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  1. Yo! I just tend to take a break from time to time....sometime. It's happend, really. Thanks for the concern though. :)

  2. You know I dont care. I'm hardly sensitive. Well hardly excluding my wife.

  3. lol wtf?!?!? you should just throw her in the dryer for a spin or two... that always works for us...

  4. no worries. I squeeze my daughter when she won't sleep sometimes. it happens.

  5. he's been that way the whole time... lol... I dunno why I did it, actually... I think it was because his mom was standing there trying to tell me a story and I was the one that got distracted... I don't know that I have ever felt so horrible... :(

  6. FYI though this is about the age for your son to do what you just described. They all do that (kicking and screaming when changing diaper or clothes). you just need to distract him. Any kind of punishment wont work right now.

  7. yeah what started it was he was going crazy kicking around and stuff while I was changing him and I instinctively popped one of his legs without even thinking about it... I felt horrible immediately because a.) he's too young to understand what he was doing and b.) because I lost control so easily... Scared myself actually, and felt horrible on the guilt train... We've always said that we'll do the timeout thing, but we were both raised getting old fashioned whoopings, and we turned out alright... Hopefully he doesn't make us go that far, but I think we'll go the spanking route if pushed too far... I'd never do anything to really hurt him though... :( Ahhh the joys of parenting... lol

  8. well as you know I do raise my voice and tell her no. That didnt work so well. Its really hard to discipline right now at this age. but once they understand I think time out is the way to go.

  9. no wai... hey, have you and your wife discussed how you are gonna discipline Jena? The topic came up yesterday with us and I'm not sure how I feel about spanking or w/e...

  10. he's doing good... still no crawling or talking, but soon I think...

  11. things are good with the fam bro. daughter is all over the place now that she can walk...tiring to say the least. Hows the big boy doing? No not u..

  12. Oh, that's cool; and thanks.

  13. I'm going to Liberty University to play soccer.