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  1. Politics have always been a part of pro sports in the US.
  2. Interesting how Tepper managing a hedge fund is made to sound like something evil by Deadspin.
  3. It may be an end of an era with new ownership next year.
  4. Fumble recoveries after the whistle do count. The continuing action after the whistle doesn't count (like if the player recovers and then scores, the score doesn't count).
  5. All that was missing was the dab. He's got some work to do on that front.
  6. I'm the moron? This has been the rule since 2006. The play is not over when the whistle is blown. Call me names all you want but the rule is the rule.
  7. Or just the fact that they are using Microsoft tablets. I mean, technical difficulties with a Microsoft product? Say it ain't so!
  8. He's hitting over 57% of his passes today. That is on par with Cam. You are acting like he can't even complete a single pass.
  9. If that one is a TD pass in the red zone, the Broncos will take it. They've sucked in the red zone all year.
  10. Ouch. Bad timing for you.
  11. The rule is no different than a fumble (a backward pass is a fumble). And the Panthers have gotten the ball after replay plenty of times when a player was whistled down yet it was ruled a fumble later.
  12. Players are taught to take possession of the ball on these plays. You could even hear the running backs coach yelling at the receiver for not picking it up.
  13. Huh? It was clearly a backward pass. If anything the refs screwed the Pats by blowing the whistle costing them a TD. I haven't seen an official blow the whistle that quick on such a close play in quite a while.
  14. The Panthers have benefited from that stupid rule a million times. The only thing the whistle does it keep the continuing action from counting. That is why most officials don't blow their whistle on these plays anymore.
  15. So? The rules only say there has to be a clear recovery. It doesn't matter if the whistle blew.