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  1. Payton makes everyone hate the Saints

    Brees is a freaking criminal who preys on the less fortunate. Classic Pyramid scheme.
  2. Updates on the team sale

    No one has said they want to replace BOA immediately. Ever. A new owner has a cash cow sitting in uptown for the next 10 years - they are just talking about 10, 20 years from now. It would take 2-3 years to even fund, design and build a new stadium at least! A new ownership group would be dumb to not think about the long term future of the Panthers. We would be dumb as fans to not want our ownership group to have comparable revenues to other teams also. If we fall into the bottom 1/4 of the league in revenue because we are too stubborn to modernize and stay relevant then THAT is how we lose the Panthers all together.
  3. Don't worry about the nfl. He was spending time taunting fans than calling correct defenses for the final 35 seconds and it cost him the game. His owner may have some opinions about that.
  4. Karma is real

    I believe it was kind of a big deal for a hot second. Something to do with stolen pills from the team and a couple staffers. A lot of he said she said, finger pointing and lawsuits and as the NFL does it goes away.
  5. Lol if CLT won’t pony up for a new stadium Charleston would be the last city in the Carolinas to do so!
  6. Best Twitter Reactions

    Time to take down the Christmas stockings bro.
  7. For Sale

    The more I hear the more this sounds like a bunch of super rich but not “buy a NFL team” rich guys sitting around dreaming. They aren’t far off I bet but it’s all blustering and steam. Jeff and Dale could stoke a 50m check but I really don’t think Sabates could. These kinds of groups are all talk. I’ll be interested once they actually put in a LOI and begun being vetted.
  8. I wish the same for mine. We won’t be so lucky :/
  9. Nothing. No one is saying there is. The topic of a dome is speculative down the line 5-10 years at the earliest. It is just coming up due to the sale. The Clemson option wouldn’t be a problem per we but it would take more than one season I think to build. The fear you are hearing is new stadium uptown or in Gastonia, it’s going to displace all current PSL owners. Rabble rabble.
  10. I am confident CLT could handle Super Bowl air traffic.
  11. Plus 4-5 marquee events a year outside football. Possible soccer team one day like Seattle does etc... parking could get north of 30m in revenue if done right. Honestly though I don’t see the parking as a needle mover. It’s going to be the insane luxury amenities and offerings that boost revenue. Unfortunately that pushes out core PSL owners if a new stadium. Dont listen to Sabates. He is just playing a classic business hand in asking the city for 1b for a new dome and would settle for 200m for renovations of BOA. If I were buying the team I would be doing the same thing.
  12. What stadium has a restaurant with a Michelin Star?
  13. this thread already exists with extensive discussion
  14. Thanks Panther bro! The sad truth is the vocal majority (and psl majority) are the 500 level fans and most 100 level fans. They outnumber the club fans but are out spent 5-1 maybe 10-1 maybe more! The short term of this team is 100% BOA but the long term of this team unfortunatley will be a business decision that tends to conflict with football fans since it is a business first. here is to hoping a middle ground can be reached.
  15. This post needs to be stickied because it is the clearest statement about our stadium and a dome that can be said. It is accurate and concise. Would pie 2x if I could.