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  1. Only a few are exclusively on NFL Network. 11 of the games are on CBS or NBC. And Amazon is streaming many of them as well.
  2. This is what happens when fantasy football players think they can actually coach and run a team in real life.
  3. The Klein Factor

    I think it is funny that people here actually think Klein knows the Panthers offensive playbook better than the Saints coaches who have tape on the Panthers offense going back since the day Ron started coaching. Klein doesn't know tendancies, etc. As a defensive player, he isn't studying what the Panthers do on 3rd and 2 from midfield. The Saints coaches on the other hand know all of that info.
  4. Olsen has always been towards the bottom of the league when it comes to run blocking from TEs. I would hope Dickson is better at pass protection and run blocking.
  5. Luckily the coaches don't think like you. I don't think the Panthers are going to throw a guy from off the street into a division game just to see what might happen. If Greg is only out 6-8 games, there is no reason to panic the first game he is out. They are going to use the two guys who know the system and they will make adjustments to formations to make better use of their receivers.
  6. Gary Barnidge

    Give it a few more days and the Huddle will be convinced Barnidge is right up there with Gronk. He literally had one good season catching the ball in 8 years in the league.
  7. Stout Defense

    It is more likely we played two teams who stuck to the run despite being behind. Playing more aggressive offenses will lead to more turnovers.
  8. Nope. It was in the mid-80s although it is hotter inside the stadium. It was even hotter in Tampa today so it could of been worse.
  9. Like the 2nd and goal play that Cam changed from a pass to a QB draw? Yeah, fire shula for Cam changing the play! It was totally Shula's fault there!
  10. Welcome to Sunday afternoon Huddle. Classic reactions.
  11. I haven't watched a game this year where a team didn't call a TO because of issues getting a play call in. It happens. Can the Panthers get better at it? I'm sure they can. Also, you can't switch a helmet out in 25 seconds so yes, you can get a delay of penalty of you don't call a timeout.
  12. Olsen has a broken foot

    It depends on if he needs surgery or not. He is seeing the doctor tomorrow so there is no way to know before then.
  13. Peppers

    I think it will be hard for Smith to make it. He certainly isn't making it his first year of eligibility.
  14. Andy Reid? He would probably having him dinking and dunking all the way to a first round loss every year. But hey, there are 29 other Belichick type coaches out there, huh?
  15. Huh? Teams rely on headset communications. It happens to every team that has issues like they had today.