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  1. Clearly its something in the air in Buffalo...must be the reason everyone moves the heck out.
  2. There is a reason Steve Smith Sr. said that Carolina finally drafted his replacement with Moore because KB sure as hell wasn’t it.
  3. Panthercougar68

    Hypothetical Dez Bryant?

    I wished I could have seen a Dez and Ray Lewis locker room...
  4. Panthercougar68

    Player’s Opinion on new Facilities

    Facilities to me are bigger in the college realm than NFL. Money rules all things and that has been the case 9 times out of 10 with nfl players. It would be nice to have an indoor facility and such but that’s not the main thing when signing with an NFL team. A lot of panthers have apartments in Charlotte and nice houses near where they are from unless they have a family and want to settle it seems.
  5. Panthercougar68

    Panthers Sale to Tepper is Final

    If you think Tepper is gonna come in and clear house right away you're gonna be highly disappointed...It might happen but not right away.
  6. Panthercougar68

    somebody made sterve smiff mad

    Tommy Jone 2018
  7. Dude was a hell of a player. but to all the seahawk fans that called themselves a dynasty after 2013... Worst. Dynasty. Ever.
  8. Which is all the more reason why to keep it in Spartanburg...you want to record our practices? Well...you’re gonna record them in heat equivalent to Mount Doom.
  9. Panthercougar68

    Uber/Lyft on game days

    There is no harm in waiting an hour after the game at someone's tailgate or a bar. The traffic volume changes drastically.
  10. Panthercougar68

    Will Tepper Move Training Camp?

    I don't think Spartanburg is gonna give in that easily. They will probably throw something Teppers way.
  11. Frank Ragnow Colby Gossett from App State Sony Michel
  12. Well we know where this thread is going.
  13. Panthercougar68

    It's that time of the year for me.

    Woah time warp mannnnnnnnnnn
  14. Panthercougar68

    Free Agency Notes and Speculation

    * Ravens hear Crabtree is released* ”hey doc we’ll slip ya a few thousand to fail him”