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  1. Sooners reporter talks Williams, Sanchez

    I don't know if he played well. He's definitely not a hog molly to pave way for Stewart and the run game. Cam's mobility helps him a lot.
  2. Sooners reporter talks Williams, Sanchez

    Sorry, I meant during the preseason last year. I felt like if Williams didn't get injured, he would have been our RT.
  3. Jacobs wasn't a bad running back in his heyday. That and he could truck guys over at will. LaRon Landry, Rodney Harrison, and even Brian Urlacher was among his victims to name a few.
  4. Sooners reporter talks Williams, Sanchez

    Wasn't Williams on his way to starting at RT before the injury? I hope he steps up because I just don't believe in Remmers.
  5. Tell me, what happens when you fuse Peyton Manning... Brett Favre and Brandon Jacobs You guessed it, you get #1 Cam Newton There's simply no question last year we went on an incredible run. We went above almost everyone's expectations, even our own considering most thought our season was shot once KB went down. Who was going to move the chains for Cam other than Olsen? Will the O-line hold up for Cam and so on. Well, Cam pulled this group together and re-wrote the record books. Among those was breaking Steve Young's record for most games of throwing and running for a touchdown. (Keep in mind this is only Cam's 5th season) All of this is well and good, but many on the outside believe the Panthers will come back to earth. Cam won't be able to replicate what he did this year and they believe teams like the Packers (with Aaron Rodgers), Seahawks (with Russell Wilson), and the Colts (with Andrew Luck) will be the ones to watch along with the Patriots of course. Ultimately they think Cam will be good, but will take a step back if you would. Man, they couldn't be more wrong. When Cam was picked by us in the 2011 draft, my first and only question concerning him was would he eventually be a field general like Peyton and Brady? Would he be able to call audibles and line guys up at will? This was not a slight on Cam, this kind of trait is very rare, particularly doing it at the level of the guys I mentioned. Over time Cam has learned french, as Gruden put it to him in his QB camp, but there was something I saw that really impressed me during the Panthers/Seahawks playoff game... That, that right there is field general-esque at it's peak. Better yet, Cam has blossomed into a complete leader on par with the coaches. As we all know we took our foot off the pedal during that game, allowing the Seahawks to come back. I was yelling for us not to simply run out the clock, but to keep a rhythm and snatch the heart out of the seabirds' chest. All of a sudden on live tv, we hear what was on Cam's mind concerning the circumstances. Heehee, we all heard what Cam said on the sidelines, but I believe at :24 seconds you can hear Cam speak into his headset and say something like "We gotta do better" or "We got to do better than this". That is a sure sign Cam is about to set the league on fire, and I'm sure this past superbowl lost will give him nitros fuel to add on it. The league will probably say to the Broncos, "Shoot man, you should have just let him win!"
  6. Eric Berry or Mo Wilkerson? Check out his NFL comparison.
  7. Braxton Deaver and the #89

    He probably won't sign a one day contract as long as G-man is still here.
  8. Uncharted 4

    Finished watching a walkthrough on youtube. The game is amazing and the scenery is the best I've seen in a game. Concerning the story, it was great but I was a little disappointed with the situation concerning Nate's brother turning out to be something else. (Not wanting to spoil it for those who don't know what I'm talking on) Overall great game and nice way to end the series. The only Uncharted game I've actually played and finished was the first one.
  9. Panthers Release Boykin

    Boykin getting cut was actually a predictable move, but the timing is a little surprising. When we signed him, I believe Norman was still here. So the plan was to have Norman and Bene on the outside, with Boykin at the nickel. Once Norman left, a big hole was created. There was literally no way G-man was going to have Boykin play the outside in this system. He likes big corners, and to be truthful he's probably not all that confortable in having Bene on the outside. So having Bene and Boykin as your two corners was out of the question. What really cemented this move was Zack Sanchez. When we got him, along with the other two corners we drafted where one of them will most certainly start, the writing was on the wall for Boykin.
  10. The only thing I disagree with Cam in, is his taste in football games.
  11. Norman "Panthers aren't family enough"

    I haven't read the article, but if Norman really wanted to play here, he could have come back and signed a long term deal with less money. The tag was off the table, but he could have come back anyway. Perhaps even Gettleman's thinking was he might come back on a lesser deal, thinking he had a better chance with the tag no longer being on the table. Ultimately Norman chose the money while Gettleman chose the team. This whole situation I believe shows Norman had rushed things once the tag was removed. He should have took more time to decide on his next move. Washington rolled out the red carpet for him and offered the money he was asking for, that he felt like he had to oblige them. Now he is asking himself did he make the right move. That's my take.
  12. Eventual Charlotte Hornet, Steph Curry wins MVP

    No big name free agent will ever want to come here and play for the Hornets. In the NBA, if you don't have superstar players, you won't win a championship. It's that simple. The last time a super starless team won it all was back in the 03-04 season with the Pistons. I don't see that happening again, and even if it does, I doubt it will be with the Hornets. Kemba is a good player, but he ain't no star, much less a superstar. Steph Curry is our only hope if you ask me. If we can't get him, then we will be much like the Hornets of old. (Having decent teams, but never winning anything)
  13. Eventual Charlotte Hornet, Steph Curry wins MVP

    What we need to do is start building a team for Steph to come home to. Trade Kemba and pick up a couple of firsts or so.
  14. Panthers honor Steph Curry today...

    Come on home Steph!