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  1. CJ, Allen, Ealy: Who starts and does it matter?

    CJ has been ready for a week or two. there is no way allen starts over him seeing as how CJ is better. and ealy is better than allen, so... fully expect CJ and ealy to start with allen/addison filling in when needed
  2. Gano's leg strength

    i mean its rained during like five games this year and that definitely isnt helping with footing
  3. Fozzy Whitaker

    really dont get why he doesnt get more snaps, stew has to be gassed all the time from breaking 3 tackles just to pick up -2 yards and tolbert has to be gassed constantly since hes so fat
  4. movie looks so fuging bad also i saw a critic say on twitter earlier than he received an email from the NFL asking how he felt about the film unsettling
  5. Is Gettleman already the NFL's best GM?

    bill belichick kevin colbert ozzie newsome mike brown john elway ted thompson dave gettleman steve keim john schneider probably the top ten right there (not ranked). newsome and schneider havent done so hot lately but have done very well in the past. opposite for brown, who has been doing really well since the green/dalton draft. elway, gettleman, and keim are all newcomers doing very well in their short tenures. belichick and colbert have built the best afc teams of the past decade, tho colbert's squad keeps getting killed by injuries... ted thompson has a team where like 48 of the 53 players have only ever been packers and they go to the playoffs every damn year. so yeah, wouldn't say gettleman is the best but he's easily in the top ten.
  6. update: jones and voth both rt'd. am now being forced to explain cubism to panther fans on twitter.
  7. so far i've only had j jones and joe human respond kalil, harper, olsen, gano, riverboat, voth, gannt, and the panthers official twitter have yet to notice it
  8. He and Travis Johnson (former charger) talked about it on twitter do we know of any offensive players we've met with post-combine?