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  1. I agree, and a slower clone at that. He's definitely not worth a first. If I even considered drafting him, I wouldn't do it until the 4th round or later.
  2. Matthias' 2016 Mock

    I'm going to re-do my draft a bit now that Norman is gone for good. I'd be interested if Tapper could play a pass rushing DT, but I do believe I could go with a better guy in the third round.
  3. We just need to accept that Gettlemen and the front office staff made a big mistake here. Given his short record, he should be able to make up for it.
  4. Matthias' 2016 Mock

    This is probably the most optimistic mock draft I've done yet, and it has nothing to do with the draft itself. I'm going out on a limb and say, someway, somehow, Josh Norman returns to the Panthers, signing a long term deal at 10-11 million a year. (With big incentives if possible) This is Josh's home and he wants to be here. Ultimately he knew he wasn't going to get the 16 million, but perhaps he thought his agent could bargain around 13-14 million which of course was around his tag money. Never did he imagine and nor did we, that Getts would take the tag off the table like he did. I think what ultimately happened was Norman's agent being strict with 15-16 million dollar range, and wasn't moving off of that an inch. With that kind of stance, the Panther front office probably felt Norman wouldn't play like he's been playing, knowing the tag was absolutely going to be his last year. If that is what happened, I completely understand why they took the tag off the table! Now that J-No has a new agent, I believe there will be one last round of talks to get him locked up long term with high incentives. Again, this is Norman's home, he belongs here. With that, on to the draft......... Trade: Browns get- Panthers 2016 1st round pick Panthers get- Browns 2016 2nd round pick, Browns early 2016 3rd round pick If we actually traded down with the Browns, I'm confident we would actually get more than what I listed. I believe Paxton Lynch will be available at our 30th slot, and the Browns would fall head over heels for him. He has been compared to Cam in playing style and to be honest, I wouldn't mind seeing if he could eventually be a good QB for the Browns. Though he is raw, and that makes it even more perfect for the Browns to take him, letting him sit behind RG3 to develop. That's not to sayRG3 would help him develop, but there is the perfect excuse for the Browns to take a QB and not let the move be seen as a lack of confidence in RG3 as a starter. It is simply the perfect scenario for all parties involved for the Browns, making the trade perfect for us to get possibly more picks. 2nd Round Pick: (Browns 32nd Pick) Jason Spriggs I really hope this guy falls to the 2nd round. Most talk about our needs or where we want to draft this year is going toward DE, CB, and S. However, we promptly forget our OTs are pure-d-crap. Last year was a testament to how good our team was overall, because both Oher and Remmers are not qualified enough protect our guy Cam on a consistent basis. They also couldn't open up running lanes for that matter. Most of the work was done in the middle when it comes tothe O-line. We put off finding a DT to replace Kris Jenkins for many years, let's not do the same with Jordan Gross when it comes to OT. Spriggs is a guy that should go in the first, but a lot of other OTs are getting more love at this point. So he should slip, but every year guys who are consistently mocked to later rounds, actually end up in the first when the big day comes. So Spriggs will likely go in the first, yet if he slips, we are right there with the Browns pick. Trade: Some team in the early to mid 2nd round gets- Panthers late 2016 2nd round pick, Panthers early 2016 3rd round pick (from Cleveland) Panthers get- early to mid 2016 2nd round pick 2nd Round Pick: (Traded Pick) Derrick Henry It seems you either love him or are meh about him. I believe we would be unstoppable with him. All I can do at this point is just dream about the idea of Henry breaking off long runs for touchdowns and nobody wanting to tackle him. The only draw back I can see with taking him, is how well he would be able to work with Stew? Yet I'm not too worried about that prospect. Henry is our kind of player and in Carolina, he will be great. Plus with Spriggs and hopefully/confidently with Williams, our O-line will maul guys at the line of scrimmage, freeing both Stew and Henry to wreak pure havoc on the league. If we don't get 19-0 with these guys, I might say the league is rigged against us heehee! Round 3: Charles Tapper I really like the skills and size Tapper has. He's not overly tall, but man does he have arm length. If you look at his combine profile, he has some of the best measurementsI've ever seen. On top of all that, the dude can run like a 4-3 outside linebacker. Tapper can play anywhere along the D-line and can be an excellent rotation guy like you wouldn't believe. Round 4: Eric Murray Here's a corner who really fits the scheme we employ. Somebody to challenge Bene at the other corner spot. Round 5: Deiondre" Hall This safety prospect has potential, but you can tell he needs an offseason or two to grow into a good frame to put inan NFL work load. I like the fire he displays. Definitely the best player on his team. Round 7: Brandon Shell More competition to beef up our line. Starters: QB- Cam Newton RB- Derrick Henry (R) FB- Mike Tolbert WR- Kelvin Benjamin WR- Tedd Ginn TE- Greg Olsen LT- Jason Spriggs (R) LG- Andrew Norwell C- Ryan Kalil RG- Trai Turner RT- Daryl Williams DE- Kony Ealy DT- Kawann Short DT- Star Lotulelei DE- Charles Johnson OLB- Thomas Davis ILB- Luke Kuechly OLB- Shaq Thompson CB- Bene Benwikere FS- Kurt Coleman SS- Tre Boston CB- Josh Norman
  5. COLA - Charlotte to San Fran

