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  1. Motivation from Bucky Brooks

    The problem with being on the top of the mountain is that everyone wants to knock you off and are jealous you are there.  I love that we are so relevant at this point and that people are trying to find teams that could bump us off.  I would love to face Arizona in Carolina for the NFCCG.  As long as we keep doing what we are doing who cares what folks think.  I know I don't.   BTW I don't remember anyone giving us much credit in 2003 either and we were a field goal away from winning it all. 
  2. WCO, Coryell, E-P....

    That is the thing about a system. There is no one way to do it or even a right way. Just a way that works for your personnel and ones that don't.  Sometimes due to injury to key players you even have to change horses somewhat in the middle of the stream. 
  3. WCO, Coryell, E-P....

    All offenses including the original WCO offense were run based. Until the 80s all offenses were primarily run based.  The EP system was designed for cold weather and was run based then and is still that now. New England who is often thought of as a passing team still ran the ball roughly 40-45% of the time. This year they have run the ball the least in a long time due to their current personnel.  But our system in 2008 where our backs both ran for over 1000 yards was an EP system.
  4. WCO, Coryell, E-P....

    It is the numbering system and route trees, play action passing, a strong ground game to set up passing, vertical routes, and other considerations which make it as you say more Coryell than WCO which relies on timing routes, throwing to spots, using the short passing game as your primary running game, yards after the catch, etc.  As you note it is a mixture of systems but does have the basic philosophy of a Coryell based system.
  5. WCO, Coryell, E-P....

    The EP is not a run based version of the WCO offense. It differs both in philosophy and play calling and is rather robust including most offenses not classified as a WCO or Coryell system.  And Weiss helped develop the NE version of the EP but it existed before him and they are not synonymous. If you look at New England they run different schemes based on their personnel more so than a dedication to one system or another. 
  6. WCO, Coryell, E-P....

    I don't think this offense is unique enough to warrant its own recognition anymore than what Brady does in New England.  With offenses becoming amalgamations of different systems it is likely even inaccurate to call them a WCO or a Coryell system given most teams use elements of several systems. So no I don't think that there will be the Shula. Still I think that more OCs may start to try and maximize their system to fit their personnel instead of trying to fit their personnel into their system.  But that requires teams to be consistent with their coordinators and stick with guys instead of dumping them  for the new best thing. I was watching the game last night and was amazed at how many different coaches, GMs, and changes they have had in Cleveland over the past 7 years. No wonder they suck every year. No continuity at all.
  7. LB Adarius Glanton

    The Bucs know we have good talent at linebacker up and down the roster. I wonder what he can tell them about us that they can't pick up on film. At any rate good for him. An active roster spot  pays  roughly 28000 a game which is a big bump over the 5000 as a member of the practice squad. 5 games can pay a lot of bills.
  8. The Panthers are the WORST team to ever start 11-0

    What none of these stats account for is being good in the clutch. Cam is super competitive and hates to lose. When the game is on the line he delivers. That is why we win and many of those others teams did as well. It wasn't numbers alone but guys making plays when they had to.
  9. The Panthers are the WORST team to ever start 11-0

    The last sentence said it all. We win ugly. The truth is that we are following our usual pattern, we are gaining momentum as we go. Hopefully the pattern of playing our best in December will continue. Followed by an even better January and February. I want the road to the Super Bowl to go through Charlotte. I want to be there and yell myself hoarse as we become the first and worst team to ever go 19-0.
  10. Last man standing pie!!!!

    Couldn't have happened to a more deserving team. NE for the loss.
  11. It is a run first offense. We don't get most of our yards running the ball like Minnesota but the run sets up everything we do. Plus we are one of the few teams that have run the ball more than we throw it. That is the definition of a run first team. We are averaging 4 yards a carry and Stewart has by far the most carries so most can't be 1 or 2 yards since he isn't breaking off 60 or 70 yard runs. William's numbers were inflated by a couple huge runs a game but not Stewarts.  I do agree that the run game is a primary part of our play action passing game.
  12. The running game for the Panthers is quite good and diverse. Teams game plan each week to stop it and we still get 100 yards every week. Cam is an important part of the running game but not as a primary runner outside of the redzone and in third and short lately. He still calls his number a few times a game and is good in the read option but more as a decoy. Most of his first downs longer runs are on broken plays these days whereas he ran as a primary weapon earlier in the year. But what the running game and Cam being a running threat does is make play action passing effective and requires teams to often use a safety or linebacker as a spy which opens up the middle of the field and helps Olsen in the seam and drag routes over the middle. The problem with comparing teams from the 70s with a team 40 years later is that the game is very different as are the rules.
  13. Griese was hurt most of the season. Earl Morell started 9 of the 14 regular season games. Just saying.....
  14. Olsen on Pace for Another Career Year

    Agree. It is hard to say he isn't getting his due. As you said folks generally put him second behind Gronk and teams often game plan for him. He is often considered the best TE in the NFC.
  15. You obviously don't know Hardy. He is a competitor and has a huge ego. He gave it his all but doesn't have the supporting staff we do