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  1. Matthias added a post in a topic Delaire Article   

    I can't wait until we get the Bucs at our house later on in the year.  Delaire might break the sack record with 8 sacks in one game.  All that said, I would like to see him become an every down DE.  I was so caught up with the pass rush he provided, I didn't really see how he did against the run.
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  2. Matthias added a post in a topic The Devin Funchess "drop"   

    I also think this coaching staff hyped us up concerning him.  It seems they had no idea how not ready he was to play immediately.
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  3. Matthias added a post in a topic Rivera presser: Jared Allen injured, on Delaire, Shaq, bye week schedule   

    We're going to need Jared Allen to ball out against Seattle.  Since we play a majority zone scheme, our pass rush will have to get to Russell Wilson quickly.
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  4. Matthias added a post in a topic Cam has more TD Passes than Any NFL QB From Auburn   

    Very interesting!
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  5. Matthias added a post in a topic Unpopular question, perhaps a stupid thought, but...   

    I feel the need by the way to address my mood of topics at times.  This one may seem to be a downer thread even though we are 4-0.  Actually, I was going to post a 4-0 thread discussing how we finally get a chance to know what Patriots fans and Peyton Manning lead teams' fans feel like every year at this time.  Yet, we already have plenty of 4-0 threads, I didn't want to add on.  This thread was more to insight discussion over Funchess, perhaps letting him sit down and catch up on the playbook and get ready to play on Sundays. (though I misunderstood how the practice squad works)
    I'm not a downer fan, I don't want to put that reputation out there.  I rep my team often at work.  Heck, I started that unpopular 16-0 thread a week ago or so heehee!  We are 4-0 going on 5-0.
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  6. Matthias added a post in a topic Unpopular question, perhaps a stupid thought, but...   

    Overall this is what I'm saying.  We should be seeing more from him considering our situation.  Key words "considering our situation".  I'm not asking him to play 100% of the snaps, even though in terms of starters he should at least start over Philly.  I'm just saying he should be in there enough to get more than two targets a game or less.  Forget the rookie growth stuff.  Throw this kid into the fire, and watch him sink or swim.  The situation demands it.
    Let's be honest, we aren't beating good offensive teams with our current offensive production.  If Stew and our running game were lighting things up, that would be another way where I wouldn't care about our lack of WR production and lack of Funchess.  Yet we stall on offense when we should be putting games away. (Go back and watch the Texans and Saints games)  We could have had the same struggle against Tampa had it not been for our defensive splashes.
    Our defense won't be able to shut down guys like Aaron Rodgers for a whole game.  We need our offense to be consistent and that's not going to happen without decent receiver play.  Ultimately maybe Ted Ginn will increase his production, and Bersin will increase his, but who knows.  We should simply be seeing more of Funchess at this point, regardless of any rookie learning curb.
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  7. Matthias added a post in a topic Unpopular question, perhaps a stupid thought, but...   

    Of course with Moose, I got to believe our receiver production from the starters during his rookie and sophomore years were greater than what we are seeing right now.  If this was Moose instead of Funchess, I have to believe we would be seeing more from him.  The same with Smitty, of course he had an added ability with the return game.
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  8. Matthias added a post in a topic Unpopular question, perhaps a stupid thought, but...   

    I disagree in that things have stalled because of receiver play.  That was the case even a couple of times yesterday.  When it comes to receivers, I think our offense is more geared toward having a tall receiver, someone who can go up and get it.  Once KB went down, perhaps we shifted slight away from that, but with Funchess, we don't necessarily have to.
    We can certainly find a roll for him, we are simply not using him.  As I said, if our receivers were producing, or if we had a KB producing, I wouldn't care about Funchess' majority absence.  We aren't going to beat good offensive teams the way we are playing right now because our receivers stall our offense.  Given our situation, Funchess should be out there.
    I hope Cotchery gets back soon and Bersin takes Philly's spot because right now for whatever reason, Funchess is doing nothing when the situation demands more of him regardless of where he is at mentally.
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  9. Matthias added a post in a topic Unpopular question, perhaps a stupid thought, but...   

    I hear what you're saying.  I think this coaching staff hyped us up with this kid because most of us before the draft probably didn't consider him a potential great receiver early on.  If we considered drafting him, it would be because we had KB.  Yet we took him and the coaching staff had a 1st round grade on him.  All that being the case, I would like to see more of him on the field.  Even with all that aside, he HAS to be better than Philly.  That is why this is so frustrating.  Of course if KB were playing, and we didn't see any of Funchess, I would care less.  I just feel our situation demands he plays.
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  10. Matthias added a post in a topic Unpopular question, perhaps a stupid thought, but...   

    I get all the things about rookie struggles, but our situation demands he plays anyway.  Could he really do worse than PhillyB? (Of course the one on the field not on the forums heehee)  Yet, he is non-existent.  I rather see Funchess playing through the pains of being a rookie, than not seeing him at all.  Why?  Simply put, even through rookie mistakes, his talent should make up for it at the same time and again he should do better than Philly Brown.
    For some reason, he is rarely on the field.  Why?  I don't care if he is confused as to what is a go route or a curl, it shouldn't be that difficult to be in on our offensive snaps for at least 20% of the time.  It begs the question of what is going on with him.
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  11. Matthias added a post in a topic Unpopular question, perhaps a stupid thought, but...   

    Oh yeah, I forgot teams could pick guys up off your practice squad I believe. (Though I wonder if they have to give us compensation if that were to happen.)
    In that case, he needs to be inactive for a while or something.
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  12. Matthias added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Unpopular question, perhaps a stupid thought, but...
    Should we send Devin Funchess to the practice squad?  Right now, it's painstaking to watch his non productivity.  The main reason of course being, we literally have zero receiving production for most of the game.  Of course that's not to say Ted Ginn and Bersin made no contribution because they obviously have.  However, when you draft a guy in the second round (someone correct me if I'm wrong but I believe we traded up for him), you expect him to make some contribution, even this early in the season.  Here we are, dying for a receiver to step up, with the position practically begging for anybody to be the starter, yet Funchess is doing absolutely nothing for all intents and purposes.
    All I'm saying is if he's not ready to the point of playing at least 20% of offensive snaps, with a squad where anybody could be our starter, then maybe he needs to be on the practice squad to give another guy a chance who might be more prepared to play.  By my count, we only looked his way two times yesterday.  One pass was batted away, and he dropped a semi-difficult pass in the endzone.
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  13. Matthias added a post in a topic Think about this D-line when everyones healthy...   

    With a healthy line, I think we will be better than 2013.  Remember, Lotulelei and Short were rookies that year.  With the maturity they have now, they will only be better.  I believe Allen has some left in his tank, and he is an all-time pro.  Whatever Hardy has done so far in his career, Allen has been there and done that.  We actually picked this dude up a year late, but it's worth it seeing we are paying him close to vet minimum.
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  14. Matthias added a post in a topic Panthers Trade for Jared Allen   

    I was looking at Calvin Johnson for J-Stew.  Yet then again, that contract. (I wonder if the Lions would be interested BTW)
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  15. Matthias added a post in a topic Panthers Trade for Jared Allen   

    Just looked at his profile on the NFL website.  He will have to put on some pounds to get back into full time DE shape.
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