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  1. For the People With Deep Pockets

    PrimeSport is a much better alternative than the one you posted. They do travel packages year round for all kinds of sporting events including the Super Bowl.
  2. Normally the announce team has meets with the head coach and a few of the top players on each team to discuss the upcoming game. In this case obviously Olsen won't participate in that part because no player or coach would talk to him about tactics.
  3. The owner is always responsible. It's the law in pretty much every state that I know of.
  4. Vague Worley tweet

    The Huddle Mob to the rescue! Good job tearing him a new one without even knowing what he is talking about.
  5. Because if something bad happens like a fumble, there is no one else back there to protect the ball carrier. The Panthers did the smartest thing. I'm not sure why this is even a discussion.
  6. You have to get it back to the line of scrimmage or it is a penalty. Running towards the other teams goal line is never an option unless you want to be known for one of the most boneheaded plays of all time.
  7. "No one could run behind our line"

    That is certainly a big factor. We also saw in last weeks game, players like Funchess giving zero effort on several run plays. It seems to be a lot of issues causing the run problems, but talent isn't one of them.
  8. Of course he hurt his knee. He almost got it broke in half several games ago. He will probably be dealing with this issue on and off for a while.
  9. Unless you are saying the doctors decisions are dictated by the coaching staff's game strategy, I doubt that is true. Otherwise, the team doctors could lose their license to practice.
  10. Which path for Newton?

    Turning him into a pocket passer will shorten his career. I'm not sure how people don't understand this. Cam running the ball doesn't result in big hits. Cam standing in the pocket results in big hits. What he is evolving into is a smarter passer by making quicker decisions. Cam isn't going to stop running as that is his biggest weapon.
  11. Thomas Davis

    Shaq did take a lot of snaps from him especially in the 2nd half of the Lions game. I would assume a lot of it is because of his rib injury.
  12. I've been watching sports my whole life. I have never watched sports to get away from politics.
  13. Jairus Byrd

    We'll find out more next week. The Lions don't really do much vertically to challenge the safeties. The Eagles will however.
  14. Poor Jerry. He's having a tough time these days with the Redskins and Eagles playing better than his Cowboys. I expect some type of implosion if this continues much longer. He has to keep himself in the news somehow if they become irrelevant again.
  15. Some takeaways from today

    He's been good but his numbers are still down even from last year.