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  1. Michael Crabtree Released

    Lol I fully believe there is some funny business with the Grant physical and the Crabtree release.
  2. Free Agency Notes and Speculation

    * Ravens hear Crabtree is released* ”hey doc we’ll slip ya a few thousand to fail him”
  3. Seahawks asking for a 1st for Thomas

    Yes...legion of whom...yesssss
  4. Free Agency Notes and Speculation

    Kilgore is a tough SOB. He had a great career at App.
  5. Mos Def over some blue motorcycles at the Applebees in the food court.
  6. Kind of ironic. We get Matt Kalil and...

    I mean it’s not like he was available last year.
  7. Jordy Nelson Getting Released

    I see 49ners making a push.
  8. Jordy Nelson Getting Released

    This is the luck and timing thing I mentioned earlier..a one year prove it deal would be good if he's open to it.
  9. Panthers attending Vanderbilt pro day

    "Panther scouts don't do enough scouting talent in the late rounds!' *goes to vandy pro day* "Gosh Panthers wasting time looking at these late round prospects from vandy!"
  10. Free Agency Notes and Speculation

    Haven't seen much defense action today.
  11. Free Agency Notes and Speculation

    So what you're saying is that 5mil isnt bad....
  12. Free Agency Notes and Speculation

    Lee's contact according to Schefter... 4 years....38mil....
  13. Free Agency Notes and Speculation

    Albert Wilson....3yr 24mil from Miami...this is getting silly.
  14. Free Agency Notes and Speculation

    Brent Celek is being released anyone think he’s worth a look as a TE2?