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  1. TheMostInterestingMan added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    For those worried about our WRs
    It seems to be a trend around here, thinking our offense is completely doomed without KB. The whole "we don't have a WR even good enough to be 4th on the depth chart" nonsense is hopefully lighting a fire under our WRs. 
    But it since you guys have proven yourselves as better GMs than Gettleman via your fantasy teams and have come to the conclusion he's a terrible GM for not spending 8 picks on wideouts and signing 4 more via free agency, I have some good news for you!
    Theres this team on Dallas called the Cowboys. Boy do they have an exciting WR named Dez. They love to air it out and they sign big names every single year it seems like. You guys would love it! 
    Also, they tend to finish below us despite having those big offensive names. But I doubt you guys would mind, cause after all, Cam can't possibly run this offense without KB. None of our wideouts even belong in the CFL. Pretty sure Gettleman wants to run this team in the ground.
    Why don't you guys go check out Dallas and see how you like it? I'll just wait around and see how the season unfolds just in case... And when we finish 12-4 and you all come running back talking about how good Cam did and how stacked our defense is, I'll be the first person here to tell you to get the fug out.
    Im not gonna disrespect Cam and our WRs like some of you. I'll keep pounding with this team to another NFC South title. This "sky is falling" nonsense is pathetic. I'll see you crybabies in the playoffs riding the shoulders of Cam, Keek and the guys that step it up and prove you all dead wrong. 
    That at is all.
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  2. TheMostInterestingMan added a post in a topic Y'all need to hear this. The KB injury sucks, but...   

    I think if this team was entering the season think we were gonna air it out as our selling point, we were in trouble. KBs loss sucks, there is no disputing that. But KB is much more replaceable than Cam or numerous defensive players on this team. If we can keep Stewart healthy and run the ball, we can beat anyone in the league.
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  3. TheMostInterestingMan added a post in a topic Y'all need to hear this. The KB injury sucks, but...   

    Perspective. Last year we lost Hardy (without being prepared) CJ got hurt, Frank Alexander was suspended, Bene was a rookie, Harper was a starter, Ginn was gone, Funchess wasn't on the roster, Stewart was coming off injury, Oline was one of the worst in the league, Olsen's son was fighting for his life and Cam fugging Newton was never 100% all year. 
    KB going down sucks hard, but the south is still ours and the future is still brighter than last season.
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  4. TheMostInterestingMan added a post in a topic Guess the score of the Bills game, win a free ticket vs. MIA   

    Panthers 41
    Bills 16
    why not? 
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  5. TheMostInterestingMan added a post in a topic Would you take these passing stats for Cam this season?   

    Let me start by saying that I love me some Cam and hate Br. That said, this article seems pretty damn fair to me. I would be happy with those number this season considering our defense mixed with the fact we have an upgraded oline. With our interior line it's not out of the question that Cam could put in another 8-10 scores on the ground this season. 22 TDs to 11INTs, with 62% completion and 8 rushing TDs would be one hell of a campaign and could be a 12-4+ season with our defense. I would take it.
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  6. TheMostInterestingMan added a post in a topic Stanley Johnson refuses to workout for Hornets   

    "way less crazier" ... Sounds much better than your grammar as well ;)
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  7. TheMostInterestingMan added a post in a topic VONLEH   

    To be fair, the nba draft doesn't pour out tons of talent year after year like the nfl. Some years, there really isn't anyway worth a fug in the entire draft. That said, we certainly don't have a good draft record to this point.
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  8. TheMostInterestingMan added a post in a topic We're officially tanking it out   

    Lol. Yes, Steph is our one and HOLY chance at salvation. No other player can ever make us a winning team... 0.o

    Give it up. Steph isn't coming here until past his prime. There's seriously no chance. We just extended Kemba and why would Steph leave his current team and state for here. Cause this is 'home' ??? I've lived here all my life and will die a Carolina sports team fan. But I would make California my new home over this place in a heart beat if I could. He isn't coming here. Not til it's the end of the road.
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  9. TheMostInterestingMan added a post in a topic Top Selling Throwback Jersey's by State   

    Gretzky!! That's awesome haha
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  10. TheMostInterestingMan added a post in a topic Cody Zeller   

    Green is so much better than Barnes lol. That's not even debatable
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