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  1. Did not read.  Did not read.  No jinx. No jinx.    
  2. Seahawks.  Cardinals.  Ice up son. You got pounded.
  3. The real "if **** did this" should be about the woman pressuring Gronk into a lap dance on camera.  What if a male host pressured Alex Morgan for a lap dance?    
  4. Full video  http://thebiglead.com/2016/02/04/gronk-gave-julie-stewart-binks-a-lapdance/
  5. I agree Cam would be ripped to shreds in media for it.  But accusing Gronk of sexual assault is much.   Did the reporter ask Rampage for a lap dance?  Not really the same thing if she didn't. 
  6. Is it sexual assault when the woman literally asks for him to give her a lap dance?   I know she was asking for it is disgusting in other context.  
  7. Watching the whole segment video, looks like there's a better chance Gronk gets a lap dance from her later than a sexual assault lawsuit.   
  8. It's easy to talk poo when you're retired and spend zero time on the field.
  9. So what he is saying is the only way to stop Cam is to cheat and play dirty? Got it. Cam is elite. 
  10. Panther fans who HATE Cam Newton

    If we had a good QB, we would be 18-0 right now... 
  11. Which way would you prefer to win?

    Absolute domination so I can enjoy the whole game without worrying about coming away with a win.
  12. That's right Broncos lives don't matter Feb 7.  Black cats will be feasting.         Destined for tinderbox  
  13. Watching that run with my Eagles fan roommate was great.  So many tears around here that night.  Loved it.
  14. Smitty on Dan Patrick Show

    Steve smith playing nice is not NFL football player Steve Smith.  Take that edge away from him and it changes who is on the field and off of it.  When he is playing, the 31 other teams in the league are his enemy.  I wouldn't take it personal when Smitty took those shots.  That was just Smitty being Smitty.