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  1. Wow this seems really cool but surely this will have to be first come first serve. I don’t doubt the majority of club leaves by or before the game ends but if all the 500level learns about this them alone will fill the club sections not including the 100/200 level. I also think they will be putting a lot more security and drinking restrictions in place. If the fans in my section got another quarter of beer purchases it would go from ugly to mideval. I could see see this going rough at first then turn into an extra purchase with season tickets to a limited # of patrons.
  2. pnthrs

    Hurricane Florence

    Sullivan’s island here. Waiting it out. Damn grey man is in Myrtle. Must be a bachelor party or something.
  3. Prob not. He may be a local and just starving for anything football. I’d feel bad for him if he weren’t a falcons fan. I’d go to a camp if I was stranded in an nfl city other than atl No TB or NE but prob not in a rival jersey.
  4. pnthrs

    Jarius "does everything" Wright

    Looks like a crisper faster younger Bersin. I just hope wright’s dad didn’t have a house on the same street as Tepper once as a child, otherwise incoming Tepper love child theories.
  5. pnthrs

    Season ticket surge pricing

    These technically were set by JR.
  6. pnthrs


    Battle Pass is worth it. Less than a dollar a week and you get access to extra challenges and all sorts of fun loot.
  7. pnthrs


    everquest was legendary. I haven't played PC since either - but this game is free on mobile and is a fun simple quick shooter.
  8. pnthrs

    Last year, or first year?

    Unless he is contractually obligated to get a ring lol.
  9. pnthrs

    Last year, or first year?

    If Phil from accounting feels more comfortable reporting Linda from ticket sales for making eyes at him during lunch break Cam will throw for 4K yards. Fact.
  10. pnthrs

    Last year, or first year?

    Hope to see some large ones in the off-season. We are unusually blessed to have a good core right now is the only reason I’d say years but with a new GM and a full off season and multiple other changes I’m comfortable with Tepp getting all the credit.
  11. pnthrs

    Last year, or first year?

    I believe he said majority not all the credit. But what impact does the front office culture change do to football operations in your opinion?
  12. pnthrs

    It is camp week. Rejoice.

    Yeah but now that he’s the owner he can do whatever he wants meaning anywhere is now the owners box. He could lease that box out since he doesn’t have 22 partners to share it with and just hang field level. I personally wouldn’t sit in Jerry’s seat. I could almost see Tepper mingling with season ticket holders the first few games.
  13. pnthrs

    Last year, or first year?

    Yep. Unless Tepper steps in as intrem GM and makes lots of ballsy decisions it will take years to completely claim the direction (and subsequent successes) of the team.
  14. pnthrs

    Last year, or first year?

    I agree that an owner will bring a new energy but I don’t believe Tepper will have any say in our roster. He is a strong believer of putting the right people in the right places and letting them do their job. This is obviously Tepper steam but the players we are fielding this year are the brain trust of Jerry Richardson’s front office. Until Tepper hires a new President and makes a move at GM the traces of JRs regime will be all over the place. If if we win the Super Bowl it’s Teppers and him and Cam will hoist it but deep down I’ll always wonder.
  15. pnthrs


    I’m slumming it on mobile. For mobile I’m not shabby. 40+ VRs solo