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  1. Matthias

    I am running for governor

    Where's the plan for reparations?
  2. Matthias

    What should the US do in this scenario?

    Haha. Well you know, why should black people fight in a war that has nothing to do with us, because this country said so? Same country who put us in a hole. Just my perspective there. Overall, it would be dumb on epic proportions for us to get involved.
  3. Matthias

    Matt Khalil...

    You see, I was wiling to give Kalil a shot before we got him, but I was for a one year prove it deal. Who I really wanted in terms of long term, was Riley Reiff. My plan was to get Reiff, and put Matt Kalil at RT. I was astonished we gave Kalil all that money. FLABBERGASTED! It had me thinking I didn't know what I was on. Yet here we are years later, and the guy SUCKS!!!! While Reiff is balling for the Vikes. Ain't that a b----.
  4. From time to time I watch Young Turks video clips, among other political YouTube channels, and I came across a discussion dealing with China that I felt we have no business in dealing with. Of course it involves Trump and it started off by discussing speculation about China attacking us. (Developing a super sonic missile and strengthening certain military strategies against the US) Yet they then discuss China possibly invading Taiwan, taking it for China. Here's the video..... Now, when they began talking about Taiwan and whether or not Trump would take military action in response, the whole time I'm thinking to myself what the world does this have to do with us? Why start WW3, a war that probably WOULD end all wars with the launching of nuclear missiles, over the foreign squabbles between China and Taiwan? If you look at their histories, both nations agree they are one, yet you have two different governments. It would be the dumbest thing we ever did to get involved in such a ridiculous controversy. Trump is an idiot. I-D-I-O-T!!! Yet if he decided not to respond to China taking Taiwan, I would be all aboard that decision. Looking at this from my perspective, my people have been treated like absolute crap from this nation since the day we step off the boats in chains. To this day, we have never received the deserved reparations, much less received the due respect to be treated as equal. We fought in two World Wars, and came back home only to continue to be lynched, and called the N-word. No way in the world I or any other descendant of slaves would we cross an ocean, putting our life on the line to fight China over something so utterly ridiculous! Now I'm saying its ridiculous for us, because I'm not Chinese. I'm not Taiwanese. Their disputes are their disputes. It's not ridiculous for them. That is their history. It's their problem. I don't believe China is going to go in to Taiwan, and start killing everyone on the island. They are only after reunification. I don't have a problem with that whatsoever, regardless of what type of government China is. They aren't terrorists. They're not North Korea, killing their own people. They are a responsible government for their nation. So unless China went in and started a genocide, why should this concern us? So those were my thoughts. What I found astounding, was how the Young Turks were for military action against China if they invaded. How they were saying Trump wouldn't get involved because he's an idiot. I also read a lot of comments, and many seemed to be in agreement. Almost as if action against China in this scenario, would be the most natural thing in the world. With any other choice, such as leaving it alone, being the most evil thing known to man. To say the least, I was dumbfounded! My advice to Cenk and Ana is, you want to go over there and fight, be my guess. It would be completely idiotic and downright DETESTABLE for the US to get involved. (Unless, as I said, China just started murdering everyone) A lot of these problems came about because the West attempted to colonize the world. Shoot, again I was amazed at the Turks and a lot of the comments there. To see so many wishing to see the end of the world over this? Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yet y'all tell me what you think. This kind of got me fired up a little bit, just thinking about my own place in this country. For my people to be forced to fight in such a war because this country just can't help but keep it's noses in other people's businesses. SMH.
  5. Matthias

    Wages falling

    Also working for Uber is counted as having a job. The unemployment numbers are fudged.
  6. Matthias

    Is Seymour that awful?

    This isn't breaking news.
  7. Are these tax cuts reparations for the wealthy?
  8. Matthias

    Alex Jones

    I know countless of youtube channels and what not that have been shut down. All of a sudden we are having this conversation because of one deranged white man with a big following got his stuff nixed? I understand the conversation, but its interesting because it was "Alex Jones", its a freedom of speech issue. Over-censorship of social media has been a problem before Mr. Jones. There's been a lot of channels I followed that were shut down. Its bothersome to me to hear all this crap because of a crappy person getting shut down.
  9. Matthias

    Deangelo Williams piles on

    Is KB criticizing Cam or the Panthers organization? If it's the organization, why call Cam out under false pretenses? By the way, if you are going to call Cam out for something, you better be Marvin Harrison/Jerry Rice/Torry Holt good. You bet not be a Brandon LaFail type talking about Cam's accuracy and game knowledge. Heck, I would more willing to listen to Brenton Bersin about Cam's accuracy then KB.
  10. So for those who haven't watched the video, here are a list of some of the abilities a super intelligent AI would be able to do. 1. Create and destroy life. Scientifically speaking, we believe life arose by a process called abiogenesis, life arising from non-living matter. With that in mind, I suppose it wouldn't be hard to believe an AI having the ability to manipulate this process on it's own, through it's knowledge, and creating actual life. 2. Can rearrange billions of atoms at once So this is where the miraculous stuff will take place. With this ability, the AI could literally move mountains and reshape the earth. It could transform anything into something else. For instance, it could turn a piece of paper into a steak, garbage into meat. (There goes your world hunger problem) 3. Can make us immortal Going along with the ability to rearrange atoms, it could create a device that would reverse our aging. So those are the main features the video talks about. Tell me, what do y'all think about those things? Do you see it as believable? To me, it's not far-fetched because with this level of intelligence, all you're doing is manipulating matter itself. Which of course is what we are made of.
  11. Yep, there's an infinite amount of stuff we don't understand. With our intelligence, we've been able to piece this much of the universe together, so imagine if we can create AI that can learn thousands or millions of times faster than us. We've built cities, modes of transportation, and made scientific predictions about the world, all the while having purportedly a smidge more intelligence than the chimpanzee. Imagine what a super computer could come up with. This is interesting and perhaps to us, scary stuff. Or interestingly enough, if overpopulation did become a problem due to not enough resources being on the earth, it could help us build space colonies, to venture out to new worlds. All of this sounds like movie type stuff, but if you have the knowledge to build and manipulate, nothing really sounds far-fetched. The truly fascinating thing is that tech companies all over the world are aggressively pushing forward to develop that kind of AI. It really could be within the next 5-10 years, we will be living in a sci-fi world. All the while using natural laws to do seemingly miraculous things.
  12. Interestingly speaking of ethnicity, I would be joyful for an AI that suggested reparations.