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  1. I Don't Get The Celebration Here...

    I think long term this is prob the best move, but it still hurts like hell to watch him go. I really wanted another SB run next year and I think this puts a major dent inthat. Long term, however, you can't keep everyone. Benji/Star/ShortIMO would be a higher priority...All will be up for big time contracts very soon....Hell you could argue coleman could rank up there as well with the season he had. It's ashame to me we just couldn'tfranchise him for 1 more year. I think there's more going on behind the scenes than we know. Perhaps a holdout looming from his camp.
  2. New Punter

    Hope so, nortman suuuucks.
  3. SB Hangover gone for me...

    I honestly didn't want to be around anyone for a few days afterwards, but I am officially over it. I was watching some of the season's highlights on youtube today and I am already pumped for next season. We should be dominate again and IMO I don't see any teams that should be better than us. We have some great young talent ready to shine (funchess/CAP/Benji/Ealy) and are bringing back pretty much everyone of significance.Pre-season and the early portion of the year the general consensus was we should sneak into the playoffs and next year (SB51) would be our year. What has changed? I don't see any reason why we shouldn't be even better next year. Will our record be? Most likely not, b/c of scheduling... That said, with a good draft and FA, there's no reason we shouldn't be the earlyfavorites. I've been a fan sincethe 2001 season and always will be. Next season will likely feature several primetime matchups/night games.The CAM era has been an incredible ride and it will continue for many years.Perk up panther brothers.
  4. Who Should Go or not resign

    Gotta keep stew, he was a huge reason we were 15-1. He takes pressure off of cam and he is a huge part of our offense. But I would make CAP the sole backup, as we have to see if he can be a starter in the future. I would like to see allen/harper/tillman/finnigen/cotchery all gone. I honestly think gettleman can replace them pretty easily in the free agency. Tolbert is a tough one, but i Just dont see his value at his price. We can find someone to replace him much cheaper. Norman - franchise -------------
  5. Yes, even though it was painful. It's hilarious to see how effed up and two faced the media is. Stephen A Smith/Colin Cowherd came to the forefront today as the biggest assfaces in the sports media.
  6. TOo soon bro. The bus engine hasn't even cooled off yet.
  7. Gut feeling we're going to blow their ass out today. You can pie me afterwards.
  8. Official Panthers - Saints Gameday Thread

    The saints are playing soo friggin dirty today. ugh.
  9. Official Panthers - Colts Gameday Thread

    You cant criticize the offense in this weather. It's prob impossible to see/hold on to the ball in this weather. This is going to be all defense/ball position.
  10. Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Who ever had cam today in fantasy is balling