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  1. There were 80 donors but thousands that would have signed for free.
  2. Anyone else see Cams presser?

    Anyone who thinks Bersin is a replacement for KB is deranged. I don’t even think BBs own mom would think that. He is no more than depth and a body in practice that knows our playbook and maybe a familiar face for Cam.
  3. Bersin is back! (Not a joke)

    yeah - thats the problem is most of the issues in this thread are about our front office and not Brenton - its not his fault he is the best of whats around because we didn't do anything useful during the trade period. I would love to see multiple speedsters brought in through FA and the draft in the offseason making Brentons roster spot competitive again.
  4. Bersin is back! (Not a joke)

    Trade deadline is over. Would have been nice yesterday or weeks ago. It’s too late and Brenton is the best of what’s around.
  5. Bersin is back! (Not a joke)

    That was yesterday. Today the trade deadline is over and we have extremely limited options. I am not pumped about it either but it doesn't change the facts.
  6. Bersin is back! (Not a joke)

    Bersin has the best relationship with Cam. He was always a good person to keep around for practice and in case of emergency first downs. Its not like we were going to be able to get a speedy receiver who can make big over the top plays at this point in the season. I am sure Bersin will bear the brunt of the frustration of releasing Benjamin and will get hated on for no good reason.
  7. Panthers Plan on Selling Team

    Well Jerry only owns half the team so maybe they could scrounge 10%. This news isnt shocking. The Richardson’s can not afford the estate taxes after JR passes so it makes sense he is involved in the search for a new ownership group to buy out his majority shares before he loses his faculties.
  8. How many years has Bersin been a "starter" for us? I was under the impression last year was his rookie campaign. also amazing how many people can call a "ceiling" so quickly. Impressive.
  9. I never stated that espn was intelligent, just passing on what I heard. If you want my take: I bet a team like Den or Phi has a lot larger chance of a 2 pt conversion than other squads who keep the chance of a success below 50% therefor a team that has a 60 % success rate may be more inclined to give it a go vs a 91% chance of a pat (assuming espn was correct about that percentage.) Edit: If I had to guess kicks have a higher block/return rate than a 2 point attempt
  10. Espn was dissecting and said a 32 yard FG % success rate was 91% The 2 point play was 47% So you technically have a higher percent chance of getting 2 points off 2 two point attempts than 2 32 yard PATs Therefore attempting 2 two point plays become vastly more appealing to many teams. Will it? probably not for many.
  11. 1 Sep 13 1:00PMEDT ) AT Jaguars-W 2 Sep 20 1:00PMEDT * Texans-L 3 Sep 27 1:00PMEDT ) Saints-W 4 Oct 4 1:00PMEDT ) AT Buccaneers-W 6 Oct 18 4:05PMEDT ) AT Seahawks-L 7 Oct 25 8:30PMEDT ' Eagles-L 8 Nov 2 8:30PMEST + Colts-L 9 Nov 8 1:00PMEST ) Packers-L 10 Nov 15 1:00PMEST ) AT Titans-W 11 Nov 22 1:00PMEST ) Redskins-W 12 Nov 26 4:30PMEST * AT Cowboys-L 13 Dec 6 1:00PMEST ) AT Saints-L 14 Dec 13 1:00PMEST ) Falcons-W 15 Dec 20 1:00PMEST ) AT Giants-W 16 Dec 27 1:00PMEST ) AT Falcons-L 17 Jan 3 1:00PMEST ) Buccaneers-W