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  1. Earnhardt Jr not a part of Sabates bid

    Gnatt made a point that the NFL might favor someone who can come in and cut the check himself as opposed to a group of say 10 people.
  2. Come on...poo talking and taunting between players happens all game....but for a head coach to taunt fans? yeahhhhhhh little different.
  3. Manziel doesn’t play in the NFL anymore and we never defended him so idk what you’re talking about.
  4. Now we officially know why it seemed Smitty wanted to fight this dude every game.
  5. Earnhardt Jr not a part of Sabates bid

    As vocal of a redskins fan he is (Whiskey River spot) and the fact that this area has market ties to Washington doesn’t lead me to believe that he would just turn off being a Redskins fan.
  6. Earnhardt Jr not a part of Sabates bid

    Last thing I want is a Redskins fan with a hand in Panther affairs....
  7. Drama in Steeler country?

    Sadly Bell running hismouth translated to more “look at how great the patriots are because he would never do that in their locker room” stories
  8. Drama in Steeler country?

    The Steelers have been living off pure talent for the past few seasons. They can draft great players but stupid play calls and clock mamangement negate that. The play ran at the end of the NE game earlier in the year when they admitted they had no plan while the Patriots stated they knew what to do shows an issue with coaching. I mean come on, I would kill to have the skill players that Pittsburgh has.
  9. Karma is real

    Guy in the 28 jersey- “fug it, gettin drunk”
  10. I don’t think so I’m just blowing off steam because he’s been the most “vocal” person so far and not in a good way.
  11. The barnyard flea market across from Sabates land might be a hopping place on game day...or the big hole from the quarry up the street could host some cool tailgates...
  12. Saints Fans think they were cheated by refs

    We can talk about it on the couch together next Sunday.
  13. This so funny

    Why are Saints fans coming over here anyway? Shouldn’t they be over on the Vikings board? No? Got the huddle on your mind after losing a game like that....classic.
  14. This so funny

    *To the Saintsreport lurkers* You can go fug yourselves