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  1. Can Greg Hardy play QB? WHAT ARE YOUR OPINIONS!!!!
  2. Breeland 18 cap hit is 3.7 MM

    Backloaded would imply the player is getting more than they are worth in later years to make up for a lower salary at the beginning. This is not that. There is almost zero risk due to the guaranteed money in the last year. And 7 million in 3 years time for a starting CB is cheap.
  3. I did see Shepard play and it can't be much worse.
  4. And compared to how many people die on the road every day? It isn't even close.
  5. So he should live in a bubble? Driving on I-77 is much more dangerous than where he was.
  6. The Panthers have speed. The problem is they are all terrible receivers. What they need are dependable receivers who can actually run routes and catch the ball.
  7. I said a while ago that it is not a given that it would even happen before the upcoming season starts. Of course I was told here on the Huddle that it was a simple process that will be done quickly.
  8. Peppers just had surgery?

    So you are saying he wasn't skipping and dancing after cleaning out his locker after a long season and a playoff loss? Welp, he's definitely retiring then.
  9. I would be shocked if there have been any formal proposals to Richardson yet. It takes quite a while to form an ownership group to come up with several billion. A lot of details have to be worked out. And there has not been very much time since Richardson announced the team was for sale. Again, I could be wrong, but to sell the team in a few months would be a first for a team this valuable.
  10. Are people really expecting the sale of the team to go through during this off-season? I've never had that impression. Even if the new owners are selected by Richardson on Monday, the process for a group buying the team takes quite a while. Richardson isn't technically being forced to sale the team immediately, so he is going to listen to offers during the off season. They aren't going to all come in the next week.
  11. Wilks won't interview with Colts

    I pray we suffer through another year with a 7th ranked defense. Stability on the defensive side of the ball is what the Panthers need with the big overhaul happening on offense.
  12. I think NO drops 40 on us.

    I mean the Saints are averaging over 30 points/game against the Panthers this year. It isn't that much of a stretch to think 40 could happen.
  13. The only place the Panthers training camp will move to besides Wofford, will be to Charlotte. Any other speculation isn't based in reality. Teams are not doing training camps outside of their home town anymore except for a few. The logistics alone make it difficult.
  14. Charlotte is still on the low end in terms of accommodations. This was one of the issues with getting the NBA All-Star game and will be one of the issues of ever hosting a Super Bowl.
  15. No, but you can bet he knows several people in the group and has had plenty of discussions with them the last few days. He is just talking out of his ass.