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  1. NFL Honors #CAMVP

    Dag, the Warriors/Thunder game starts at 9.  Looks like I might be flipping back and forth.
  2. Deangelo Williams picks....

      Hey, Dwill...  
  3. A bit of a subplot

    This one's for Bruce!
  4. KB really does just tower over everyone...

    I don't think none of us here understand just yet how dominant we will become, once we get KB back on the field.
  5. We should hold a parade that travels from Charlotte to Columbia.
  6. They just forget about last year??? (Mock Draft)

    If Tillman didn't return, Bene should be the #2 corner.  As for who would play nickel, I honestly would like to see Shaq cover the slot going forward.  Keeping our base defense on the field.
  7. Pro bowl thread

    If you're the Vikings, you got to be thinking QB in free agency or the draft.
  8. They just forget about last year??? (Mock Draft)

    I see Carl Nassib being the pick at the end of round 1.  I don't think CB is as big a need as we might think.  We will either resign Norman or franchise him, and Bene will be back at full health.  Tillman still has a year on his contract and I can see him not retiring this year.
  9. It would be sick if we still had Barnidge.

    When he was here, I said we should have converted him to receiver.  I believe he could have done some damage had we done that.
  10. First Superbowl shutout?

    Or we will score on their first possession heehee!
  11. First Superbowl shutout?

    Their past two games they didn't put up a lot of points.  Besides Manning looking like a shell of his former self, Demaryius Thomas is now looking like a late round draft pick.  When I look at how many passes he dropped recently, I don't think he will be much of a problem for us.  The main thing is their running attack.  I just can't see Hillman or Anderson doing much at all.  I would say our only threat on their offense is Emmanuel Saunders, yet he has also dropped some passes this post season.  So ultimately it's either going to be a rout or a shutout.  I'm leaning toward the latter because I believe our defense will want to send a clear message that we are the best.
  12. Cam...

    It seems Carlton was taller than Will Smith after all.
  13. First Superbowl shutout?

    We did go for two points in a blowout against the Cards.  Perhaps this coaching staff want to send a statement from here on out.
  14. First Superbowl shutout?

    Some may look at this and say it's a crazy idea.  The two teams that make it to the Superbowl are battle tested and surely will be able to put up more than one score.  However, the idea of a shutout in the Superbowl is not as far-fetched an idea as you might believe.  The '85 Bears almost pulled it off against the Patriots.  The 2000 Ravens came close to doing it against the Giants.  Even though our defense is not as great as those examples, they are great at getting turnovers and stopping the run. So here we are, playing a team in Denver whose offense is pretty much in game manager mode.  If we stop the run which I strongly believe we will do relatively easy, Denver would have to rely on Manning to come out and throw it around like his younger days.  The problem with that is, he ain't young no more!  We will blitz the mess out of him and will surely set records in turnovers.  If the NFL thought Palmer looked bad, wait until they see old man Manning come next Sunday.  In my opinion, this will be the first shutout in the Superbowl.  What say you Panther faithful?