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  1. Pro Bowl Results!!!

    At least its nice to see the pendulum has swung from "Cam has no weapons on offense, Gettleman doesn't care about Cam or offense!!!" to "There is so much talent on our offense, we could win with any offensive coordinator"
  2. Pro Bowl Results!!!

    Oher for Pro Bowl. Damn I love me some Gettleman.
  3. Bene's leg fractured... next man up.

    Oh I agree, I just think it's silly to make that decision 4 months ahead of time.. that is a draft day decision based on available value. Not a decision made 4 months ahead of time b/c of a freak injury.
  4. An open letter to Mike Shula

    That's like saying you don't have to actually hand the ball off to the RB in order to set up the PA pass, b/c the threat of handing it off to the RB is enough. That's not how it works...
  5. Bene's leg fractured... next man up.

    Bene was drafted in the 5th round.. don't think it is in G-man's philosophy to panic and reach in the draft.
  6. My boy Ted Ginn!

    FIFY :)
  7. If you really think that is the reason Trump is doing good, you are woefully misinformed.
  8. The guy has had the most successful start EVER for a presidential candidate and you say he is an idiot politically?   Sheesh.. I wish I could be an idiot like that... don't believe everything CNN force feeds you, kids.
  9. Deactivate DA?

    This thread is Corey.
  10. The Huddle Gameday Live - Buffalo Bills Edition

    That 2nd string Panther's d-line is no joke.
  11. Hardy 911 call