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  1. The Last Jedi

    To each their own. Some love it. I use it as a non habit forming sleep aid. No regrets on the purchase.
  2. The Last Jedi

    I honestly liked Ep 1,2, and 3 more than Rogue One. At least I could stay awake watching any of those. Only reason I've seen all of Rogue One is because I watched it several times starting at the last place I remembered. Yeah its an unpopular opinion, but I hated Rogue One.
  3. The Last Jedi

    Star Wars Holiday Special saved Rogue One from being worst Star Wars movie of all time.
  4. 9 other guys blocking on the field? Damn that means Cam even got a block in after throwing the ball to Funch. GOAT CMC had a great night. Keep on with your pitch fork though.
  5. That 1st round pick also was a major factor in Funch WR screen going the distance. Blocked his guy and Kalil's. Great effort.
  6. In less than 24 hrs time period Igo has had to decide between pulling for Cowboys or Falcons while also coming to conclusion the Saints are top team in NFCS. I'm sure he's blackout drunk.
  7. Cowboys vs Falcons

    I like watching the Falcons go up big in first half only to blow it in the end. Falcons win first half by 25 points. Cowboys win game by 1.
  8. Every coach makes mistakes. great coaches don't keep making same mistakes. At some point in his career, he needs to figure out why we need to waste time outs so we don't get a delay of game. or proper clock management in general. how to keep the foot on the gas pedal.
  9. https://twitter.com/Panthers/status/927347845086060545
  10. Benjamin should have caught that!

    Let's not forget atL blew another lead.
  11. Falcons are garbage this year

    Actually no we would run CmC up the middle 3 plays then punt
  12. Falcons are garbage this year

    If he caught that it changes the game for both teams. maybe we return the next kickoff for a td or we drive for a td using up almost all of the clock giving atL no time.
  13. Is this still Cams team?

    All are scared of who? Cam or Hurney?
  14. Is this still Cams team?

    I was just responding to this part of the quote. Should of cut some of it out. It takes some unusual circumstances but it's not unheard of. I agree though that 99% of the time they push the QB led team narrative.
  15. Is this still Cams team?

    Ray Lewis led Ravens or Trent Dilfer led Ravens?