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  1. Didn't watch a damn thing about sports today. I did listen the to all of the shows on The Fan thorough 3 PM though. They all feel like we do though. It's sad that the team gave this one away. 
  2. Blandino on the no catch call

    Just watched the game again........with better recievers we would have won that game. Even with all the pressure on Cam, this game was winnable with better recievers not dropping balls that were simply catchable. 
  3. Like I said, Shula is going nowhere. The only way I see him getting canned is if Getts forces it. Rivera won't change a thing after 17-2. 
  4. So what you're saying is we will be 0-1 after week one? Shula  isn't going anywhere, although it wouldn't bother me if he did.  
  5. Panther Fans Will Get Their Team Back Now

    Right now this team can kiss my ass as can the NFL. In a few weeks, not so much. 
  6. Even Wade Phillips is trolling Cam on Twitter

    I don't think Cam can play that way. He will just have to live with all of this and hopefully he can with success, but it won't be easy.   
  7. Even Wade Phillips is trolling Cam on Twitter

    Why did you have to remind me of that?   
  8. Even Wade Phillips is trolling Cam on Twitter

    I think we are all butthurt, but the truth is Wade deserves to talk trash. His defense made our Offense look like total ass. Say we played bad all you want, but that defense had a lot to do with it. 
  9. Even Wade Phillips is trolling Cam on Twitter

    Admit it, Cam is getting what he deserves. He said"if you don't like me celebrating then keep me out". Denver did and now the media and haters are rubbing it in his face. It's part of the territory when you act like Cam does. 
  10. The NFL is a joke. Goodell is the worst commissioner yet 
  11. The Fall of Cam Newton

    Regardless of the staff or players the panthers have a history of being exposed and not correcting. For the staff to do nothing different in the 2nd half is mind boggling. 
  12. That image of Josh Norman crying

    Seriously, are we really surprised that the offense let them down? Maybe not this season, but the offense has been the issue with this team in the past, not the defense. 
  13. I hope DG learned something tonight

    I worry a little about this. Not that KB isn't good, but that Cam will focus too much on him and not utilize all of the weapons on the team.
  14. As long as Cam is our QB there will plenty of hate from other fan bases. Cam walking off the podium last night doesn't help either.