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  1. Wyank


    Pretty much. Every other week thing would be torture. The freedom you have to do what you want every other week wouldn't be worth not having my children those weeks instead.
  2. Steve. If I remember correctly, and someone can correct me if I'm wrong, none of the teammates hit by Steve Smith knew it was coming when it happened.
  3. I think Jeremy and the mods will be quicker to move this kind of topic to the dark place that is the tinderbox when it's the regular season.
  4. I can understand your point if we were watching a game and the announcers were talking about it while the game was on. However this is a thread you brought yourself into. It was pretty obvious from thread title it would be politics involved.
  5. Wyank

    E3 Recap

    Yep. Not a fallout fan either.
  6. Player: Kneels during Anthem. Random people: protest on your own time! Player: tweets political stuff about president on their own time Random people: shut the fug up and concentrate on football!
  7. Wyank

    Westworld Season 2

    I don't understand if they are awake, why protect the humans?
  8. Wyank

    Rocket League

    I haven't played in almost a month. I think I was diamond II in standard 3 but solo queing.
  9. Wyank

    Westworld Season 2

    Maeve and Lawrence scene showed that Maeve mind control works on non awake hosts. After first trying on Lawrence and realizing it failed, she said, "I'm glad you're awake". Maybe Ghost Nation is a group of already awoke hosts.
  10. Wyank

    Deadpool 2

    I feel like Deadpool is the perfect character for Ryan Reynolds. His style of comedy fits best with this character. It's borderline too good of a fit. It will be hard seeing him as anything but Deadpool.
  11. Wyank

    Westworld Season 2

    I think in season 1 it was said that the host can "die" if they lose enough blood. I don't think she will die though. Someone will repair her with the same tool William has been using for his wounds.
  12. Wyank

    Don't ever change, Smitty

    No. Rowing the love boat. Viking fans will love it.
  13. What kind of shape is Bicep Lover in these days? If I remember correct, he was little under weight his last season playing. If he's good to go, I have no problem with him holding the clip board and watching Super Man work.
  14. Yes that something posted on page 2 of this thread. and here is the link to what @emcannon posted that i mentioned in my post.
  15. The membership also strongly believes that: 1. All team and league personnel on the field shall stand and show respect for the flag and the Anthem. 2.The Game Operations Manual will be revised to remove the requirement that all players be on the field for the Anthem. 3. Personnel who choose not to stand for the Anthem may stay in the locker room or in a similar location off the field until after the Anthem has been performed. 4. A club will be fined by the League if its personnel are on the field and do not stand and show respect for the flag and the Anthem. 5. Each club may develop its own work rules, consistent with the above principles, regarding its personnel who do not stand and show respect for the flag and the Anthem. 6. The Commissioner will impose appropriate discipline on league personnel who do not stand and show respect for the flag and the Anthem. Point 1 on their list seems to be everyone employed by the league and teams who are on the field during the anthem.