When will our pressing needs be addressed specifically? If these DACA kids (a lot are adults today) become citizens, and their parents become citizens, and they all go on to become successful in our society, guess where you will still found black people at in this country, the majority?
  2. If they trade Kemba..

    I've been trying to tell y'all for the longest that our only hope as a basketball team, was if we could get Steph Curry. Now that he has a long term deal with the Warriors, all our hope is gone. Jordan can't get big names to come here to save his life. You think Lebron is going to come here in free agency? You think Paul George or Russell Westbrook would come here? If they ever came here, it will be well into their old age and past their prime. I'm actually surprised Dwight signed here, but he is pretty much past his prime. The Hornets will suck for a long time unfortunately.
  3. So, who is at fault

    Well I've found that black people have struggle for a long time in this country. We had the Civil Rights Era, and no doubt a lot of good have come about from it that helped everybody. Yet here we are and I look at the stats, I've found black people are still at the very bottom of society. Immigrant groups have used things like Affirmative Action, and have climbed over our heads. They have more income, more wealth, more education, all of it in spite of being here for less than 70 years. Shoot, for most white people, their ancestors probably only go back to the 1800s. All these different groups come in, and jump over black people, using programs that were originally intended to help us, and that's kind of what I'm getting at with this. Immigrants have benefited from black struggle, but there is no evidence that black people have benefited from anything immigrants did. What I'm asking is, why should I fight for people who won't fight for me? I can see if black people were aristocrats, that we were in high position in society. We are the lowest of the low. How can I advocate for others needs to be addressed, when I have no standing myself? If those jobs paid 20 dollars an hour with benefits, that would be a good thing for black people. Yet all in all, I'm not against illegals, but why are we shutting down the government for them? Never once has the government shut down due to the treatment of black people. Yet these "Dreamers" get this kind of treatment. Think about it, MLK is most famous for his "I Have a Dream" speech, but black people were never called dreamers. We were called thugs, super predators, and of course the n-word. Black people are still going through it, but immigrants get the advocacy they need. A whole government is shut down because of them. I actually think it's the benefit from black struggle because if it weren't for us, nobody who isn't white would want to be here. All I'm saying is, when are black people going to reap anything?
  4. So, who is at fault

    Well they come for the jobs. If government was harsher on the wealthy folk who hire illegal immigrants for slave labor, there would be no jobs for them to come here for. If we want to overturn class issues and supremacy, give resources to the descendants of slaves. Give black people ownership and set asides. Make media outlets available to them. Black people would change this country for the better. As we see, it was black people who saved this country from Roy Moore. You give us more power, you will see an inherent change to this country for the better.
  5. So, who is at fault

    They don't have a problem with the slave labor, working for pennies on the dollar, because those pennies are worth a whole lot more back home. The fact they come here and work for those pennies should bother us because I don't want anyone working slave labor. What if those farm jobs actually paid a living wage with benefits? That could be work we all could do. Instead you have this false narrative about illegals doing the jobs we won't do, but the reason we won't do them is because it doesn't pay. So you have the wealthy getting away with slave labor, when those jobs could go to Americans with a livable wage attached. You see I'm not cool with slave labor period. It should be a problem for all of us that we have illegal immigrants working for pennies, under the threat of all the things you said. Yet all that said, just making people citizens isn't an answer due to the fact, we have people here who need help and are not getting it. To be perfectly honest here, we should cut down on immigration both legal and illegal. Until we first help the original slave labor class.
  6. So, who is at fault

    Are they advocating for reparations now? Or advocating for black people in general? Of course I can ask that same question to the democrats. With nobody fighting for black folk specifically, why should I fight for citizenship of a group that will more than likely vote for guys like Trump in the future? I got no problem with CHIP. We're talking about children who are citizens, which probably a disproportionate amount of black people are on. (Of course I haven't done any research here.) I'm also going to need the democrats to get on it as well. Put this border wall and DACA stuff on a back burner.
  7. So, who is at fault

    If you make them citizens, would that open the doors to making their parents and family citizens to? I mean we got homeless folks on the street, we got poor people, we got an entire black population whose issues still haven't been addressed, yet the government shuts down over the children of illegal immigrants? I'm not heartless, but we got our own problems. We can't solve the world's problems, especially if we can't even solve our own. When we are talking about Mexicans crossing the border, most of them come here to send money back home. Their ultimate goal is to establish a middle class life back in their home, which is much cheaper to do by working here and sending the money back to family. So they don't want to become Americans. Matter of fact if they could, they would go back and forth, to and fro, if it were not for our border patrol. So those who do get into the US, have to stay here for as long as they can, to get enough money to send home. When that is accomplished, they don't mind being deported back to Mexico. Within that period of staying here, their children become Americanized. I feel bad for them, but if it comes to it, they just have to be deported back to their homeland. We have to care for citizens that are here first, particularly black descendants of slaves.

