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  1. I prefer watching the boys in February...
  2. What will Cam Newton do to offend someone this week?

    Beat the hell out of Washington...
  3. Camera lens just died.....

    Ironically I'm a photographer and went to film school lol. Thought you were referring to me for a second there.
  4. Stanley Johnson refuses to workout for Hornets

    "way less crazier" ... Sounds much better than your grammar as well ;)

    To be fair, the nba draft doesn't pour out tons of talent year after year like the nfl. Some years, there really isn't anyway worth a fug in the entire draft. That said, we certainly don't have a good draft record to this point.
  6. We're officially tanking it out

    Lol. Yes, Steph is our one and HOLY chance at salvation. No other player can ever make us a winning team... 0.o Give it up. Steph isn't coming here until past his prime. There's seriously no chance. We just extended Kemba and why would Steph leave his current team and state for here. Cause this is 'home' ??? I've lived here all my life and will die a Carolina sports team fan. But I would make California my new home over this place in a heart beat if I could. He isn't coming here. Not til it's the end of the road.
  7. Top Selling Throwback Jersey's by State

    Gretzky!! That's awesome haha
  8. Cody Zeller

    Green is so much better than Barnes lol. That's not even debatable