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  1. New Punter

    Ha.. Made it up.. More of a hope on my part that someone would pay tribute to an American classic.
  2. New Punter

    His parents were big fans of Road House.. His full name is Swayze Dalton Double Deuce Waters
  3. Carolina Panthers Top 3 Offseason Priorities

    I don't if we know enough to say for sure Gettleman's M.O. is to build through being frugal in FA... Its hard to eat at Ruth's Chris when you have 3 dollars in your pocket. This is the first year he's had some real money to play with, I think this is off season are uncharted waters. 
  4. Guys rarely get better and healthier with age.. This also gives me pause with Stewart.
  5. I bet he does daily..... On the biggest D he can find..
  6. Getting Benji Back

    IMO WR is way down the punch list. KB is like a big time FA addition... for free
  7. Levis Field is Horrible

    "We both played on the same field" -Carolina Panthers fans telling Seattle to STFU..   This is a non story other than Ware being able to move appliances by himself
  8. If he's going to play as poorly as he did this year (I know he was hurt and took some time to get back) then I wouldn't want him for the vet minimum. This D is very close to being elite, DE is one of the positions its lacking in explosiveness. Do you look at the cap, or the potential production? If it the former, you restructure, if the latter you cut bait and use that money elsewhere, 
  9. 2016 Top NFL free agents - running backs

    The bad Bama history is all Richardson. Ingram has been solid, Yeldon is going to be good.. And Lacy, if he can crap out the teenager he apparently ate, is a solid. Henry doesn't scare me at all.  The most immediate impact we could get at 30 might be RB, followed by OT and CB.. This, IMO is why we need to spend FA$ on a DE first, then figure out the rest in the draft
  10. We need a DE... so whom?

    I don't see guys like Ayers, Selvie, Coples making this D better. I certainly don't see a tail end of the 1st round being that guy  either. At some point you gotta spend some money. I get it that KK and Star are up for new deals after next season, but to take this D to the next level is going to cost some money this year.  
  11. We need a DE... so whom?

    JPP is an interesting idea.. If he can make use of that hand, his tools and pass rush skill are top shelf..  That would have to be an incentive laden deal.
  12. There has been an awakening...

    Cam is going to engage John Wick mode.
  13. Alfred Morris? If Stew is gone...

    He's 29 with 3 more years on his deal already. An extension with the goal of lowering the 2016 bill only kicks the can down the road. Sometimes its easier to take a shot to get the medicine all at one than take it twice per day for 10 days. Stewart being a good back and Stewart having a good contract aren't mutually exclusive.  I think he's the best option at RB for next year, but I'm not sure hes the best option (contract considered) beyond that.
  14. He was 2nd on the team in penalties during the season, considering the number of snaps he participated in- that's way too many.   Ted Williams was the last guy to hit .400.. Teddy might be the last guy to get penalties on .40 of his snaps.