    Matt was rough early on, but I thought he did a banged up job for the rest of the way. He's serviceable at best. Now as for Gettlemen giving him the money, I wasn't for that. I wanted Kalil, but only on a prove it kind of deal. I also wanted Riley Reiff. If we had to give either the long term deal, I definitely was pushing that for Reiff, and bringing in Kalil to play RT. Interestingly enough, Reiff is still playing in the playoffs.
  9. America is a full of poo country

    If we really want America to change, the number one thing to do would be to invest in black people the descendants of slaves. All of this country's problems stem from greed, and at the heart of that was the system of free/unearned benefits produced off the free labor. If you invest in the people who were first taken advantage of, yes I'm talking reparations, you will then see a paradigm shift of power, that would give every American a true chance at living a decent life in this country. We've bailed out the banks, car industry, and other big businesses with our tax money. Take a look at this article...... https://www.forbes.com/sites/mikecollins/2015/07/14/the-big-bank-bailout/#52f7eb0c2d83 Now notice that! The monetary number of the bailouts that Bush started and continued under Obama, have long since reached into the trillions. Yet nobody is raising a big stink about that. Yet for something as just and righteous as reparations, nobody is willing to spend a dollar? The government is not willing to spend a penny on that? Come on, this is the root of the problem with America. Now, guess who made that statement about banks being too big to fail. It was our first "black" president himself, Barack Obama. That wasn't some racist white politician, it was a man who was closer to being a wealthy white than he was black. Anyway, y'all get my point with this. If you want to change America, invest in a people that are still at the very bottom. That was purposefully put at the bottom, by a system that is now beginning to put others at the bottom, which includes white folk. Think about this, have you ever shopped at a black owned grocery store in your life? Are there any black owned grocery stores (that have at least 50-100 employees) in your area? There's a reason for that. There's a reason you don't see many big black owned businesses period. Without that competition, how can you expect monopolies to do right by their employees and customers? This is what reparations would bring. More people would have jobs, with excellent benefits. You would have government breaking up monopolies like they used to do. We would enter a crystal age here in America. Without reparations, people will continue to be cheated. Black people will stay at the bottom and become extinct as a class of people (either in jail or living in poverty), and ultimately others will begin to feel that pull towards the bottomless pit. I mean once black people fall through, somebody will have to be the next to become that cheap labor class.
  10. what is the official tinderbox opinion on cryptocurrency?

    I wouldn't call the Winklevoss twins truly wealthy. Now it takes riches to invest, but if you are at the top in terms of money (10 billion or more), there's truly no need to get involved in something you know won't take off. For those who are at the peak of the mountain like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, and all your Saudi Arabian kings and princes, they won't sit idly by and let crypto become a real thing. Should that happen, the early investors of cryptocurrencies will become the new Bill Gates, and Bill Gates will be a step closer to the poor house. While the value of money and gold can go up or down, it's not right to say it's the same thing as Bitcoin. Bitcoin could disappear tomorrow. I'm still willing to bet fiat money will be here tomorrow.
  11. what is the official tinderbox opinion on cryptocurrency?

    The truly wealthy that have money, don't need cryptocurrency. If something like Bitcoin became an official currency, that means for folk like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, there money will lose it's value. The new billionaires of the world would become the early Bitcoin users. This is why Warren Buffett has come out against Bitcoin.
  12. what is the official tinderbox opinion on cryptocurrency?

    The difference is our money is backed with security. I can wake up tomorrow and know my twenty dollar bill will spend like its twenty bucks. I can wake up tomorrow and know my twenty bucks will be accepted everywhere I go. Bitcoin isn't accepted everywhere, and it goes up and down a heck of a lot more than fiat currency, and has no protections. The early investors in BC are hoping that one day this cryptocurrency will become an actual currency. Until that happens, it's a hot potato investment. Also, the billionaires of this world will not allow cryptocurrency to become a real thing. All that said, if people have capital to truly invest in this stuff and play around with it, that's cool. Yet most don't and can't gamble like that. How many people can buy one bitcoin today? This is a rich man's game to play.
  13. what is the official tinderbox opinion on cryptocurrency?

    He's a regular joe who made a little money on bitconnect, which is now defunct. It was associated with bitcoin, but in reality was a Ponzi scheme. Of course the truth is, cryptocurrency is a scheme in and of itself due to it's nature.
  14. Living in Hawaii in the age ot Trump

    When I think about it, it might be hard to do so if we attempt to hit it as it were descending. Yet we have a chance to shoot it down closer to the area from where it's launched. Not too long ago, Japan was ready to shoot down a missile NK launched, but determined it was going to land in the ocean. (That was the missile test where people began to say NK could hit the mainland USA.) So it's possible to shoot down if Japan was ready to do so.