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  1. Sports Illustrated ranks their 50 fittest athletes

    This list is straight trash.. Galen Rupp makes the list but Mo Farrah doesn't? cam newton ranked behind a pole vaulter? the top 7 wasn't too bad though
  2. Carolina Panthers NFL Draft - Day 2 Predictions

    Will there be a day 2 discussion thread?
  3. Draft Day Menu

    I'm eating pizza smoking weed and drinking water
  4. Everyone Wins

    Josh gets his money, the Panthers get their Super Bowls
  5. way to early 2016 prediction thread

    Super Bowl Champs, fug the regular season
  6. Such a Tantalizing Thought

    Didn't know Detroit still owned the rights to Calvin my bad Gs.. looks like we're just going to do this the old school way which is very cool with me too especially with Dave at the helm
  7. Such a Tantalizing Thought

    Calvin fuging Johnson when he he retired did anyone else get the feeling that he just wanted to get the hell out of Detroit imagine going through a grueling nfl season(which really is a 12 month ordeal) and not even making the playoffs. All that work and consistently losing. Getting your ass beat physically and mentally and not even winning takes its toll on you. all indications say that the man was just tired and didn't want to play anymore. BUT if he wanted out for the opportunity to win the panthers are the optimal team to come to. We where the the team last year and he'd come to a team that is already fundamentally a contender. he would be affordable too.. He was scheduled to make 11 mil last year, and that was after he restructured his massive 7yr/113mil contract. the mans already been payed, so an 3yr/8-11mil contract doesn't seem too absurd. i know it seems a little funky but a mansout should exceed his grasp and to top it off if we made it happen before the draft we could focus on defense and we'd field the scariest team on both sides of the ball.. I hope DG sent a carrier pigeon or Hermes or a hogwarts owl to test the waters because why not?
  8. If it came down to..

    Bullard or Kaufusi in the second round, along with whoever we pick up in the first round... Its looking good boys Theres probably a high graded second round Lineman that DG has that we dont know about, who knows haha
  9. If it came down to..

    If we go DL with our first what would you guys think of someone like Braxton Miller in the second round? or would you rather address SS/OL with that pick? i know its BPA all the way but certain scenarios could play out
  10. If it came down to..

    I agree thats why i wouldn't be surprised if we went skill player at 30, but to the same degree i wouldn't be surprised if we went OL or DL #gettlemagic
  11. If it came down to..

    what do you guys think about trading up in the second round like we did last year?
  12. If it came down to..

    I like the trading down in that situation but i made all three of them an option because, i see only one of them being available by that point I agree that Ogbah is a freak, and if it came down to him or Doctson id be very happy either way..
  13. If it came down to..

    Dudes, Doctson is 6'2" and had a 41 inch vert was top 3 in the 20 and 60 yd shuttle at the combine, he has the best hands of the receivers, and ran a respectable 4.50 Benjamin, Funchess, Olsen, Doctson, Ginn and Cammy Cam.....wut