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  1. Gruden 10 years-100 million dollars. Yep, no joke.

    No, it's a joke alright lol
  2. IF all this was true (and I personally think it's 85% ratings based bullsh*t with a little truth tied in) and BB was leaving New England then why wouldn't he just go to San Fran where he could actually unite with Jimmy G and stick it to the Patriots? Lol I would be head over heels for the hoodie to coach our team, but there's no chance of that ever happening
  3. Martavis Bryant

    Yeah, you are right! We just instantly saved the holding penalty on the first 3rd down attempt and saved ourselves 10 yards!
  4. Let Us All Pray OBJ Doesn't Sign An Extension

    I think everybody here would take Antonio Brown but that isn't who we are talking about.
  5. Some Of You Wanted To Sign DeSean Jackson

    Well I completely agree if this is supposed to be partially directed at me lol. So far as we know, Jackson hasn't done a thing wrong. Until it's proven otherwise, this is just a clickbait headline. The fact it is his vehicle doesn't bode well for him, but it doesn't make him guilty either. So yeah... my position literally isn't any different whatsoever. Innocent until proven guilty for anyone and everyone. I say that with sincerity ps. Bullets aren't illegal and weed shouldn't be illegal in my opinion anyway. Shouldn't really be that big of a deal anyway if you ask me
  6. Byrd Update

    Try growing some maturity. You aren't very skilled in that position. It could take you a lot farther than you seem to think
  7. Byrd Update

    You are even more stupid than I gave you credit for. Ps. I would make a massive wager with you that you have zero shot ever making it to the league if not for the fact I know you can't pull the funds together to make such s bet and even if you could, I know you couldn't be trusted to pay up anyway. But now I'm done paying attention who has nothing better to do than troll his "teams" forum on Christmas Day. I hope everyone has an awesome day. I'm about to knock down some Belgian Waffles while the turkey smokes slowly!
  8. Byrd Update

    Dude, you have quickly risen to the ranks of most clueless and annoying poster. Congrats and Merry Christmas!
  9. If he "balls out" then why would the Steelers be releasing him AFTER one of their best LBers went down for the season? He's not got much left in the tank at all. His name is carrying him at this point. He was one hell of a player at one point in his career, but that ship has sailed
  10. Pair of tickets tomorrow- Free (Panthers fans only)

    Classy thing to do. Merry Christmas.
  11. Great point. He needed to see what else was out there to appreciate what he had. Glad he's back.
  12. *Pulls pin, lobs grenade*

    Lol Babylonbee is a satire publication ffs