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  1. Is losing Wilks a foregone conclusion?

    Lol Yes, he's probably landing a HC job unless we have an unreal collapse defensively through the rest of this season
  2. Dilly Dilly is stupid, no I don't want to go to the pit of misery, bud light tastes like *** water
  3. Agreed. It was probably a bud light or some other garbage beer, in which case it actually has less alcohol than water I'm fairly certain
  4. "Still feeling our way around"

    What's your profile name? ... lol
  5. Josh Gordon Reportedly Ran A 4.3 Today, DAMN

    Makes me sad. Dude literally pisses away a potential hall of fame career because he couldn't get his head right. And ironically, it was one of the few things the Browns had to be excited about lol
  6. As someone who tore his achillies about 21 months ago, I can say with some experience that he will be able to run and even sprint completely normal again afternoon recovery... but he'll never be able to push off and accelerate with any kind of real burst again. For a guy who already lacked top speed at a position where change of direction is critical, I won't say his career is over but his days as a #1 or even a #2 CB is over without a doubt.
  7. "Still feeling our way around"

    Don't worry. A few seasons from now when RR wins another back to back divisional championships and gets us to the superbow again, all these "ZOMG FIRE RON NOW" posters will go silent or even sing his praises again. Right now, hating on Ron is the cool thing to do for some reason. The man has honestly done a remarkably good job for a first time coach. We are 6-3 right now without Greg and Kalil and an oline that can't run block and everything that goes wrong is RRs fault... you literally couldn't name 12 HCs in the NFL you would rather have with a strait face and people act like he's one of the 10 worst HCs in the league. It's moronic. I don't defend everything he does. Not even close. I do think he's too conservative, I do think he's awful with clock management and I do think Shula should have been sent packing a long time ago. Every coach has deficiencies. RR has done well by us. We make the playoffs with him more often than not and our defense is always top tier- elite under him. It's just the fad flavor of the day to hate on the man. I remember during the riverboat and 15-1 seasons where all these same idiots were the first to sing his praises
  8. Aaron Hernandez's Brain

    Nailed it
  9. CMC haters...get in here and bring your fork

    When in the fif did Goings ever have a season where he was on pace for 100 receptions? lol you are trying too hard to troll, dearest
  10. Do the Julio

    Why did you give them the idea? :/
  11. Cam said no

    Only real fans dance for their diamonds. Guess you jumped on the bandwagon sometime last season when we were getting our **** pushed in, huh?
  12. I'm not saying it's impossible. But our QB is our leading rusher on the season and CMC didn't exactly have an earth shattering day on the ground. It's the first time we've rushed for 200 yards in a game since 2015. That's two seasons ago... are you telling me our line is fine and Stewart is the reason we struggle? Seriously? Lol Cam was our leading rusher again. CMC had 66 rushing yards. Take away our QBs running ability and we have an average ground game today... my point remains valid
  13. Always keeping the defense guessing isn't he? Just when you think he WOULD actually want to run Stew up the middle for -1 he goes and flips the script on ya. GOAT
  14. Cam said no

    Ah yes. They sure need the stadium to make lots of noise during those commercial breaks. Especially at half time. Its a wonder why literally every stadium in the NFL provides free Wifi isn't it? I suppose every fan base is nothing but piss poor fans... sigh