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  1. Matty Ice is melting....

    He only throws the ball to Julio Jones.  This team is a nightmare match-up for Matt Ryan.
  2. I wasn't aware he had a girlfriend until I read this.  Heehee, Teb0w is the original playa!
  3. Who to pull for Sunday

    I'll be rooting for the Broncos to take out those Pats.
  4. I just don't see a team beating us in a full 60 minute game.  Even with our weaknesses, this team will beat you using a different method.  It can win in blowouts, grinders, come from behind victories and victories that hold off other teams' momentum.  To put it simply, there is no gameplan for this team.  Of course that is not saying this team can't be beat.  I'm just pointing out there is no specific plan that will beat them.
  5. I liked our blue uniforms

    I would have liked to see black pants with the blue/teal.
  6. Skip Bayless

    I doubt he will be on First Take tomorrow, but you can read some of his twitter reactions for this game.
  7. Rank our remaining games from toughest to softest

    1. Cowboys 2. Giants 3. Bucs 4. Saints 5. Falcons two times
  8. Cam's Hard Count

    If we want to talk about Cam getting no respect, this is probably the biggest aspect of his game people give him zero props for.  It wasn't just this game today where he was drawing guys offside, but he has been doing it consistently all year.  In my relatively short time in watching football, I've never seen a QB drawing guys into the neutral zone like this on a week to week basis.  Of course today, Cam was off the charts with this skill that most might deem a lost art.
  9. When I look at this team and compare it to other historical teams that have gone perfect for this long into the season, the thing that really separates us from them is we are getting better every week.  Our star guys, Cam, Luke, TD, Norman, Stew, etc., I feel all of them still haven't played their best game.  In other words, they haven't maxed out.  Most of our earlier games this season were close at times.  Yet now we are consistently starting to pull away. So think back to the Patriots perfect bid in 2007.  Early on they were blowing teams out of the water.  Brady and Moss was tearing it up left and right.  However later in that same season, they started to struggle a bit, to where even the Kyle Boller led Ravens almost won against them.  They seemed to tired down late in that year.  I'm seeing the exact opposite with us.  It could be when you compare the two teams, New England had a lot of guys in the twilight of their careers, particularly on the defensive side. (Rodney Harrison, Tedy Bruschi, Mike Vrabel)  In any case, I don't see our guys tiring down one bit, but in fact getting better by leaps and bounds.  Also just keep in mind, CJ and Norwell have been out with injuries.  Two key contributors to our lines, where the battle begins.  Just imagine what we will do once they come back, AND EVEN THEN, in the overall perspective, we still won't be at our maximum potential.  It really sucks KB got hurt at the beginning of our season.  Yet next year when we have a full roster, plus G-man working his draft/free agency magic, this team will be an absolute terror the rest of the league have never witnessed.
  10. Braylon Beam Still Pounding, needs prayers

    Stay strong and be well Braylon.
  11. When it comes to the question of refugees this time around, there is an added twist.  There's the possibility of terrorism, versus someone taking jobs.  I don't know how likely it is for Isis to get one of their guys into the country through the refugee population, but there is a chance it could happen. Of course I'm not well versed on who makes up Syria's refugee population.  All I would guess is they don't follow Isis' beliefs, and most could have a different set of religious beliefs etc.
  12. Palmer's crotch thrusts

    Ah man, that was nothing.  Yall made it sound he was going triple pump action or something.
  13. Nikon 70-200 2.8 .... Saying goodbye

    Goodbye Nikon 70-200 2.8         Hello Sigma 200-500mm  
  14. It always comes down to who your QB is.  Most people think the Patriots are the best and most complete team in the NFL.  If Tom Brady was the QB for the Detroit Lions, guess who the media will be calling the most complete team in the NFL?  So we shouldn't expect respect.  In fact, Washington fans think they are going to upset us this up coming Sunday.  Again if we were the Patriots, their fans wouldn't be so giddy about facing us.  What they and the media don't realize is, we are the most complete team in the league, and we got swag.