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  1. If JR is being forced to accept a lesser bid then he should hold out. I don’t see how it behooves the NFL for a sale to happen 2-300m under value. Navarro isn’t that dirty of a guy and if the nfl is using Tepper to inflate budding then that’s collusion. Its a a complicated process and Navarro certainly has other investors. For all we know obscure investors or deal points could hold up the process. Tepper is probably sitting back letting the Navarro deal fall apart either through his NFL contacts or Navarros own group. Deals 1/100th this size fall apart for the silliest reasons. It’s All speculation without hard facts which are certainly used behind NDAs.
  2. Ben Navarro, "The Cool Cat"

    To be fair the only buyer getting fluff pieces about their character and philanthropy is Navarro. I’m sure if stepper was in the lead he would sound pretty amazing from these articles.
  3. I heard he had a house next to Bersins family once....
  4. Jarvis Landry

    Lock out in a few years may fix that.
  5. More like imagine that money to not gain that much weight.
  6. Well he is going to have to sell a crap ton of stock to buy them so that makes sense.
  7. This interview certainly has some rehash that's weeks old but the JR being pissed at the league is getting more meat on the bone.
  8. There is very little chance Navarros net worth of 3b is liquid. I am sure he could maneuver enough to free up 1/2 to 1/3 of that money but the vast majority of the uber rich are rich on paper and not cash. Vince McMahon had to sell shares of WWE to finance the new American football league. I am confident Navarro will be liquidating shares of Sherman financial as well. This is is a good thing though. A guy like Tepper could lose 3bil and be OK. Navarro actually needs the Panthers to be a successful business or he could lose 1/2 his wealth or more. Can’t lose that 3 comma club money.
  9. Majority owner only has to buy 30% so appx 800m.
  10. I don't think its tinfoil at all. I think its pretty clear to everyone reading the tea leaves that Navarro has left into first with no indication of being ousted. This article is either a nudge by some folks in the know or a writer wanting to be on the right side of the new owner. People are saying they are now comfortable with Navarro but I didn't really see any issue other than his business which is less slimy than what a lot of NFL owners engage in actively.
  11. Not a ton that is noticeable but I can tell you that other fans at other stadiums are just plain ignorant about Charlotte and the Carolinas. They think we are a po dunk town that shouldn’t have an NFL team. They think we all live in trailers and bang our sisters. The ignorant won’t learn but like having the DNC in Charlotte, exposure to the city at a national level is always eye opening and provides Charlotte with immeasurable media attention to its beauty and sophistication. The Super Bowl here would be great but unless they change the qualifications it’s never going to happen.
  12. We don't want a Dome (for the most part.) Do we need a dome is the question. If the current trend continues of 2b stadiums being the norm then the Panthers will HAVE to get a dome to keep up. BOA will need 200+m soon enough and if the trend of the league is toward domes stadiums and the Panthers start falling year after year behind in revenue then any owner is going to have to consider it. I personally think the mega domes are a fad. I think they will fall off soon enough and some of them will put the teams and cities in a mess of financial trouble but I could be wrong. The new owner can prefer a new stadium, an open air stadium or whatever crap they spew from their mouths over the next year but the future lies in what we will have to do to keep up and stay relevant to keep the team. The other question is do you want to fall behind in order to keep our stadium "open." Packers are a good example. They are generally at the bottom of revenue but they keep to their tradition of open air. It is a competitive advantage and has lots of character. The new owner of the Panthers may not care about that even if they say something else. Will the new owner have investors pushing him? Maybe navarro didn't return Sabates' phone call because he doesn't want a group of stadium pushers? Who knows but one thing is for sure - there are lots of outside factors that will be considered by a very small brain trust that has their own pockets to look out for. We as fans can just pray. Until we get a new buyer and he begins to discuss his future plans and begins to show what kind of owner he is we will really have no idea what direction he will go in. Lots of mis information and wild assumptions about all 3 potential buyers in this thread.
  13. Not to mention the relocation fee of 500m dollars and a free stadium that has a decade of life in it minimum. The only way a team leaves before 5 years is if a city donates a 2b dollar stadium to the new owner and he relocates. Unlikely and an aweful business move. It would also destabilize the nfl market in this region which the NFL doesn’t want I would stop watching the nfl all together if we moved in the next 2-5 years
  14. Tepper NOT out

    From what I hear Rooney barely runs the team despite majority ownership. I have no insight into teppers role in ownership but I doubt its parties and games. I’m guessing it’s more board room meetings and revenue reports and games. Also minority owners aren’t so quiet over in Pit: https://nypost.com/2018/01/16/some-minority-steelers-owners-are-fed-up-with-mike-tomlin/