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  1. It sucks that the Saints get to play our second string in week 17 while we rest our starters for the playoffs.
  2. Trade Down best option

    Hurney and the second round is what nightmares are made of
  3. I think I can see where they were coming from on that one. D on the field, team wants it to be loud. Cheerleaders supposed to help get the crowd in to it. O on the field, crowd shut the fug up so the O can work. Cheerleaders not needed. It's still stupid. Hopefully the fan base would know to be loud and cheerleaders wouldn't be noticed anyways. Just pay the cheerleaders more like they deserve to be and rework the guidelines. I don't care if a player and a cheerleader date. Cheerleaders follow the fitness requirements like the players do and other athletic performers do.
  4. I actually don't have a problem with these two bolded points. They are athletic performers. Weight management and fitness should be a no brainer. If you can't keep a reasonable weight and fitness level to perform for the duration of the event, your kind of useless for showing up to the game. It's not like thats a female only requirement. KB weight issues anyone?
  5. Not many players I would hold past games against us against him. But fug OBJ. Dirty head case piece of poo.
  6. I watched it muted. I was shocked about this as well. Then I read the comment about him trying to get the woman to sleep with someone else and it was back to making sense.
  7. Mr Breezy just sent the link to the article to Loomis.
  8. Monster Hunter world

    PS4: Caden Hate the name now but i had it since day one psn
  9. A fine mess

    Since the Panthers are a every other year team anyways, it makes sense it would be happening this off season. I look forward to the ass kickings we will be giving out for the 2019 regular season.
  10. Monster Hunter world

    This is my first MH. The game has been amazing so far. I've only tried 3 of the weapon types so far and I'm loving the Insect Glaive. Seems like a game that I can enjoy putting in a ton of time into it.
  11. If he was benched for the Super Bowl over breaking a team rule, I doubt he would want to go to a team that benches their franchise QB over not wearing a tie.
  12. NFL Man of the Year

    The award is for excellence on the field and off. He didn't complete half of the award requirements this season.
  13. 2018 Staff Finalized

    We maybe the first NFL team in history to have multiple family members on the coaching staff and brothers on the field
  14. 2018 Staff Finalized

    What is the record for family members on one coaching staff?
  15. Once his contract is voided, Saints take a $18m cap hit next season for Brees. Once he resigns with them, there's a good chance of getting close to costing them $30m for next seasons cap even if the contract is longer deal and backloaded. I could be wrong. I'm sure the resident Saints fan can clue you in more.