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  1. Our Color Rush Uniforms

    Per the quote up there it says blue jerseys with black numbers.  Our normal blues have white numbers.
  2. Along the Sidelines - Packers at Panthers

    You didn't by chance get a shot of the Coleman/Harper celebration after Coleman's INT, did you?  They both did a simultaneous flex move that seemed like it would make for a badass photo.
  3. Panthers - Jags 2011 - The Monsoon Game

    Ok, so if every picture has to be on a separate page, any chance we can get a large "next" button.  The page numbers at the bottom are small and close together.  I find it pretty tedious having to go through and click them one by one and it's prone to mis-clicks.
  4. Final Panthers Cuts

    Are you doing to update this post when players are cut or will there be a new thread created for that?
  5. Along the Sidelines - Dolphins at Panthers

    Love the content as usual, but only 2-3 sentences and one pic per click got tiresome.  It takes the same amount of time to scroll and click each page as it does to read the commentary.  
  6. Panthers - Giants Illustrated

        I love how Cam makes Lafell look like a child in this picture.
  7. Panthers - Giants Illustrated

    Anyone else notice Lafell do the Muhammad TD celebration after his second one?  Love seeing a young guy know the history and pay tribute like that.  
  8. Game Grades - Panthers at Bills

    I would just like to express my appreciation for Thomas Davis.  I'd say he's playing at a higher level than anyone on the team (Nortman and Gano are looking great as well).  Going through what he's been through to end up where he is today is nothing less than incredible.  One of the very few sources of pride I feel as a Panthers fan this season.
  9. Official Panthers - Seahawks Gameday Thread

    My man, J.J. Jansen, with his 5th career tackle!
  10. You said "It'd probably be easier just to trade your kidney for the price of a superbowl ticket and then buy it yourself. I feel it would be more difficult to find someone who has a superbowl ticket and needs your kidney." That made me laugh