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  1. Wilks won't interview with Colts

    I pray we suffer through another year with a 7th ranked defense. Stability on the defensive side of the ball is what the Panthers need with the big overhaul happening on offense.
  2. I think NO drops 40 on us.

    I mean the Saints are averaging over 30 points/game against the Panthers this year. It isn't that much of a stretch to think 40 could happen.
  3. The only place the Panthers training camp will move to besides Wofford, will be to Charlotte. Any other speculation isn't based in reality. Teams are not doing training camps outside of their home town anymore except for a few. The logistics alone make it difficult.
  4. Charlotte is still on the low end in terms of accommodations. This was one of the issues with getting the NBA All-Star game and will be one of the issues of ever hosting a Super Bowl.
  5. No, but you can bet he knows several people in the group and has had plenty of discussions with them the last few days. He is just talking out of his ass.
  6. His fine is a charitable donation in terms of tax purposes (not sure about his missing salary), so I think he will survive.
  7. So TD's "punishment" is he gets to spend Christmas Eve with the family and miss the Bucs game (which should be a win). Poor guy.
  8. Sure, the optics make this look good because she is a woman. But, Becker would have been the logical choice whether she was a woman or not. In fact, her role is hardly changing from most reports.
  9. It's a ploy to promote the person who was already running the day to day operations?
  10. Aaron Rodgers may not play after all

    Aaron Rodgers is one of the best in the league each year against the blitz. If he plays, we definitely will blitz less than we normally do.
  11. If you are going to troll a Panthers forum, you should at least watch sports. Oh well. Not all trolls are created equal.
  12. Panthers - Vikings Postgame Notes

    They can't overturn a bad call by the refs. And since they didn't rule him down, they aren't suppose to give Peppers credit for the sack. Of course things like that can be changed if the NFL really wanted but the Panthers and Peppers aren't going to push the NFL on a stat.
  13. There will likely be a 10 win team from the NFC miss the playoffs this year.
  14. Kalil started and played the whole game. What are you smoking?
  15. Attacking D to end the game!!!

    We actually played softer zone on the last drive than the previous 3. The secondary was playing much farther off the ball than the previous 3. And we were doing the same blitzes as the previous drives. The difference was the defense finally got a rest and Keenum had to actually hold the ball longer since he needed bigger chunks.