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  1. Changing of the Guard

    While I may not agree with some of his decisions, I can't disagree with anything in the post. Well said!
  2. Great read! "Cam Newton's Having Fun Again, and It Couldn't Come at a Better Time for the NFL" http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2749913-cam-newtons-having-fun-again-and-it-couldnt-come-at-a-better-time-for-the-nfl
  3. What's his catch radius: the entire field?
  4. As always, thanks so much for the notes and pics. Regarding Wegher, all the videos I've seen of him show a tremendous burst through the hole. I know speed doesn't always translate to the NFL but if it does, they very well could have struck gold a second time in two years - Norwell last year
  5. Needless to say I disagree. Sometimes not taking a promotion is the best step long term for a career. I've read where a OC or DC has declined an interview for a HC job because they didn't feel they were presented with an opportunity to succeed and given the tenuous between Rivera and JR, I know I wouldn't of had a warm fuzzy feeling about the job/opportunity myself. I'm certainly not defending Shula as I felt it was a terrible choice but do you really think JR's phone was ringing off the hook for the position given his handling of Rivera and Fox. If you felt you only had one chance to show everyone what you could do, would you really have wanted to come here this year to prove it knowing that Rivera could be a fired at any time and with him, would go your one opportunity.
  6. Exactly. What coach would want to uproot his family and move to a situation with an unproven HC and QB knowing it would more than likely only be a 1 year deal.
  7. They had 2 drops out of 33 and 1 of those was by Lynch the RB. The Panther's had 2 drops out of 23 attempts. The Panther's receivers caught a total of 7 passes and 6 of them were to Smith which means the other 3 receivers caught 1 pass between them. The Seahawks receivers caught 15 passes spread between 4 different receivers. Simply put, I think the two teams were pretty evenly matched but the Seahawks receivers simply out played the Panthers receivers. No surprise there.
  8. While I am concerned, I think it's a bit early to start blaming Shula just yet. It seems to me teh big difference between teh two teams yesterday can be summed up with one word: receivers. The Seahawks receivers made some beautiful plays while ours either had untimely drops (Olsen) or just couldn't get open. Between the drops, personal fouls and fumble, we simply beat ourselves. You simply cannot have those mental mistakes against any quality team and expect to win - regardless who the OC is.