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  1. Wyank added a post in a topic Rocket League PS4/PC (free for ps +)   

    There is a rocket league player on twitch that is just insane.  camgears is his twitch name.  game name is kronovi. 
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  2. Wyank added a post in a topic Just called in to NFL radio on Sirius   

    I kind of expected Smitty to talk trash.  When has he ever not talked trash about an opponent?  
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  3. Wyank added a topic in Nerdvana   

    Rocket League PS4/PC (free for ps +)
    Highly recommend this game.  Very addictive.  Soccer with cars.  
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  4. Wyank added a post in a topic Final Fantasy 7 remake   

    They will fug it up.  They already said that they are not releasing the same game twice on the same console.  FF7 pc port will be original.  FF7 remake will disappoint half of the remake ff7 crowd.
    So what are they going to change?  I have hope but got this feeling the changes they make will fug up the whole thing. 
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