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  1. Of course we know Cam Newton alone makes the Panthers must watch tv. Personally speaking, and many might not call me the life of the party, I don't find this whole schedule release stuff all that exciting. What's exciting to me, is seeing the Panthers kick tail. I don't care who it is we're up against.
  2. what you get wrong about closing the racial wealth gap

    I think it's funny because if I were to bring up Native Americans and the poverty there on the reservations, they would have more sympathy. A lot of Americans would agree to giving them government help, in spite of Native Americans already receiving billions of dollars every year and given other government benefits. Yet when it comes to black descendants of chattel slaves, there is contempt, there's hatred. Even the Cherokee hate the descendants of their black slaves, due to kicking them out of their rights as given by the Treaty of 1866. So everyone has profited from black slaves, but not enough want to heal those who inherited the legacy of poverty. I do want to acknowledge those here who do want policy to help black people. Encourage your family and friends to see why it is necessary, and would benefit the country as a whole. Use this report to knock down their arguments about how black people can better themselves without government help. Even black people need to read this study, and get rid of the "do for self" mindset because white people benefited heavily from government. The middle class was created due to the New Deal and GI Bill, two policies that black people were denied as a group.
  3. what you get wrong about closing the racial wealth gap

    We'll see if reparations happen. It's going to take another Civil Rights type of movement among black folk, only this time it will be a reparations movement. The truth is, the black community won't survive unless reparations, or other specific policy for black people descendants of chattel slavery happen. Things will continue to deteriorate for us.
  4. Going to WAR?

    If war does break out, I'm not volunteering for nothing. If they draft me, I guess I'm going to jail, but they will have to catch me first.
  5. Jarvis Landry

    I wouldn't either. It's sad because they have decent players.
  6. Jarvis Landry

    They need to change their name from the Cleveland Browns to the Cleveland Blues.
  7. Going to WAR?

    I thought the country elected Trump because we were afraid Hillary would get in a war with Russia?
  8. Johnny manziel

    Johnny Manziel at best is an injury prone Tim T e b o w. Dude can't read NFL defenses, and every play for him is "running around and throw to anyone who comes open". Why in the world people are still talking about him is beyond me.
  9. Falcons' Dan Quinn is right

    Yes. It is incredibly stupid as to why all players of the active roster don't dress for games. Incredibly stupid.
  10. For me, the introduction of this rule might be the signal of the beginning of the end for football. Like many have said, if this applies to offensive players, running backs in particular, we are about to see a very water-downed version of the game. This just shows us there is no way for the NFL to solve it's concussion problem, and the end of it being the king of American sports is near. As I said, we need to prepare to see more defensive players pulling up from tackles, and watching offensive players run free into the endzone. It will be like watching the Probowl all season long.
  11. Prepare to see more plays like the end of the Vikings/Saints playoff game.
  12. A series of interesting thoughts crossed my mind this past week. You guys know, only one team at the end of every year can hoist the trophy as champions. As fans of our team, and fans across the league, we cheer and hope our team will be the one in the limelight. Now mathematically speaking, everyone has a greater chance of not winning the big game, no matter how good your team is. Nonetheless, winning it is the ultimate goal. All that said, as a Panther fan, do you really prioritize winning the Superbowl above all else? If only given two options for how your team performs for the next 10 years or so, would you rather see the Panthers win next year's championship and then having losing records for the next nine years, or would you rather see the Panthers have 10 seasons of 14-2 records (even a couple of perfect seasons) but fail to win the Superbowl in that span? Keep in mind with the second choice we could even reach the Superbowl and have close games, but not win it. This is just something I want your guys' opinions on. To get in your head about how you view your Panther fandom. As a treat, I came across highlights of a game I treasure back in our 2004 season. (A very interesting season for me as a fan)
  13. This is the tinderbox section. This is where we discuss political and controversial topics is it not? We all know this country got rich on the cotton economy. It was the main driver in our exports, and of course slavery was involved in other forms of production. All that wealth, and black people were never compensated, but instead were put further in a hole. Yeah, that is income, and even that is not stable. Especially considering a lot of black people don't have a job, much less a good paying job. Don't believe the crap about black unemployment that Trump gushes out. Don't even give credit to Obama. Those numbers don't reflect the actual unemployment for black people for many reasons. Unemployment don't take into account the prison/jail population, which is uniquely large in the black community. We're talking about compared to any other nation in the world unique. Plus the unemployment rate now considers working for Uber and Lyft as having a job. Come on folks, really? This is what we call the "Gig Economy". It explains why unemployment went down for every group, because a lot of people drive Uber. In any case, if white unemployment was at 6-7%, this country would be on lockdown. Yet we have people celebrating and shouting jubilation because the black unemployment is around 7%. SMH.
  14. The median net worth for white families in over $100,000. So half of all white families in the US is above that number. A good bit below that number still have over $70,000. Which is still stable. The median for all black families, is around $4000, again half above that number, and half below. With records, DNA testing, and I would say probability itself, it would be easy to tell who is a descendant of the slaves. For those who are descendants of black slave owners, that number would be so insignificant, it wouldn't be worth mentioning. Plus, even if they are a descendant of a black slave owner, they still more than likely are descendants of slaves. Most black slave owners, were owners of their own family members they bought. The reality is, they were buying their families' freedom, but legally they went down as slave owners. Now what about everyone who came after slavery and should they help pay for reparations? Whether people like to admit it or not, everyone has benefitted from the wealth that slavery produce for this country. Everyone of course except the descendants of the slaves. So all the opportunity people came over here for, it was mostly produced through slave labor. That's the wealth end. Immigrants have also majorly benefitted from you might say, a moral end. How many people use the 14th amendment of the constitution as a claim for their rights as a citizen? That amendment was put on the books because of black people. All the Civil Rights laws that we have today, and again the moral compass of this country, it was black people who made that possible. I seriously doubt this country would have the diversity it has today, if not for all the things black people had to endure first. If all these things came about through the pain of black people, how much more will come through the uplifting of black people in reparations.