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  1. 2016 Panthers First Round Draft Selection Tree

    Coleman is not only a great receiver but could be excellent as a return man. He would be a great replacement for Ginn whose contract ends after 2016. If he is there it would be a great choice. And we likely would trade back up and snag another guy we have a first round grade who drops.
  2. Jaylon Smith?

    I doubt we take a flyer on him in the third. Unless our doctors think there is a good chance he can play in 2017. Even then what if he only gets partial use back. Then he wouldn't be BPA in any round
  3. The question is whether Treadwell will be BPA on our board if there at 30. I don't think he would be. I think our BPA includes a need component although it isn't the major component because that leads to reaching
  4. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    Honestly I think there are several folks who could help us this draft and Henry is one of them. Given Gettleman is good at finding gems throughout the draft and will move up if he sees guys fall that he really wants it really doesn't matter who we pick. Going BPA means you won't be reaching and you will get quality guys with whoever you pick. I could totally get behind this pick. After all I really hoped we would pick Olsen when he came into the league and was thrilled when we got him for a third in a trade.. I think we will pick a DE and a ,safety as well in this draft. I just have no idea who or when. It just depends on who is available.
  5. I think it is fair to criticize Ogbah for his inconsistent effort and sometimes poor technique. Should that stop us from drafting him? Only if you need a plug and play guy which might be one of the Clemson DEs. But what is intriguing about Ogbah is the same thing that was intriguing about Benjamin. Great size, speed and athleticism who is raw and lacks polish. I think our coaches will do a great job coaching him up as long as he wants it badly which hopefully we found out about his character in the visit.
  6. Gettleman tells you what he is going to do if you listen most of the time. He says big men allow him to compete. So while he might pick a skill position guy with extreme fastness like a slot receiver he likes big physical guys with a chip on their shoulder. He will take them green as long as they are smart and quick learners. So a guy like Ogbah makes somesense. He has a huge frame and will end up being 6-4 and close to 300 lbs once he gets his NFL body. He is very quick and athletic.As long as we dont need him to start right away he would be a good pick. If we wanted a plug and play DEit would likely be one of the Clemson Duo who might still be there. There are a number of DTs available in the first 3 rounds so unless there is someone we have to have who drops I think we go DT but not in the first if the projected top 20 guys are already gone.
  7. The funny thing is that Hurney got allof the blame for overpaying folks in 2010 and 2011 which was a direct result of Richardson's failed strategy to dump all the vets in 2010 and go cheap preparing for a prolonged lockout. When Kraft, Jones and others convinced the ownersto compromise, we went 2-14 and had to pay a ton to players just to get them to play here. Not that he didnt overpay already but this made a bad situation awful. Now his tendency to leverage future picks for immediate picks now which didnt work out like Brown and Otah, that was all on him and his win now philosophy.......
  8. I am likely in the same boat. He wouldnt be my pick but then again what do I know. I thought we should pic Funchess instead of Shaq last year. I got my wish when we moved up to get Funchess anyway. And again Gettleman knows what the coaches are planning and is drafting accordingly. As a fan I have no insider info and dont have a clue about the overall strategy and how all the pieces fit together. So I will sit back and see what happens. I have a few days to make my picks on what I think we will do so they can resurrectthem next year to make melook stupid. Something to look forward to.....
  9. It is draft week people... look alive...

    One of the things that Gettleman believes in is the ability of his coaches to get players to learn our system and contribute as soon as possible. He likes big men and figures he can teach them whatever they need to know. You can"t coach a big winspan, a chip on your shoulder, or quickness and speed. You have it or you don't.
  10. Actually I think one of Norman's weakness is his inability to jam receivers at the line. He tried with OBJ but it just wasn't his game. Josh is a smart player and is perfect with zone because he cn recover so quickly and loves to be facing the quarterback. He doesn't have flat speed but relies on his athleticism and timing to make plays. You could argue that poor technique or lack of speed put you into a situation where you had to make some kind of athletic play to bail yourself out. But still he was largely successful and important to our team. The issue was if he routed players to the inside he didn't follow them. His zone was either halves, thirds or quarters without help on the deep routes many times. So only the guys going outside or guys coming from the slot to the outside were his responsibility. Safeties and linebackers had the crossing routes unless Josh played off his man and read the quarterbacks eyes. I am looking forward to see if he keeps developing and improving or struggles to live up to a monster contract. He has the media's attention in Washington he never would have here.
  11. Norman was not a production of a system

    The only reason you don't sign it is if you think they are going to trade you or you want to give the appearance of holding out. Otherwise you sign it. If he had he would be here plain and simpl e. The only reason that we tagged him at all was to do a long term deal since we didn't intend to pay him 14 million on a one year rental. His not signing what everyone thought he wanted and failing to budge on anything finally turned Dave from the whole process. So he gave Josh what he wanted, freedom to sign anywhere. I don't know how anyone but an idiot can construe this as Gentleman's fault. The proof was when Josh demoted his agent for screwing things up. Any other take is making things up to scew the reality.
  12. If the truth is told there are some current players on the team that don't like Gettleman and resent his cheap ways particularly when it impacts their paycheck. But they love the coach and players. That is the nature of the business.
  13. Norman was not a production of a system

    Josh today was saying that he was blindsided by the decision and only wanted to play with us. I call BS because all he had to do was sign the tag and that would have happened. He was the one that refused to sign it and act as if he might hold out. So Gettleman decided he didn't want someone here who didn't want to be here so he turned him loose to go elsewhere. He did Norman a favor. End of story.
  14. Norman was not a production of a system

    If you watch film and understand our philosophy we often used Norman to shut down the number receiver and the doubled the number 1. Not used Norman to shut down the 1.
  15. Norman was not a production of a system

    I also explained this in another thread. We could afford him on a long term deal because his first year cap would be 7 or 8 million not almost 14. He wasn't worth tying up that much on a one year deal. It totally limits what we can do. Gettleman said as much. So you saying the opposite with no insider knowledge and no experience is hardly convincing.