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  1. Are blankets allowed in Bofa

    Possibly my fondest Panther memory. I was 11 and it was my first game ever and only game I attended with my old man before he passed. I've been to sooooo many exciting games. Overtime wins, playoffs etc. But we were awful that year, the Patriots won it all, but in my first game attending, we beat their ass. My dad was the one who got me into the Panthers. I am very thankful to have shared that moment with him. Little does he know he started a rich tradition of me attending games ever since.
  2. What Saints Fans are Saying

    Or Luke... Or Davis... Or Olsen... Or Norman... Or Short... Or Stewart... Or Ealy... Or Star... Or Tillman... Do I need to list our whole oline, finish the secondary and name a few specific holy sh*t plays our WRs have made in clutch time or are you capable of recognizing Cam isn't the whole team? 
  3. Luke Robbed of NFC DPOM

    Ya know, we are all fans and we feel strong about this. Luke is quite possibly my favorite player in the NFL so of course I wish he had won this award. But at the end of the day, I promise you Luje himself couldn't care less. Monthly awards don't matter to one of the greatest MLBs of all time. There's one award he wants this season and he earns that in February 
  4. I prefer watching the boys in February...
  5. What will Cam Newton do to offend someone this week?

    Beat the hell out of Washington...
  6. Camera lens just died.....

    Ironically I'm a photographer and went to film school lol. Thought you were referring to me for a second there.
  7. More ESPN trade advice

    Oh PU. *sigh* do you know how long Josh Norman was "JAG" ...? He was JAG for quite a few years. Now he is the best DB in football. Funchess has plenty of time to grow. People need to chill. 
  8. Monday Night Football! Who's Going?

    I'll be there! My first ever prime time game. So insanely excited!
  9. Vegas also thought the Seahawks would smash us. So did you.  Its not that we don't believe we will beat the colts because we don't. It's just that nobody here really gives a fug what you say or think. Sure am glad you were wrong about that Seahawks game. What would we do without your input?
  10. I would like to clarify that never once did I accuse him of being mentally ill. I said I work in the mental health field with middle school and high school aged boys... And they require less attentions than PU. In fact we take our boys to training camp every year and its awesome... Something I would never do with PU...
  11. Dude... You have single handedly made this place worse. I work in the mental health field with middle school and high school aged kids... They require less attention than you. Please stop posting. Seriously. Stop making Panther fans look like stupid eagle fans. I know I speak for everyone when I say I'm really tired of you...
  12. Thomas Davis was on a Mission

    It is true that we are a small market team, but the super stars we have drafted actually want to stay here. Players like Thomas Davis are the reason why. We have built a culture in large part because players like Davis and Gross. TD is incredibly underrated, but our guys know hes one of the absolute best in the game. And now we see Cam and Keek signing long term extensions... just a few of many more to come. TD will help us build long term contenders. God bless that man.
  13. Mike Shula - update for the haters

    A lot of people on this board don't like it, but speaking of calls catered towards Cams strengths, I love how many designed runs Shula is calling for Cam this year. They have probably accounted for 3-4 first downs and 25-40 yards a week for our offense. I know people on the board are afraid about "what happens when Cam hurts himself" but Cam is not an Elite passer. What makes him elite is he has a Cannon arm with the ability to take off and run over linebackers. Designing plays to let him run the ball full steam has been very effect this year and I give Shula props for that.
  14. 27 Points...

    people forget that Shula is Cam guy. We have honestly probably kept him around this whole time because Cam has a great relationship with him and wants him calling the plays.
  15. For the record, Allianz Arena in Germany and Camp Nou in Spain are the hardest places to play in sports...