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  1. Top remaining free agents - Who do ya want?

    Still want Breeland honestly lol
  2. Go ahead and mark Jarius Wright as a roster lock..

    Chill. We get it. You don't like it. There is such a thing as salary cap and also having positional depth though. I'm sorry we couldn't magically sign Julio Jones and AJ Green for Cam, but that doesn't mean this signing is pointless...
  3. Is New Panthers CB Bashaud Breeland Good?

    I hear watching his footwork is infectious...
  4. Ron Parker Wants to Come Back Home

    Cap space is what keeps you from retaining everyone! You can ONLY build through the draft because of CAP SPACE. There will always be positions of need on literally every team in the league. Holy fugging poo man
  5. Ron Parker Wants to Come Back Home

    I'm starting to realize this...
  6. Ron Parker Wants to Come Back Home

    Okay. I'm the biggest proponent of "build through the draft" that you'll meet. That's why I get excited about value signings and saving cap to resign our players. Now let me paint a clear picture for you as to how signing stop gap free agents help you succeed in the NFL by using some of our recent examples. Ted Ginn, Kurt Coleman, Roman Harper, Michael Oher and Charles Tillman. Those "signings we will just cut a year later" played key roles in helping us go 15-1 and make it to a super bowl... Do you understand this or do you think we could have used 4th, 5th and 6th round draft picks to get the same production?
  7. Ron Parker Wants to Come Back Home

    Pretty sure we have the same amount of draft picks regardless of signing mid tier starters. I would rather know we have veteran leadership to groom our draft picks than throw them into the fire before they are ready... Not really sure why anyone wouldn't feel the same about that...
  8. Ron Parker Wants to Come Back Home

    Who do you realistically expect us to sign with our cap space dude? We can't afford players on a higher level than this...
  9. Ron Parker Wants to Come Back Home

    This isn't Madden. In real life there is something called the salary cap. It limits how much you can spend. Considering our cap situation, finding a starting caliber safety with experience for a team friendly deal is actually pretty exciting... so yes
  10. Carlos Hyde?

    I love Hyde, but with our cap space, it makes much more sense to draft a #2 RB on day 2 than spend on one in FA. If we make a signing of that level it better help one of our lines or else be a WR
  11. Round 1 -> WR, RB, G, S, CB

    If we go RB in the first round two years in a row, I'll need one of you to pull me away from the ledge.
  12. On Moton Moving to Guard...

    Much more likely that he gives us a reason he should be moved to TE imo
  13. Lower concession prices...Higher profits?

    Free market prevails
  14. JStew was robbed

    Nah son. You got robbed... of your time