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  1. Future Hall of Famers on This 2015 Tteam?

    Jared Allen is pretty close to being one. Charles Tillman as well. Cam and Luke appear to be on their way to doing it. Too early to say on others. I doubt Kalil, Olsen, or TD gets in.
  2. my dad and i are going. we also went to super bowl 38. pretty stoked.
  3. Luke in 15 games this season 137 tackles 6 INT (3 TD) 1 sack 2 FF 2 FR 13 PBUs Ridiculous.
  4. i was in a loud ass sports bar and thus was unable to hear anything going on. and i haven't seen video of this uploaded anywhere. pie for anyone who can help?
  5. this thread is stupid. and i don't mean the OP. i mean all the people hating on jake. would be badass to see him bang the poo out of that thing.
  6. everything mentioned in the OP is exactly the reason to be afraid. luck always leans in their favor. the packers game last playoffs with the onside kick, 2 pointer, etc that high snap with big catch following and the shank jermaine kearse's catch in the super bowl (before the worst playcall ever, of course) even in games against us in the past. we've had the lead in the final minute 4/5 times. only won once. they got some major voodoo poo going on. and being that we are more or less clones as teams, they match up incredibly well - better than any other team in the postseason.
  7. Six Panthers named First Team AP All Pro

    Hopefully Olsen can snag a vote to get second team behind Gronk. Wouldn't be surprised if TD got a vote either even though they generally only vote for 3-4 LBs. Tolbert is probably a lock, right? At least I think they still vote on fullbacks...
  8. How do the Panthers stack up to the other 15-1 teams iyo?

    just based on regular season we're probably better than the 2011 packers and 2004 steelers, who were more lopsided towards one side of the ball.
  9. well the other bridges in the bay area dont have areas for you to walk across. its also significantly higher above the water than any of the other bridges. and the stigma against depression/mental health issues prevents people from seeking help most of the time. nothing you can really do about it until that goes away.
  10. fun fact: cali is spending $76m to create a barrier beneath the golden gate bridge that will prevent people from jumping to their death off it. something like 500 people have confirmed committed suicide via jumping off it since 1995.
  11. what's more embarrassing than his irrational cam hatred is that his twitter is full of tweets about how islam needs to be banned as a religion and that guns rule
  12. New Fans are everywhere!

    i go to the same sports bar every sunday here in brooklyn. originally it was just me and another dude, with three other guys showing up periodically. this week whenever the panthers scored like ten people started cheering. it was just me and the other dude with none of the other semi-regulars. the two of us just looked at each other like "what is this bullshit who are these bandwagoners." pretty lame
  13. Thomas Davis has 3 INT, 4 FF, and 5.5 sacks this season. A player attaining those numbers has only happened 8 times in the SB era. 1986 LB Wilber Marshall (5 INT, 5.5 sacks, 4 FF - All-Pro) 1991 LB Wilber Marshall (5 INT, 5.5 sacks, 4 FF - bizarre that its identical) 1991 LB Seth Joyner (3 INT, 6.5 sacks, 6 FF - Pro Bowl) 1992 CB Rod Woodson (4 INT, 6 sacks, 4 FF - All-Pro) 1992 LB James Francis (3 INT, 6 sacks, 4 FF) 1993 LB Pat Swilling (3 INT, 6.5 sacks, 5 FF - Pro Bowl) 1995 LB Greg Lloyd (3 INT, 6.5 sacks, 6 FF - All-Pro) 2015 LB Thomas Davis (3 INT, 5.5 sacks, 4 FF)
  14. Cam in his 16 (regular season) starts since the car accident 282/474 (59.5%) 3603 yards (7.6 ypa) 33 TD 11 INT 141 rushes 677 yards (4.8 ypc) 10 TD 2 lost fumbles