    This is something more athletes should know about. Sometimes I watch the show House Hunters when there is particularly nothing on. I casually noticed couples who buy houses in the southeast, get bigger houses for much less here than in most other areas in the country. They are getting houses at 100,000 dollars, that would cost 600,000 or more in places like LA or New York. Now there are other states where you could get the same cost of living or better than here, but compared to the big cities on the west coast, it is smarter to stay here.
  6. Josh's response to the AP

    My advice to Norman when it comes to money would be to make it another way. You could probably get more money in endorsement deals or investments. I would take the chance to win championships and make money off the field.
  7. Which free agent corner do we bring in??

    Hall just isn't the same corner he used to be.
  8. Derrick Henry Making Eddie Lacy Look Small

    Rags mentioned it. The only thing that concerns me about drafting Henry, is if our current starting tackles are blocking for him. We would need an O-line that can straight up blast holes open. Oher and Remmers just aren't the kind of tackles who could consistently power through their men or contain the edge. I wish there was some way we could draft Spriggs and Henry. Kind of like what we did in the 2008 draft with Stewart and Jeff Otah. Jason Spriggs would start at LT and Daryl Williams at RT, giving us the power we need for Henry to get that running start and wreak havoc. Though I think Cam and Henry running the read option would help in creating the holes.
  9. Derrick Henry Making Eddie Lacy Look Small

    Henry doesn't need to lose any weight. At 230 pounds, Bell ran a 4.60 in his combine performance. At 247 pounds, Henry ran a4.5. Henry is explosive enough to carry his weight around.
  10. Are people trolling with this Derrick Henry stuff?

    Let's see what Brenkus got to say on the subject....
  11. Feel Like It Is Time To Get Out The Broom

    I felt like there were times the Hornets could have swayed some momentum in the game. Yet every time theyput up a decent defensive stand making the Heat throw up a shot, Whiteside would get the offensive rebound to give them another opportunity.
  12. Feel Like It Is Time To Get Out The Broom

    It's all Whiteside in my opinion. I knew going into this one that we had absolutely no answer for Whiteside, and boy did they prove me right. As weird as it may sound, I believe our only trump card is if Linsanity shows up. Kemba looked totally lost as to what was going on today.
  13. Are people trolling with this Derrick Henry stuff?

    The more I look at the breakaway speed this guy has, at that size, I'm officially on board with him being the pick. Some will argue we don't need a RB. We also don't need a TE in Hunter Henry, or even a DE in Kevin Dodd and Emmanuel Ogbah. We either have depth at those positions or we have sufficient starters. To tell you the truth, we have such a good team, it almost doesn't matter whothe pick is, but again I'm really taking a liking to Henry being the pick.
  14. Manziel, cocaine, shrooms, and a rental home

    Now Josh Gordon is actually the guy who is throwing away his career in the NFL. Yet at this point, who knows if he cares.