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  1. Ron Is Happy With What The Offense Is Doing

    I want Shula gone as much as the next person but there were a good number of plays Sunday where people just didn’t do their job. Good number of head scratching calls but just as many people missing assignments and fuging up in general...falls back onto he staff just like Igo mentioned.
  2. As much as the idea interest me I believe he’ll be a cowboy in a week
  3. My only fear about this...that was 2002...times have changed
  4. One of those Cook games was against the saints
  5. Falcons - Packers Game Thread

    The falcons have always been good at home (not because of the fans eff y'all) since they play faster on the turf. They even mentioned last week that the team seemed slower on the grass in Chicago.
  6. Falcons - Packers Game Thread

    Falcons are firing on all cylinders I am ready to see a shake up in Green Bay. I know there were talks about McCarthy being on thin ice...wonder if this game could be the last crack.
  7. Polian says BOA will be "50% Bills Fans"

    "Contain Cam and stop Greg Olsen" Cam wasn't so hot the first half and Greg had 2 catches for 18 yards... San Fran must really be that bad to blow the master plan of stopping the Panthers...
  8. In twenty years, what's your favorite win to date?

    2003 Eagles playoff game for me. I couldn't have been more proud after that Foster TD. That was the toughness I loved. I still have the SI magazine with Moose on the front after that game.
  9. Odell Beckham Jr. On madden 2016 cover

    There are people in this city that still believe that Gettleman passed over him for KB.... Anyway props to him
  10. They said the same thing last year.
  11. All their first round picks for the next 20 years seems fair.
  12. Thomas Davis named Walter Payton Man of the Year

    *insert my first beer joke* Congrats TD! About damn time
  13. Luke Kuechly wins DROY

  14. Post a pic, any pic.

    I know this meme is old but I alway laugh at these things.
  15. Post a pic, any pic.